Starcraft II kicks butt

I did run out and get Starcraft II on Tuesday night. Kmart has a special this week that if you buy Starcraft II, you get a coupon worth $20 off any video game (PC or otherwise) good until Jan 1 of 2011. The coupon prints at the register when you buy it.

We’ve been talking about buying Mario Galaxy 1 or 2 for the Wii for Alex, so $20 off is pretty sweet.

Of course, if any of you have a free copy of Mario Galaxy sitting on your shelf gathering dust you’d want to mail to me, hey, I won’t whine.

No? Didn’t think so. πŸ™‚

There has been a general lack of blog posts this week, mostly due to wanting to wait until the hilarious “You might be a bad tank” comments stop. But they don’t stop. They keep coming. When I finally bite the bullet and take all of your submissions and names and roll them out on a blog post, it’s going to be epic.

Getting back to Starcraft II, I’ve played it a little bit on Campaign mode now, the first 5 or 6 missions.

I’m not going to write some kind of walkthrough, or guide. Many folks were in the Beta and probably beat the campaign already, and any one else interested in the game should want a spoiler free discussion, because the first thing I can say up front is, the single player campaign mode is beyond anything I expected. It’s just great.

I have yet to play a single PvP style mission or quick battle. I played through all the mini tutorial missions (that are 100% optional; I just wanted to see how good they were. They were perfect, except I don’t think they ever discussed creating teams of units using Control-1, Control-2, etc. Still, great job.)

I then started the campaign, and it’s been great. Incredible amount of CGI cut scenes, tons of them. Lots of options. Every mission has drop dead mission objectives, and then optional objectives that reward you with potential upgrades to units and stats.

The upgrade tree customization really is VERY rich. You can even choose upgrades from the Laboratory based on mission exploration of optional objectives that give you new units. They also designed the upgrade trees from exploration so that you have to choose between two upgrade options, and whatever you choose locks out the other one forever. The difference between the two options is usually one of your playstyle.

As an example; one option level is, choose between two gathering upgrades – either you gain +25% faster Vespene Gas gathering, OR you can make two SCV gathering units at a time in your queue.

Basically… it’s an RTS game with tons of story, imaginative missions, and above all a great opportunity for making decisions that have an actual impact on your future success, and have long lasting effects on your game.

It’s great.

I did play WoW a bit last night, I’m not trying to burn out or anything. It’s not like I’ve left WoW forever or anything.

But I’ll be honest; Starcraft II is a far, far better game than I would have hoped for. I’m damn glad I bought it.

Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Starcraft II kicks butt

  1. I actually queued for the Monday night midnight release here, ran home, installed and started playing. So far its been awesome. What I love most about the single player campaign is that they are all so very very different. Without spoiling, there is very little of the build base, mass units, attack enemy base till they are all dead style of missions. Some you have to rush and use whatever few units you can scrape out of your barracks and factory as you are doing things. Some have explicit timers others have “inferred” timing systems where, if you don’t move fast enough, the possibility of victory can be taken away from you.

    The depth of the campaign missions is what makes the campaign mode so awesome. Not to mention the advancing story-line that is going as you progress through them. I have to see this game is definitely amongst the best (if not THE best) I have ever played. And I haven’t even done half of what it offers me.


  2. “It just feels like there is a ton to do whenever I feel like it. I like it, it feels like I got my money’s worth.”

    Agreed. Even in the single player, you have the Mass Effect style optional story development, several different mission types at any given time, interesting choices within the story.

    My favorite thing about multi-player is the Practice mode which pairs you with easier players on slower modes for the first 50 online matches if you want. Great for those of us who remember how to play to the Protoss, but haven’t spent the last 12 years playing against the Koreans non-stop, or didn’t get into the beta.


  3. Best bucks ever spent on a video game. Expectations were huge, but they delivered. Having some nasty crashes which cause me to replay a mission here and there, but overall the experience is amazing. Gotta love the overpowered PvE after playing a few hundred pvp matches in the beta, hardcore healers, i feel like im managing a 40 man raid when im attacking πŸ˜€ having tanks, healers, ranged DDs, melees.. looking for some cool custom maps. there sure is everything ever needed to build them. dreaming about some hardcore raid maps for example. pure bossfights or something. Characters are just cool (except for the doctor.. boring >.<), loving Tychus and Tosh.. and theres a lot to do, like u said! Im through with the campaign and playing it again on hard for the achievements, though its not really hard so far. Looking forward to play it on brutal, harr harr, i already saw a lot of people crying on forumz because its supposedly dead hard, lets see! I left WoW some time ago because of boredom but i still read your blog during work, i will remain faithfull in blizzard after this one, surely will play diablo 3 aswell. great game, totally agree with ur description.


  4. Glad to hear your enjoying SC II. As well great to hear it has some single player options on it as well. Have never played SC I before but was quite curious about that aspect of playing it and was one the reason i didn’t quite pick it up a few days ago when was at my local game stop. May try it out at some point.


  5. Just to note that no one has played the campaign besides blizzard before the game was actually released. The beta was purely for balancing the pvp side of the game. So if you start talking about the story and missions no one is going to spoil anything really terrible (except for the people that havent been playing or arent as far as you are). anyway…I love nova…man i wish they would have finished that fps…


  6. I knew it was going to be a Blizzard game in terms of quality, I guess what shocked me was how big a jump in terms of ‘stuff to do” it had over Starcraft I.

    I just repurchased SC1 and the expansion a month ago. I’s about decided from gameplay videos that SC2 was SC1 with prettier graphics. So, since it’s the gameplay I loved, why not just buy SC1 and pretend it’s the new one? ROFL.

    So, I’ve replayed SC1 recently. The campaign mode. I got a good ways into it.

    So I really mean it when I say that how much there is to do in SC2 is the biggest shocker. There is multiplayer PvP, yes. Either in against human targets in tons of interesting variations, or in matches against AI that is configurable in terms of difficulty.

    Then there are challenge modes designed to test your understanding of the game at it’s deeper level. Challenge missions that, as an example, send you waves of a single type of enemy, and to succeed you have to KNOW what unit your side has that is a natural counter, build them and attack. And other variations of “how well do you know which units and structures do what agasint whom”.

    And the campaign, of course, I already mentioned, with customizability out the wazoo.

    Plus achievements, etc.
    It just feels like there is a ton to do whenever I feel like it. I like it, it feels like I got my money’s worth.


  7. I went to the Midnight release in Roseville there were well over 80 people in line at the Best buy and another 20-40 at game stop up the road, I love the campaign so far it tosses a big twist in there, it is well worth the $60 price tag. It is a blizzard game, its going to have high quality.

    @iceveiled – There are rumors the pricing will be in the $40 range but this is blizzard only 10% of rumors become 100% truth


  8. I bought the collectors edition. I’m hardcore SC. Even more than WoW. I had mine shipped to my work so I could look at it and giggle in anticipation. Which I have done all day.


  9. I’m in the same boat, though I haven’t touched wow in a few days now. I can’t stop playing anything else but SCII πŸ˜€


  10. Sadly, the SC2 Beta didn’t allow any single-player action, so it was only PvP. As a result, I didn’t care much for the Beta, and still haven’t bought SC2. I’m sure I’ll do so at some point.

    And besides, I managed to get in the Catclysm Beta a few weeks back, so that’s really been taking all my time. Top hats FTW!


  11. Glad you’re enjoying. I’m hesitant to spend $60, but I doubt the price will drop in the next year so I’m sure I’ll throw $60 at it eventually. Does anybody know if the protoss and zerg “addons” will be expansion priced or is Activision planning on pricing them at $60? I know for certain I don’t want to pay $180 for one game.

    I’ve slowed down on wow to catch up on some other games. In the past couple weeks I’ve played and beat Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption – both amazing games.


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