They say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, here are three Bearwalls…

We did it together!

We’re not only totally hawt, but we’re armed and dangerous, too!

And of course, we’re riding in style!

7 thoughts on “WOOT!

  1. Largo, that’s the Alliance PvP mount “Black war Tiger”, now purchasable with honor, said honor being able to be obtained either from PvP, or by turning in Stone Keeper Shards for Wintergrasp Commmendations and mailing the commendations to your character you want the honor on.

    I’m thinking of getting the level 60 epic swords for my run around town weapons… but it’s just so awesome to have both of the set of weapons from UBRS like I have in the picture.

    And I’ve been thinking of getting a Winterspring Mount… but I have no idea on WHO. My Druid’s got the chicken mount, and my hunter has the Bear, and my Pally has the Pally mount, and my Shaman has a Zebra… and my Rogue has the black war kitty, suitable for sneaky dark ninjas.

    Hmmm…. maybe my Mage! Oooh, that would be cool looking, my Mage on her own Winterspring Tiger. But she’s my only character that has a horsie!


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