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Last night, as I walked through the living room, my son was sitting at his playtable building with Legos.

He looked up at me, all bubbly with enthusiasm, and said, “Daddy, look! I made a catlaunch!”

I stopped dead in my tracks, looked, and saw that he’d made what could best be described as a long board, balanced on a pivot point, with a weight at one end and a little platform on the other.

You ever have one of those moments where someone says something to you, and you can just SEE the train of thought that led them there? 

I replied, “Sweetie, it’s a cataPULT, not a catlaunch. And the name doesn’t mean it’s for ‘pulting cats, or launching cats, or flinging cats. It’s just what they’re called.”


Clearly, he’d heard me call it by name, and made an obvious mental connection that made a kind of sense.

I felt pretty bad about correcting him… I’d have dearly loved to let that one go until it came up in school.

But this does beg the question…

Why DOESN’T the Horde have Gnomeapults?

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  1. When I was young I broke a toy of mine, and asked my parents where the goosetape was. They just stared for a minute until they burst out laughing. I was looking for duct(duck) tape. 😀 Still makes me smile today.


  2. I was on vacation recently with my relatives and we went on a trip to see a castle being constructed using 13th century methods in the Ozark mountains. While in the gift shop waiting for the tour to start, my 5-year old nephew asked if he could get the toy trebuchet that they were selling in the gift shop. Yes, he actually knew the word “trebuchet”. You have to love gamer children. 🙂


  3. I hate myself for saying this, but the plural of Lego is Lego, not Legos. I’m sorry, it’s one of my pet peeves. I’ll move along now. 🙂


  4. The Horde doesn’t have gnomeapults, however, during the last twitter chat with the devs, there was a question about new classes of weapons available in Cataclysm. Response:

    We don’t plan any. Taurens might be able to dual wield gnomes on a stick.

    Good enough for me.


  5. If I ever had kids, I’d be much better educated. I can’t let a situation like that go by with an answer like “that’s just what they’re called.” I get insanely curious about WHY they’re called that.

    FYI, you made me go find out why catapults are called that. ❤ Wikipedia.


  6. I’d be stoked to read the story about what your son and his innocent friends did with the school mascot if you hadn’t corrected him, and the rename he gave is excellent. Made me smile.


  7. I lol’d. It sounds like my 4 year old. Kinda makes you proud that they can make something like that at least semi understanding how it works. In your case, BBB, he understands that it launches.


  8. Kids are awesome. My wife and I have journals for our kids where we write down this sort of thing. It’s heartening to see their minds crank over and function… even if it’s not quite what we’d expect. Children are so literal… something that we lose as we grow up sometimes, unfortunately.


  9. I am surprised you did not seize the occasion to launch a few things and for him to experience how the position of the pivot point affects the trajectory.

    A LEGO minifig would work well as a stand-in for gnomes imo.


  10. A couple of posts prior you were saying that you didn’t know what to post about. Some of these “off topic” posts are my favorite. I have young kids and this one made me laugh. Also, remember the post about the “mudflap girl”? That one still makes me laugh and I tell the story to everyone. I say write when and whatever you feel like…you never know what other people will like but you always know what you like…just my 2c…thanks for blogging!


  11. Where would the Horde get a reliable supply of gnomes to use as ammo? On the other hand, the tooltip for Throw Passenger on the Ulduar Demolishers says “We used to use Goblins for these sorts of things.”


  12. In response to your question:

    Because gnomes are pretty much useless for anything.


    But in all seriousness, they don’t have enough mass to do any appreciable damage.


  13. Years ago, in my freshmen physics class, one of our profs actually made various catapults which launched a stuff cat around the room.


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