Why I do the thing I do, revisited, returned, regurgitated

I got a nice short email earlier today, in response to the “The Return of AnnCoulter” post.

I expected some responses, after all, politics is serious business. It really is, and emotions related to politics run very deep.

I’m certainly not going to be surprised about getting some kind of flaming arrow of indignation fired my way.

Good lord, the country I live in is damn near split down the middle, politically, so why would I think the readers of my blog all think like I do on anything?

Hell, I’d be SCARED if all of you shared my opinions on everything, because I’m freaking insane. You’re my therapy, so if you’ve got MY back, who the hell has YOURS?!?

I get this email, and I was bored this afternoon over my lunch hour, so what the heck. It’s apparently that time again, it’s been a few years since I did one of these posts, so I guess we’ll do it up right.

From: E=Mc

I don’t appreciate political bashing in with my wow fun.

Take care and have fun.

That’s it. That’s the email I got, in reply to the feedreader emailed “Return of AnnCoulter” post.

Simple, right? No swearing, no offensive language at all, spelling and grammar are correct. On the surface, it appears to be a nice, simple, intelligent email. These are usually considered telling points in an email, lending greater weight to someone’s opinion.

Unfortunately, where it fails is in maturity and sense.

Let’s say you are reading things on the internet, you’re browsing, surfing the web. Following links, reading blog posts in various places, WoW.com articles, whatever.

Along the way, you may encounter something you really like, and think that it would be nice to subscribe to their mailing list or to their blog feed, in the hopes that you’ll get to see similarly enjoyable writing delivered conveniently right into your mailbox in the future.

Suddenly, you do get another post by the same author delivered into your email box or in your feedreader, and this one shocks you. The author didn’t write another article on a topic similar to the last one. This time, he wrote about a subject you take very seriously, and in addition, you don’t like his attitude about it. You’re offended by this idiot. Hey, he may write the funny okay once in a while, but what the heck makes him think you care what he actually thinks about anything else? You thought you were signing up for one thing, and here you are getting something else entirely. This will not do.

So, what do you do then?

A mature individual may do many things, depending on how strong he or she feels about it. They may unsubscribe from that writer entirely, wanting to make sure they are never bothered by that kind of thing again. A total flush to prevent being further offended.

Or, the person may decide that, as irritating as that article was, the other posts were good enough, enjoyable enough, that they don’t want to miss out on any more in the future. They were irritated, but not so much that it outweighs the positives of the funny posts. So, they’ll simply “mark as read” or delete the offensive posts, and scan future posts quickly to weed them out and continue on, only reading the ones that sound interesting.

Those both seem like reasonable responses to me. People change, writing changes, and you never know when someone like me might just go off the deep end.

Why should you put up with it? With a ‘subscribe by choice’ blog, like mine, it couldn’t be easier to flush the bad articles from your life, or the blog itself. You just unsubscribe and delete any links to the website, and don’t follow any links from anyone else, and you’ll never see that blog writer again for the rest of your life.

So, all that being said, where in all that do you fit in a situation where a person decides to email the writer with a brief two sentence message like that? What end does that serve? 

I’ve given it a little thought, and while I can’t pretend to know what goes on in the mind of anyone else, I can speculate, and will.

What I would speculate is that such a person, when faced with an article that irritated them or made them unhappy, they could not simply take action of their own to protect themselves and leave it at that. No, they felt the need to take action to share their unhappiness, to spread it around.

The “If I’m not happy, why should anyone else be” mindset.

That’s just not an attitude I can respect.

I know that over time, misunderstandings can happen. Especially when people read posts about WoW and Bear tanking, and are directed here or linked here from WoW-only websites, and accordingly develop an expectation as to what the point of the blog is, what it is I do here, and what they are likely to see.

I’m going to do my best to clear the misunderstandings up.

My blog exists as a place for me to write what I want to write about, when I want to write about it, on any given day. I write whatever I may be inspired about at the moment. I write about my enthusiasms. I especially write about things that bother me. I frequently write what I think of are entertaining posts to cheer both myself up, and hopefully other people.

I do not limit myself to any particular topic. On the “About” page of my website, it says “BigBearButt offers his cranky opinions of a long time World of Warcraft casual feral druid about druid life, the WoW world, and everything.”

That last bit, where I say “everything”? That early bit, where I say “cranky”? Both of those are keywords for the content of this blog.

It’s my own personal website used as a means for my personal expression.

See, I don’t want to mislead you. If you think the blog posts wandering from topic to topic is a temporary situation, please don’t. When I do write about WoW, most often it’s from a Feral Druid Tank mindset. But I don’t limit myself to that, and if that’s the only reason why you’re here, well, you’re facing a lot of disappointment.

So, that’s the blog. That’s what you can expect in the future. Basically, the same old, same old that I’ve been doing here for years.

Now, I don’t want to be unkind. I might tend to think it’s simply an immature desire to lash out at someone that irritated them, but maybe there is an alternate reason why someone would mail me like that.

I know that there is a tendency for people to think that in any situation where they receive a service, they are a customer, and the opinions of a customer are always right and should be respected.

I know that, because of this philospohy, a lot of people feel that if they are not happy, it’s important for them to make their unhappiness known to the ‘management’. Sometimes it’s not for personal benefit, but to try and guide the management service towards better efforts in the future, or just a desire to nudge people to do what you want in the way you think they should, to mentor them when you feel they’ve gone off track.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t apply here. You are not my customers. You do not pay me money. 

Our contract, such as it is, is that I will continue to write what I want to write, and I will continue to post it publicly for anyone who wants to spend some of their time reading it.

I pledge to myself that I will do my best to stay true to myself, and to write my honest thoughts and opinions and research. 

Your end of the contract is that you read it whenever you feel like it or not, as you choose. Whether you walk away amused or irritated or bored, it’s all your decision. But if you do choose to comment, you do so in a mature way, sharing your honest thoughts and opinions, being considerate of others, and if it’s within your power, helpful in your suggestions. 

Further, and I do think this is something that is implied but may not be readily apparent, if you have really strong feelings you want to share in great detail, especially ones that are in direct contradiction of everything I ever say, then you go make your own blog and write your own posts there. You don’t just try and hijack mine every time I write anything.

You may be my friends, you may be people that have been visiting only once or have been here for years commenting frequently and becoming folks near and dear to my heart, like Dechion, Katt and Tesh, but you”re not my customers.

I pay for the website hosting, and to the best of my knowledge I’ve never asked any of you to rush out and fund my purchase of anything. I certainly don’t recall trying to push for people to buy items from the blog store so I can get some cash.

I don’t even host ads, despite a lot of emails wanting me to, so I don’t receive money from passive pagehits. I’ve always felt ads would have been unsightly.

See, I don’t do this for money, If I wanted money, hell, I’d still write for WoW.com and I’d have closed this blog a long time ago. Life isn’t all about making money. There’s nothing wrong with making money, and there’s nothing wrong about websites having banner ads.

But not being a money making enterprise leaves me ethically and morally free to say what I’m saying right now, which is that I don’t owe anyone a damn thing in what I write or how I write it. 

I write for fun, I write for myself, and I write for the amusement and enjoyment of you, my friends. I also continue to try to provide a place to share ideas and suggestions and tips for people starting out tanking, to help get their feet wet and feel confident.

When people do spend money on the blog store, I don’t even keep that. So far, it’s all gone right back into buying shirts or buttons I’ve given away to readers, either at local Meet the Bear events or through website contests.

I’ll never be a Penny Arcade making money with this stuff; it’s not what I aspire to.

I’m always happy to discuss what part of my opinion may have upset you in private, as long as you’re interested in talking about it via email, and not just in lecturing me. If you want a reasoned discussion, hey, I’m your Bear. Close your mind, and I close MY browser.

Where I simply shake my head in laughter is if you read something I wrote that you didn’t like because I wrote about a topic you don’t want to have to see on a “WoW blog”, and then you email me to tell me so.

I don’t care. Click “unsubscribe” and move on with your life, don’t bother me with your sillyness.

Am I supposed to go, “Oh my, I stepped over the bounds of a WoW blog and delved fleetingly in the deep waters of the political spectrum, and my readers have made their wishes known; henceforth, I shall restrict myself to good, wholesome WoW related blog posts so as not to offend.”

No, it doesn’t do that.

I write what I write that I really think and feel. You may love me, hate me, or say ‘meh’, but at least you know it’s me.

If I am really thinking about something a lot and being bothered by it, I’m not going to censor myself, when talking about it and getting it off my chest really does make me feel better. That’s one of the best things about having a blog; to write what I really think and get it off my chest.

I may hold myself to a personal standard in my writing, and I may do my best to hold to that standard, but I do not OWE any reader anything. I don’t answer to you, I answer to my own conscience.

In return, you do not owe ME anything. 🙂 Ain’t I nice? This is finally one thing in your life where you know that no bill will come due.

If you don’t like what I say or how I say it, you don’t have to just endure it. Heck no. You always, ALWAYS have the power to exercise your freedom of choice and remove me from your feedreader and from your life. I’m just one more idiot in a world full of them, writing BS on a blog.

Where we have the divide, is that your freedom of choice does not include a right to attempt to inhibit or discourage my exercising of my freedom of speech and freedom of personal expression on the blog I pay to maintain.

If and when you don’t like what I say on any given day, you have the power. Just unsubscribe, and never come back. Don’t subject yourself to what you find offensive. Be a mature individual, and just close the browser to me.

Just, whatever you do, please don’t bother taking that further step to email me just to tell me you didn’t like my going off WoW topics, or talking politics or whatever. I’m not going to censure myself to make you happy, or apologize for speaking my mind here in my house.

It’s just not going to happen.

31 thoughts on “Why I do the thing I do, revisited, returned, regurgitated

  1. Well i certainly hope you dont think thats me BBB. I comment when i feel like i have something to add. Most of the time i just enjoy your articles and thats that.


    I had a long drawn out arguement ready to reply with last night, but now its a new day and i have had time to think. I’m not going to add anything more than to say, we’ll have to agree to disagree.



  2. Eh, or meh, or something like that.

    I actually do have a theshold where, when someone tips it, I just start banning their ass. Don’t make me out to be something better than I am.

    When people disagree with me, I don’t spam them. Not when they’ve got a different point of view on that topic.

    HOWEVER, when there is a trend in a person’s commenting, when the ONLY time someone comments is to take an opposing, confrontational stance, on multiple topics, someone that is contrary apparently just to be contrary, then after a while I DO get tired of it, and at some point there WILL be a big fat smack to the head and a mass spamming.

    What, you read my blog and you still think that I just sit there and endlessly take shit? Nah, I’ve got my limits.

    I can honestly say that in the last solid year, I can only think of two people that I have done that to, and it’s a big enough decision on my part that I easily remember those two situations.

    Happens a LOT less since I stopped writing for WoW.com, I can tell you that much.


  3. Bigguss, we appear to have fundamental differences in perception. I’m saying that if he doesn’t like the negative with the masses of positives, then perhaps he should continue doing whatever the hell he wants to. If he wants to publicly mock anyone that disagrees, then he has that right and ability. There is no reason whatsoever, in any way, shape, or form that he should think he is in a walled garden. He’s in his space. HIS. You have the right here to read. That’s it. He has the right to…everything. I’m not sure if you’re seeing that.

    If he decides to write about how the grain of his arm hair has changed over the summer, and someone doesn’t like him writing that and decides to send him a note expressing their opinion – he can do anything he wants to with it. He can delete it. He can reply kindly. He can reply in an ass’ish manner. He can post the note on the blog and mock it in rude and disgusting ways. He can do all of them. When he does whatever he chooses, then we have our choices ahead of us. Anything we choose that would be done through this blog are then passed through him – where he overrides us if that is what he wants, and we can’t say a damn thing about it.

    Some people think that a blogger “owes” something to his readers. The blogger only “owes” something to their readers if they choose to. On their blog, they are god. Changing that requires a court order, and then only if the blog appears from a server that can be controlled by that court. The blog may be in another country where you now have zero recourse. You have no rights on their blog. You have nothing on someone else’s blog. You are nothing on someone else’s blog. Thinking that you should be able to tell them what to do on their blog, in any way whatever, is the height of arrogance and offensive in the extreme. I could make a personal opinion comment at this point about liberals, but I won’t.

    I’m not trying to be a butthead, just trying to make the concept clear. Fortunately John here is a benevolent blogging god and allows the readers a voice. He even allows blowhards like me a voice (so far), which isn’t always the case on all blogs. Thanks, John. =)


  4. Sarabian,

    No one is arguing that point, at least i wasn’t. Of course BBB can write what ever he wants to on his blog without recourse. All i am saying is if he doesnt like the negative with the masses of positives then perhaps he should shut down comments and remove links to his email. That way he can write whatever he wants in his walled garden and never give any concern to the thoughts of his readers.

    (I’m a fan, honest!)


  5. How hard it is for people to understand that this blog is 100% owned and operated by John Patricelli? It is HIS and he can do ANYthing he wants with it – including stop anyone he wants to from posting to it. He said that in plain words and still someone failed to get it. Really? Seriously? You honestly don’t understand?

    Are people so freaking arrogant about their overinflated opinion of themselves that they truly believe they have the “right” to dictate terms to someone they don’t share opinions with? Do they honestly believe that the owner of this blog does not have the right or authority to stop anyone – even me saying this – from voicing an opinion over what was posted by the owner?

    Oh, my. What is this world coming to? Such incredible arrogance.

    I fail to see how anyone other than John has any “rights” whatsoever on this blog. All the rights are John’s and he grants them as he sees fit – whether you like it or not. He’s the boss here. As he said, if you don’t like it, then start your own blog where you have those rights. Go be indignant there, where you will then quash the opinions of anyone that disagrees with you. Enjoy.


  6. BBB,

    I dont know who ‘doodlebug” is and I think I’m mildly insulted, but I’m not sure. You’re right I’m confused and it didnt help that I read your blog late at night after a few beers. I totally agree that you have TOTAL control over content on your blog, and no one can expect anything they send to you to be publicly posted. I certainly do not and half expect this post to remain ever shrouded in obscurity. But I’m a little tired of people making public statements( and a blog is a public statement) and feeling wounded when people disagree or dislike their statements. It’s the risk someone takes when they put themselves out there. People can be kooks ( I remember your “bacon” incident). You tolerate the idiots along with gems. No one can make you change your blog. But you cannot expect people to disagree with you and not respond, if they are sufficently motivated. That’s the Wild West of the Internet. You have the power to simply let those responses never see the light of day on your blog.

    Of all the words I could think of to descibe your blog personality…petulant would not be one of them


  7. Bill, maybe I wrote it because I was bored and felt like writing on my blog.

    The point of the post is, I write what I feel like writing about. I don’t need to justify anything I write to anyone. That’s the point.

    For the people that say that he has a right to write what he wants, and by implication say that I had no right to even mention it… of course he does. I never disputed that he does have a right to say what he wants via the methods I have made accessible.

    What I did was publicly mock what he wrote. I expressed my opinion of it.

    Now, I’m reading your comments, and what I’m seeing from your comments is what you choose to share of what you think of the entire thing as interpreted by your own mental filters and prior prejudices. I’m seeing how things can have different emphasis to different people, and how many different things someone can get out of the same post. Some are in agreement, and others are in dispute, and still more take what was written, read things into it and bring their own baggage, and then comment.

    I love it all, without restraint. I really do. What people choose to comment on, and what people choose to ignore, tells me far more about my readership than you would believe.


  8. Obviously you can write whatever you want to, its your site. But so can he. And he could have done it in a much worse manner. I fail to see how your original post warrants his response but I also fail to see how his response warrants this.


  9. I think there’s a difference between “I don’t agree with what you just said” and “I don’t agree with what you just said, and furthermore I don’t think you should say anything like that again.” The former is disagreement. The latter is an attempt to silence.


  10. Grenadon, I thought about writing a reply to that… but I just think you’re confused about where you do have the right to express yourself.

    To cut to the chase, no, you don’t have the right to do so here in whatever way you choose. If I, in my own personal judgment without oversight didn’t feel like allowing you to say your piece publicly to the readers at large, I have the power to simply delete your comment, and even to blacklist your name/email/IP addresses so you couldn’t comment again in the future if I was a petulant little putz.

    I don’t really feel the need to address the rest of your comment, it was pretty disjointed, but since you really seemed confused over what a right to freedom of speech entailed, I wanted to make sure you understood.

    Your right to freedom of speech does not also inherently include a right to have what you say broadcast by others to an audience. It does mean that, if you choose to create your own blog, a place where you have the control of publication, nobody else can prevent you from posting your own thoughts to whoever wishes to see them.

    I could go on, but I don’t see the point. Privately, I suspect that comment of being written by Doodlebug/Petals, the idiot gets off on posting troll comments here under other names and via other IP addresses.


  11. I had a good think about this post before replying and i can’t help but feel like this is a bit of a whine! If you wanted to write with no user feedback at all you could turn off comments on your posts and remove any links to your email address. It seems to me that you like the tons of positive feedback that you recieve but take exception to any negativity.

    See, i totally understand that this is your Blog and you will write about whatever you want on it, without any commitment to your readers. But given the fact you do give your readers the ability to comment on posts and send you emails means that you are interested in their views and feeedback be it good or bad? What you do with those views/feeedback is entirely up to you. If you perceive a comment to be negative, surely you can delete it or ignore it, afterall you are the main man and can just hit the delete button.

    I personally enjoy the variety on your site and read your posts as soon as they pop up in my reader, but i can’t understand is the rather hot headed reaction to somones relatively lighthearted comment. After all im sure he didn’t write that email expecting you to do what he asks ,or indeed, to recieve this sort of reaction.


  12. quote: “A mature individual may do many things, depending on how strong he or she feels about it. They may unsubscribe from that writer entirely, wanting to make sure they are never bothered by that kind of thing again. A total flush to prevent being further offended.

    Or, the person may decide that, as irritating as that article was, the other posts were good enough, enjoyable enough, that they don’t want to miss out on any more in the future. They were irritated, but not so much that it outweighs the positives of the funny posts. So, they’ll simply “mark as read” or delete the offensive posts, and scan future posts quickly to weed them out and continue on, only reading the ones that sound interesting.”

    Or, they can simply shrug it off, understand that other human beings have their own thoughts and opinions, and keep reading. I would actually count that the MOST mature response… not closing off the bits of others you don’t like, but understanding and accepting how and why those others are indeed different.


  13. Ok…I’m confused.

    1st- I’m probably 180 degrees from you on your political views. Sometimes you write stuff that I don’t agree with. I usually just move on and don’t worry about it. Because you don’t have to agree with me. Period. End of sentence.

    However I’m having a hard time with this one. You made some passing political references and people apparently pounced on you. Ok, whatever. They told you what they didn’t like. I speculate the example you showed was on the mild end of the spectrum. I agree with you if they were nasty, vulgar and rude, you should just ignore them.
    But “EC” wasn’t, he was direct and a model of brevity.
    You respond with a line of thinking that made sense most of the time. It is your blog and you have never misrepresented your topic or the variety of subjects. You don’t have to kowtow to the critics and are not beholden to them. I’m with you so far. You also point out the mature response is to ignore it, or stop reading your blog. Ok agreed. But then you say that by expressing an opinion on your writing and disagreeing with the material, they are now somehow trying to muzzle you? “inhibit and discourage your exercising your freedom of speech” by giving you feedback that they didn’t like your topic or the views expressed? I thought that was the very nature of freedom of expression for both sides. You give me an opinion, I give an opinion and then we start arm-wresting to determine the facts. Just disagreeing with you is not a suppression of your freedom of speech. Telling you what I don’t like about your writing is not an inhibition of your expression. Now I can certainly believe some of your emails were “un-civil” and frankly those aren’t worth the time of day. But to give you feedback about the nature of your writing isn’t an attack on your 1st amendment rights. You don’t need to change anything you do in response to that feedback, that’s your freedom of expression. But to claim your freedom of expression is under attack because some didn’t like what you wrote seems like a stretch to me. You are correct, you don’t owe anybody anything. It’s your blog and you can damn well do anything you want with it. THAT’S freedom of Speech and Expression. But to act perturbed and annoyed when people dislike or disagree with that expression, and respond back to you, seems a bit disingenuous.
    Maybe I’m having a hard time understanding your message. I, for one, will never try to “muzzle” you. But I will defend my right to express my disagreement with you. That is the core of what it means to be a citizen of the United States


  14. Amusingly, I’ve stopped playing WoW and still keep reading your blog…

    It’s just, as I believe one says on your side of the Atlantic, “a darn good read”…

    Keep it up!

    And keep having fun…


  15. I’m a pretty liberal guy and if you actually had the real Coulter spouting her schtick on your blog that would be one thing. But you just named your hunter pet after her. That’s just being ironic/funny. Keep up the good writing and anyone who takes it too seriously just needs to relax. Rock on BBB.


  16. I agree with everyone above. It’s the variety that makes this more entertaining. I’ve been reading BRK’s blog and yours for well over a year to year and a half now. And in both cases, it was the off-topic post or joke that made me laugh the hardest. I read BRK’s personal blog even after he quit being BRK for the same reason I read yours still. Intelligent, sometimes funny, and always thoughtful discussion on something. Keep it up.

    We come for the bear advice, stay for the excellent blogging. 🙂


  17. You know what? That post was “bearly” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) about politics even. Mostly it was just about your hunter. People are nuts, but keep up the good work! You had exactly the right response. 🙂


  18. You put it perfectly, and besides, I love reading your post wether there to do with WoW or not. Don’t get me wrong I love WoW, But in the short time I’ve been reading your blogs I ave not found one tht I have not found interesting. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t read it, and other peope should do the same. Variety is good =], no variety is bad =[


  19. BBB, just keep it up.

    My main is a resto druid. I hate tanking. I tried it as a bear. Did not like it one bit. Frankly, close range dps However, I have two friends in game who tank as bear. There are 4 of us doing the Druid, Resto(alt boom), Boom(alt resto), cat (alt bear) and Bear(bear and more bear 🙂 ), and ripping it up.

    I read about the bear tanks to be a better healer of bear tanks. It helps if I know what they can, and cannot, do.

    You have been great info for all bear tanking, but I stay for all of it. Your stories are funny (My non-WOW wife loved the one about your parking lot!) and keep me coming back for more.

    Thank you for explaining in great detail to the masses the concept of freedom of choice. I wish more people would read and understand that concept. Much stress would exit the world on that day.

    Again, BBB, just keep it up.


  20. Write whatever you want to. I started coming here for WoW stuff but tbh the most entertaining reads from you are the completely unrelated ones. More Tales from the Truckstop please, and I loved Reading about your workplce speed restrictions :-p


  21. Instead of a “stop it, I don’t like it” email, we need to be the people who actually co-exist with differing political & religious beliefs. Here’s my thing, I don’t agree with BBB on his political views, but unlike e=mc I don’t hack a man for it. Hell, . Like BBB stated, what a stunningly vanilla world it would be if everyone had the same beliefs.

    One more thing. I do think we all have each others backs, this is what folks not present in online social communities fail to understand. When online communities come under attack, it doesn’t matter what your game/religion/politics are, it matters that we are a WE and not a THEM. This is a huge reason why I am excited for what will come in the future.


  22. I had several clever and witty responses, but they all lacked clarity (and brevity).
    As much as he might think you rude for speaking of politics on your personal blog, it’s worse that he attempted to stifle your creativity on your personal blog. That’s what I think he did- he wouldn’t have made the statement without some feeling of personal influence and the hope that you would change your ways to suit him. A valueless comment, except as an example of how some people just want to control everything.

    Pay him no heed, except perhaps as the basis for a little salad of ridicule in a light sarcasm dressing. Smothered under a bear-sized lasagna of scorn noodles layered with meaty contempt sauce, and cheese. Mmmm… now I’m getting hungry.

    Oh and unless I’m remembering poorly (and I’m exercising my right NOT to look it up) …. E=Mc is incorrect. Perhaps the whole note was an (odd) exercise in (very) dry humor?


  23. The best part of your blog is the variety. Ranging from WoW theory posts to books, rants, stories, and sure a bit of politics on occasion. Always well written, and usually entertaining. Heck my favorite post in awhile was the one on writing genres, didn’t hurt that I found myself agreeing with most of it, but even when I don’t your opinions are generally well thought out, and presented in an entertaining manner. Keeps me coming back to check, bear tanking posts wouldn’t.


  24. Maybe I’m crazy… but of the few blogs I read, I tend to check on them frequently. If they have a new post, I look at the title, skim it to see what it’s about… if it looks interesting, I read the wall of text. If it doesn’t look like something I’m really in the mood to read, I’ll either mentally note it to read another time, or move on. I’m sure YOU don’t really give a damn if I read your post or not. You don’t owe any of us a thing… so why should you be concerned whether any of us think it may be in poor taste to name your dino after a politician? I mean next thing you know, you’re gonna find a pet human and name it Jesus and somebody’s going to scream at you for being a Jew-hater or something. It’s a little ridiculous.


  25. oh my, he must have pushed a button on you 🙂

    thanks for another 5min of enjoyable readings
    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  26. Zelmaru, that’s the ticket! That’s the exact attitude I respect and admire most.

    Ditto on Murklins making me laugh, too. That would be cute for a t-shirt slogan!

    Shelley, obviously as emails go, that was about the mildest I could possibly imagine. But I thought it did illustrate a good point about the blog that needed to be addressed. My blog isn’t a typical WoW blog that struggles to remain fixed within the constraints of on-topic conversations. And it’s not the fault of anyone else if that’s their expectation, when most avenues of finding it derive directly from links from WoW-specific sources. Most other bloggers I know try and make clear distinctions between WoW blogs and personal blogs or journals. I don’t. I write what I write, and it goes on one blog site, and that’s about the only way I could manage it. If I had to try and decide which of my blogs a particular post was going to be most suited, I’d probably not write the damn things at all. I’m weird, I know.

    See, when i look at the head of my blog, I do see a cute WoW-styled Bear, but it’s a graphic representation of me. And the name is my nickname. So, I really do feel taht it’s a fair warning that this is the Big Cranky Grinning Bear show.

    Grayzzur… my Warrior is stalled at 43 at the moment, due to my REALLY not liking the prospect of random pug tanking in Maraudon. I’m going to pick it back up again very soon, for one things Cassie’s tauren Shaman just hit 56 so she’d be able to heals for me if i get myself past the Mara roadblock. he’ll be back soon, I promise.


  27. Love your blog the way it is. I don’t care about your opinion or the subject matter half the time… it’s the way you present it that makes it enjoyable.

    Would like to hear some more tales about the Big Green Buzzsaw, though. I’m levelling an orc prot warrior myself now, and he’s barrels of fun. 🙂

    Take care and have fun.


  28. If they have read this blog for any time at all they should already know it isnt just about wow. I am even surprised they had the gumption to email you saying it was. I love the off wow topics sometimes more than the wow topics and I will continue in the future doing just that.

    Murklins, you made me laugh 🙂


  29. I’ve never understood the “you wrote something I don’t like, and I’m gonna unsubscribe.” Ok, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I guess if enough people end up voting with their feet, the blogger *might* consider not-doing whatever those people didn’t like. But if you’re not making money… who cares if they vote with their feet? Whatever.

    Now there’s another side to this which I might as well point out (besides advertising). Some bloggers want to educate the community about this or that (guides etc). They view their blog as a way to get an important message out (I’m not one of them – my message is not important!). Now, if people stop subscribing, then the blog’s purpose is frustrated, because the “message” isn’t reaching its intended audience. I could see bloggers in that situation wanting to know if people are put-off by certain articles, because losing subscribers goes against the explicit purpose of the blog.

    But eh, screw em. I do my dumb mommy articles on the weekend and if someone doesn’t like tales of cute they can suck it. If I cared about subscribers for whatever reason, then I would be interested if readers truly hated the mommy stuff.


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