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Last year, on November 14th, quite a few of us within the WoW community took part in what we called the Raid for the Cure.

It was an in-game event for both factions on the Kael’thas-US server intended to increase awareness of the importance of early testing for breast cancer.

A lot of wonderful people, including many of my readers at the time, all got together that Saturday afternoon and took part in the event. It was an amazing experience to be a part of.

All cheesy BS aside, I know that I felt really choked up by how many people came out to take part in the run across the realms, and wore Pink Mageweave shirts and /danced and generally had a great time together.

Several people took the time to whisper me during the event, and email me both before and after the event, to share with me their own personal stories of how breast cancer had touched their lives, and how they were taking part in the run as a way to once again feel closer to the person or in some cases people in their lives that breast cancer had taken from them.

Being a part of something like that, even for just one day, really reminds me why the “massively multiplayer” part of this game makes such a difference. We do have the power, all of us together, to transcend the programmed intent of the game and make of it something else, something with great personal meaning for each us, if we decide we want to.

And then we go back to the serious business of smacking Arthas upside his head.

I was asked yesterday by Kit in an email if we intended doing another Raid for the Cure again this year, a RftC2.

Sort of, kinda, but not really.

Yes, we do intend to try and organize a charitable event in-game across both factions on the Kael’thas-US server.

What we are not doing is continuing with the Raid for the Cure theme for a second year.

Last year, we had a very personal reason for organizing the Raid for the Cure. Julie’s diagnosis, and her battle with breast cancer, caused within us a desire to show our support for her. It was a personal cause, not a general one.

This year, Cassie and I want to show our support for a different cause, one that has intense personal meaning to our family, one that is really never far from our thoughts.

Our own personal lives have been touched, very deeply, by Heart Disease.

Cassie’s maternal grandmother died of complications arising from her battle with heart disease on June 4, 2007, and within less than three weeks, her father had passed away very suddenly from heart disease as well on June 21st.

Cassie was devastated by this, she was just torn apart. I really don’t have the words to describe how close her relationship was with her father, a wonderful, caring, loving man. He was such an incredibly warm-hearted man, I felt so welcomed by him into his home and the incredibly warm extended family that he had helped nurture, that even within the brief time that I knew him, I have only ever felt pride in choosing to take her family’s name instead of keeping my own when Cassie and I married.

The biggest factor that caused Cassie to begin playing WoW was as an attempt to find a means to distract herself from her grief at her father’s passing, and though several years have passed, it’s been clear to see that her grief remains as fresh today as it was when he passed years ago.

That is why this year we’d like to organize an in-game event meant to heighten awareness of the risks of heart disease, and to be a time of remembrance and celebration of the lives of those of us we loved, and still miss, that have been taken from us by heart disease.

It’s a very personal cause for us, and I know that I would feel joy in thinking that I had done something, however small, in helping to support organizations that are working to find solutions.

What we’d like to do, starting now when there are still months to go before October/November, is to ask for volunteers who would be willing to work with Cassie and I in planning the event, organizing it, and running it when it happens.

The event we will work towards and take part in will be on the Kael’thas-US server, both Alliance and Horde side. If someone likes the idea, and wants to organize one of their own on a European server, I’ll certainly be happy to advertise it on my blog if you let me know the details.

We’ve got some ideas, but now is the time to really get a plan going, and we can’t do it without your support.

This event is going to completely driven by the individuals that want to come forward and take an active part, a true community activity, and everyone that wants to participate in the planning stages or wish to offer their services as event volunteers are not only welcome, but needed!

So if you’re interested in taking part in this with us, with a planned event date somewhere in the end of October, or early November, please email me at tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com.

I can tell you one thing… Cassie pointed out that the Red Linen Shirts look quite attractive, and the mats are certainly a lot easier to come by than the Pink Mageweave ones. Cassie told me she could see a vision of the event, and a scene of dozens of players wearing bright red shirts, forming the shape of a big old heart in the middle of Barrens. Is she the only one that sees that vision?

14 thoughts on “Looking for more than Group

  1. Very unique idea… I’m sorry that I was unaware of previous events and didnt attend.

    I am the G.M. of Obsidian Annihilation (Kael’thas Server), and was imediatly curious when i read a post by Tierra on our forums about your event. There has been some positive feedback from guild members on the post and we will be trying to organize our interested members and send them your direction. Give a shout in game sometime, I will see what we can muster up from the ranks… 😉

    As a hard core gamer and heart attack survivor, this is something that i can sure get behind. My wife STILL gets mad at me when she thinks back to it.. I thought i had pulled a muscle in my back and my jaw hurt, so i went to the hospital expecting to find a pinched nerve or something. I was infact having a heart attack. After having a stint put in and setup in my room, I had my wife bring my laptop to the hospital, after all, I had a RAID that night, and i wasnt gonna be doin nothing but laying in bed anyway.. lol… (we cleared the instance too.. one shot.. 25 Naxx with Azeroths Redemption (R.I.P. A.R.) 😦

    Look forward to more information as the date draws closer.



  2. I posted a link to here on my guild’s forums. Maybe we can help. We’re on Kael’thas-US Alliance side. Feel free to contact me in game if you like. My main is Whimzee & my main alt is Tierra.


  3. I still have the night elf that I created for the event last year. She remains sitting on top of the bank on Booty Bay. I log onto her every once in awhile. There are still some people in the guild.

    I sent an email but will have to check at home if it went to spam.


  4. Kael’thas has been my wow home for 5 years. I am an ICU nurse with a family history of heart disease. I would like to help.


  5. I am going to post here, because the irony of this post being the day before I got the results of my PET scan back is not lost upon me. I wanted to let people know who might not otherwise find out, but who cared enough to send me positive thoughts and prayers how everything turned out. I have completed chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomies, and radiation therapy. As of August 23, I received word from my doctor after reviewing labs and the PET scan that my cancer is now in remission. I just felt there were people who I don’t know personally who might want to be aware that, so far, I appear to have beat the cancer.

    Best of luck with your heart run, it is a very worthy cause.



  6. Thank you, folks. If you’ll send me an email to help me stay organized with the contact list, we’ll get started talking about what to do!


  7. *runs to make a character on Kael’Thas* I’d love to help with this! My grandmother had a quad bypass before she passed, and my brother, only in his early 40s, has had one, now. My husband passed at 45 from a major heart attack. Let me know what you need…I’d be honored to assist in some way.


  8. This definitely touches me close to home. I won’t bore everyone with the details, other than to share that I lost my Grandfather, the man who taught me to fish and whom I loved very dearly, to heart disease.

    Count me in.


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