Podcast alert! Going LIVE in 3… 2… 1….


I’m going to be on the CASTaclysm podcast, which is streaming live, like, in 5 minutes!

Here is the link, if you’re somewhere near a computer, and have any interest at all in hearing it and taking part in a live podcast.

Guess what?

I don’t even talk about Cataclysm Druids on my blog, but they kinda forced me into agreeing to talk about Cataclysm.

No, I don’t know what I was smoking.

Come on, you know you want to be on Ustream with me.

13 thoughts on “Podcast alert! Going LIVE in 3… 2… 1….

  1. Oh, I’m sorry if you got the impression I’m not sympathetic to your plight, Chris. Far from it. I thought my reply was more along the lines of agreeing with you, and lamenting on the sadness of certain expectations among the community in the game.

    My advice was mostly meant just to point out that, whatever other people may expect of you, only you can decide to what extent you’ll care about their opinion.

    Me, I’m a living testament to “go your own way…..”. 🙂

    Hope you have a good evening, sir.


  2. Well, while I am frustrated, my main reason for bringing this up was an attempt to answer your question you asked at the end of your interview. “How are bear tanks doing in the community?” I’d say that given the fact I get voted out of over 80% of my ICC Heroics on community ignorance of bear tanks when I’m more than capable of tanking them is an indication we aren’t doing well.

    It’s my experience that the community that runs PUGs thinks “Tank = Stanima = HP” period. And when I run DPS on my DK, the only time 90% of the other DPS and healers I run with are happy is when a pally with 5.5K+ GS shows up as a tank. Then he takes off running, basically doing the whole instance himself (topping DPS charts and everything) and everyone wants to run with him again. Which is follows my other comment about you being happy about blizzard doing away from AoE tanking – you are in the minority. Most WoWers want the OP Pally that can blast the sh*t out of everything without them doing much more than looting.

    One last thing, How long the DPS have to wait does not excuse them from being pricks and morons. Just like how geared I am doesn’t excuse me either. In the 10% of the runs I get a really good group I tend to joke around and be nice to those that are making my experience enjoyable. Plus, if I take BigBearButt’s suggestion and craft some slightly higher level gear than I have now, DPS don’t have to fork out $12-15k in gold for the privilege of allowing me to run a dungeon that more often than not I’m more capable of running than they are. I never ever vote anyone until they show they really don’t know what they are doing and/or are an ass. Like the War tank trying to tank HPoS in a lvl78 PVP crafted set in battle stance, then being an ass about not getting heals. Normally if someone says they are new, I help them out; or if they are struggling I try to offer what advice I have.

    Commenting on your broadcast was my true intention with that post. The stories I told were just the illustration to my points. BTW, I love the blog and enjoyed listening to the interview. And while you may not feel sympathetic to my plight I am to yours. In any case I am now scouting out servers because I plan to move. Been running a level one to cities and /who names of players and listening in on trade chat for a while in an attempt to gauge maturity level. I’ll probably whisper some high levels that seem cool and ask them about the place when I think I found a good server.


  3. Adanos, yes it was episode 22 I was on, and no, as far as I can see those slackers ain’t put it up yet.

    I do promise to post a reminder when it finally DOES go live.

    Chris… I’d like to be supportive, but my own experiences this last weekend have shown me that, yeah, it is pretty much like that. It doesn’t matter how your class works, what matters is your GS and how high your Stamina is.

    If you really do want your runs, take heart from what Adanos said, as the tank they can boot you all they want, you’ll eventually get a group that loves your Dodging butt. And don’t forget that you can have an iLevel 245 chest and bracers, and an iLevel 264 leggings and boots crafted if you have the gold from being crafty, and really want to drive your GS high. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but if you really do get tired of being treated that way, you’ve got two choices; play the game, or make your own way.

    If you make your own way, then you’ll have the satisfaction of sticking to your principles and being a diamond the ignorant louts aren’t capable of appreciating. If yuo play the game… well, you’ll take less crap, and you’ll be able to blame your healer for sucking when they can’t keep you alive, and isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?


  4. and btw… question about the castaclysm thingie, is the date wrong in Itunes, and you were in episode 21 or the episode 22 isnt there yet?


  5. Chris… a suggestion from one bear tonk to another, 90% of the wow population are plain morons… dont get discouraged by morons, and remember that dps have long queue times, tanks dont… so, If you get voted off, you’ll get a fast queue, while those morons will have to sit idly for a while.


  6. First, loved the show, love the blog, it’s helped me immensely in my bear tanking. I’ve written here a couple of times about not being able to get into raiding as a bear tank. You asked at the end of your show “how are we doing as bear tanks in the community?” and “why aren’t there more bear tanks?” And I would answer horribly and my reason for believing this dove tails into your opinion about wanting to get away from AoE tanking.

    I has become crystal clear to me on my server (and battlegroup) that every one that isn’t a tank wants a pally tank, and would settle for warrior. They want to inspect your gear, see nothing but stamina gems (having gotten all your defense from gear itself) and not do anything but run the pug as fast as possible and not have to CC. In fact, they like OP pally tanks that can top DPS charts as well, so they have to do even less. Because of this, they don’t care for bear tanks, nor blood DK tanks, and will view the breaking of pally AoE tanking as one of the worse nerfs to hit WoW ever.

    I’ve been trying to get my last couple piece of gear to complete my heroic dung and triumph set. They are drops in HHoR. Last night I got voted from 5 PuGs simply because they viewed my 36k HP as not enough. Didn’t even get a chance to run it, just 5 secs in, some comment about “ugh dude not enough HP” and voted. Not even enough time to respond to the accusation or flash the achievement I’ve already gotten from HHoR, or tell them I’ve run the thing already half a dozen times successfully.

    I’ve also been getting voted out when it’s painfully obvious DPS is not up to snuff. The guy pulling only 1k DPS on HHoR gets to stay, me (who happens to be pulling more DPS) gets voted. Healer doesn’t heal, I get voted. I even had a DPS run out of the fight completely (after one died earlier from stepping into AoE) so it as just me, one DPS pulling 3k, the healer and I left fighting Falric. I last 5-6 minutes and we get him down to 19k health and we die. Except for the DPS that ran outta the dung as soon as the other one died so he didn’t have to pay the bill. Who gets voted? me.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people inspect me and tell me that because I have anything other than stamina gems I’m spec’d for DPS kitty. Yet, I know if I go stanima everywhere I’ll get clobbered by magic and be rage starved half the time (which is where I was before reading this blog). Now when I finally get a chance to run the PuG I can run it as fast and as well as any pally, and I usually get people asking me to run again or asking me if I like bear tanking.

    Based on my experiences trying to bear tank, I can tell that the reason you don’t see more bear tanks is because of the WoW community itself. The mechanics are great. I actually love seeing my crit and dodge through the roof. I love not having to stack defense to be crit immune. I’ve tried Warrior and DK tanking, but I love bear tanking the most. And I from my DK and War tanking, I can say that I get a lot more forgiveness when things go wrong. I tried doing the blood tank, with a good deal of success until I kept getting complaints from other PuG members that I should be frost. I just don’t think the WoW community is going to put up with anything that takes away their pally tanks that allow them to sleep through raids and get gear.

    Anyway, those are my experiences as a new player trying to get into druid tanking. Sorry for the walls, and sorry for the rants. I’m just getting really really frustrated and feel like I pay my $15 a month too and I’m tired of getting voted from PuGs with no chance to even prove my worth.


  7. First, i apologise for not giving you any more heads up. I thought I was recording an interview that they would splice in later. It was at the last second that they told me we were going live in seconds, and I’m saying, “uuhhh…. do you have a link? I do like to let folks know, quite a few enjoy chatting live.” “oh, yeah, right”.

    So, really, sorry. I didn’t know I was doing a live show until we were rolling.

    Second, I talked about some of the people I know in the game, or HAVE known in the game, and in the blogging community. BUT, if you want to know what, if anything, i said about you… you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out. 🙂

    Do you read everything I write so you’ll see if I ever say anything mean or nasty about you? Well, better go listen then, ’cause you might miss me talking about you! Run! Run now!



  8. STILL doing the live podcast… and CASTaclysm podcast is on iTunes, so if you missed it, it’ll be up there sooner or later.

    God, this was a fun, off the rails live show. these guys are funny.


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