A Tasteful Post

During the hullaballoo over my AnnCoulter political pet whatsis a while back, I had one email from a reader that I’ve been saving for a “the Bear is busy going crazy, shoo!” day.

Today, today is the day I use it.

Here, I throw a shiny in front of you, and tell you to shoo! Go! Look at shiny!

Thank you to Roseqwartz from Velen for the very funny art, and all I can say is, if you don’t already have a webcomic, get your butt in gear and start one!

12 thoughts on “A Tasteful Post

  1. I’m offended by the writer thinking you were injecting politics into his wow gaming experience…

    Ann Coulter is clearly a circus act… not political!


  2. I’d comment on your comments, but I’m still dazzled by my own brilliance…

    I was eating dinner earlier this evening, when I suddenly had this thought.

    What if I made bacon-wrapped fried buffalo wings?

    What… what sauce? What spices? OMIGOD, I’ve invented the most perfect food concept of all time! /scurry……


  3. Thanks for the compliments and the post there BBB. I had hopped on to read about the “raid for the heart” when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the my comic for Big Bear. Talk about a pick me up =)

    the bacon-wings sound amaz-zazing.


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