A Tasteful Post

During the hullaballoo over my AnnCoulter political pet whatsis a while back, I had one email from a reader that I’ve been saving for a “the Bear is busy going crazy, shoo!” day.

Today, today is the day I use it.

Here, I throw a shiny in front of you, and tell you to shoo! Go! Look at shiny!

Thank you to Roseqwartz from Velen for the very funny art, and all I can say is, if you don’t already have a webcomic, get your butt in gear and start one!

12 thoughts on “A Tasteful Post

  1. Thanks for the compliments and the post there BBB. I had hopped on to read about the “raid for the heart” when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the my comic for Big Bear. Talk about a pick me up =)

    the bacon-wings sound amaz-zazing.


  2. I’d comment on your comments, but I’m still dazzled by my own brilliance…

    I was eating dinner earlier this evening, when I suddenly had this thought.

    What if I made bacon-wrapped fried buffalo wings?

    What… what sauce? What spices? OMIGOD, I’ve invented the most perfect food concept of all time! /scurry……


  3. I’m offended by the writer thinking you were injecting politics into his wow gaming experience…

    Ann Coulter is clearly a circus act… not political!


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