You… you….


I can’t believe it. I won’t accept it.

No. Not just no, HELL no.

Someone hold my coat, I’ma gonna get my claws bloody on this one.

Someone give me the name of the rat bastard fink that is responsible for this insane travesty of all that is right and holy!

I swear, when I find out who’s behind this, I’m gonna gut ’em.

First I’ll skin ’em, and THEN I’ll gut ’em.

And I’m not even a skinner, so it doesn’t matter if I use a damn spoon or not, it’s STILL gonna hurt.

Can you believe this crap? I swear, this time they’ve gone too far. Screw writing my congressman, not that he’d give a shit.

Oh, hey, you know what the definition of a congressman is?

A member of the second group put up against the wall after we finish shooting all the lawyers.

You think you’ve got things under control. You think that you’re on top of the world.

You’ve got plans. I had plans! Damnitall, I had plans!

And then they go and do this.

I just…. I just don’t know what to do.


You know, I try so hard. <sniff>

I really do. I keep those embers burning, ya know? I never give up.

No matter how hard it gets, and some days, it’s really damn hard, I just stay with it, ya’know? <sniff>


It’s like, you know, just when you think you’re up, they gotta drag you right back down, man.

I just… I mean, man… I just don’t know if I can take this anymore, man. Just, just game over, man, game over. Maybe we should just roll over and put them in charge.

What? What do you mean, them who? What am I talking about?

Good lord, where have you BEEN?

Haven’t you HEARD?!?!

It’s right there in Black and Green.

According to the tooltips, Swift Flight Form, Flight Form, Aquatic Form, Travel Form, Bear Form, Cat Form no longer make you immune to Polymorph.

They did it. Those damn Mages finally went and did it.

I never thought they would, but they finally got their hooks into someone in Blizzard and made it happen.

It’s the big one. The balloon just went up. Screw DEFCON 5.

Damnit, I WARNED you all it was coming!

I tried to tell you. I warned you, and did you listen? Hell no.

I told you, first you give them a forum to talk, and then you give the short ones a soapbox so they can reach the mike, and then you let them assemble without hosing them down with the firetrucks…

The next thing you know, it’s all over. It’s all Bears in sheep form, BRK wandering around drunk looking for the cheese dip, and drunken Mages having their wild depraved parties with NOBODY TO MAINTAIN SOME DAMN DECENCY ANYMORE!

Well, okay, no, *I* don’t maintain the decency… I’m talking about those other Druids in the Annarchy guild over on Dark Iron.

The point is, we were safe! We had protection!

And when the Mages are around, you know you bloody well NEED all the protection you can get!

As I always say… if you’re planning on hooking up with a Mage later, you better darn well make sure you’ve got protection with you.

What’s next? huh? What’s bloody next? Are they gonna make Druids wear a thong like Jong?

You KNOW that doesn’t go with our fur, dagnabit! You’ve got to have baby smooth skin, freshly waxed to pull that off. An all over Brazilian body wax. You know, like Jong has.

I can tell you one thing… this just proves beyond a doubt that Mages are a more powerful force than Hunters ever will be, even counting BRK.

Because if the Hunters had their way, we’d be tameable pets tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “NOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  1. I play my feral druid with my husband’s hunter. Has he been conspiring against me? I knew I should have slapped him when I saw him talking to that mage in Goldshire. We just have to keep in mind that we bears must be scaring the hell out of those little gnomes. They are getting desperate I tell you.


  2. Well, every form always gives an effect, so it’s like giving pallys the same when they’re in any aura, hunters no matter which aspect or warrior no matter to the stance? I think it’s lame! But to be fair, it’s “the most fair” even tho i hate to say it… I been pvping alot and i always loved it as a kitty, but now i just want to play my mage even more… and i’m probly gonna forget the new effect in the start when i see a bearform druid…


  3. Ohhh Jinkx, fighting fire with fire never works and fire is my domain…

    I think I smell some singed wool, or stewed bunny, turtle soup, or is that the sweet, sweet scent of fried bacon?

    So many options the dear crab has opened for the average fire Mage on the street!


    Please someone hand me a flask of bleech and some ironwool so i can scrub my eyes after reading such blasphemy!
    No longer immune to polymorf? i’ll hunt every mage down and rip then to shreds for doing this! Do we go and steal “sheep” from a mage? no we dont. this is uuncalled for!

    And now on a serious note, where is that blowtorch. come here you damn little gnome. i’ll teach you to….


  5. Gadzooks! I haz no longer immunities against Polystrene-Morph?? Transgressionism I sez, dat no Durids haz immunities!

    On the other hand, much like Thysillia I don’t PvP much (and I play on a PvE realm), so not such a big deal for my Druid. Here’s to hoping it won’t go live though…

    – Aenur of Hydraxis


  6. Oh woe that these dreadful days were to be mine.
    Wait, I don’t even PvP.
    Well, it still sucks. It was nice to atleast be able to go “HAH”.


  7. I’d really like someone on the Beta to take screenshots of this to confirm this for me because all the links I’m seeing (including the ones you linked) still say “Also protects the caster from Polymorph effects”
    Also regarding flight form, the current live tooltips etc don’t actually specify that it has poly immunity. Guess it’s just assumed.


  8. They need to do something to make polymorphism better. give the poly’d player characters control over their toons, but only have melee (peck/bite/ect..) ability of half their level, but the hit ability of twice their level to compensate some. it would then become a badge of honor (perhaps even an acheivement) to win a pvp fight while polyd.

    I can just hear that conversation in guild chat.
    noob mage – dude, i just got beat in an arena by a sheep.
    snarky guildie – oh.. that’s baaaaad..
    snarky guildie 2 – guess they pulled the wool over your eyes.
    snarky guildie – ewe have to do better next time
    noob mage – /wrists


  9. I was wondering how long was going to take till you get wind of all this 3B.. when I saw the blue post 2 things crossed my mind first “OH NOES!” and “3B is going to tell all of us I told you so”

    If the polly immunity gets axed then It’ll be a sad day for all druids…. but as always shit happens.


  10. In other news, is anybody else bothered by the fact they’ve included the flight forms? I can see on a pvp realm now, arcane mage flying by, using his instant cast presence of mind thingy and polymorph, turning the druid into a sheep in mid-air, mage laughs as it casts featherfall on itself, and the poor druid, a sheep about to learn what hitting the ground at 150 mph feels like…..

    Darn mages. They get heroism, and the ability to polymorph druid bears in the same expansion? Time to pull out the nerf bat, ‘sall I’m saying.


  11. “Hey Ghostcrawler! How about: Once allowing mages to polymorph a druids and THEN the polymorphed-druid then becomes tamable as a hunter-pet!” That was our suggestion. Apparently, it’s half-way implemented.

    /chortle with glee!


  12. Regarding poly-immunity removal: If it is going to be that way, it’ll be annoying but not a deal breaker for me.

    Regarding shooting all the lawyers: Shoot em anyhow!


  13. I’m considering making a screencap filled with dead crabs and a warning to our crab overlord that this better not make it live or imma find him.


  14. Now see Manny, you had to go all erudite on me.

    Much like the majority of this, I was quoting when I said that, but while the line originally came from Shakespeare and the context is as you say… I was in wildman mode, so I came at it from the Eagles side of the street. 🙂

    Just be thankful I didn’t go all Warren Zevon on your ass, and brung in me some Lawyers, Guns and Money to take them Mages down.


  15. As someone who revels in irrelevant, inflammatory commentary, you do realize that “shooting all the lawyers” was intended to point out their importance?
    Comes from Shakespeare’s Henry VI, actually was:

    God save your majesty!

    I thank you, good people—there shall be no money; all shall eat
    and drink on my score, and I will apparel them all in one livery,
    that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.

    The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

    Nay, that I mean to do.

    In other words, lawyers stand between society and tyranny…

    I’m just sayin’


  16. As an aside, and to break character for but a moment, please do not mistake my histrionics for actual distress. I thought, considering our recent history, that this post darn near wrote itself. 🙂

    Tongue clenched firmly in cheek, as always. And Gnomer, if you try and quote me, I’ll deny everything.


  17. Bah. Big Bear Butt Blogging comment Bouncers… Getting as bad a gmail that spans my own emails (how can my email account think that emails sent from my email account, to my email account are spam?)


  18. Strangely, if you look at the mouseover tooltips on MMO-Champ, only the flight forms don’t show as Polymorph immune. Not sure if that is a mistake or not. The rest of the tooltips they show for that patch seem accurate with the description listed after. So maybe not that big a deal?


  19. Xmas has come early!

    You know, you may have predicted the New Mage Order, but I predicted a long time ago, 2 April 1st’s to be exact, that Mages would tame Druids before Hunters did.

    Now I can have pig, turtle, sheep, penguin, bunny and soon , come Cataclysm, monkey Druid pets.

    Gnomeaggdon woke to face the new day in his advance laboratory in the spires of Dalaran, and all was right with the world!

    I just can’t wait to shove a poly up the Druids thong in the arena! Whhoooo Hhoooo


  20. According to chatter over at MMO-Champ, the change is intended to work as Cloak of Shadows does for a Rogue.

    Namely, if they cast it at you while you’re in Cat/Bear/Critchicken form, you’re immune.

    If they cast it at you while you’re in caster form, you get sheeped.

    Tooltips may not reflect this just yet, but that’s the aim.


  21. Sad, but as long as we can shift out of polymorph I’m not going to panic. I think it’s ok to have an active ability to counter it instead of passive immunity. Besides, this means I can finally use those cosmetic shape changes in forms.


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