Sorry, no, really.

Due to circumstances truly beyond my control, I won’t have the big announcement/update ready until I get a teensy bit more research done.

Personally, I blame Samwise and Perry Gatner.

In the meantime, I will seek to distract you with shinies.

If you like podcasts, and listening to random people talk about role playing games and such, then as a BBB reader it might interest you to know I was a guest on the first episode of a new gaming show, “Gaming in the Bear Cave“, created and hosted by Ursiheil for the Versus the World Productions podcast lineup.

There ain’t a thing about WoW in it, but it was fun to chat for a bit about role playing games in general, and PBeM games in specific. If that’s the kind of thing that interests you, why not go check it out?

3 thoughts on “Psych!

  1. Hey, I’ll have my agent call ya.

    But seriously, I’ve been sick a bunch lately, and work has not let up (quite the reverse), so if it’s not constantly on my email as a reminder, I pretty much ain’t doing it.

    You think it’s been a long time since I called you? You should see how long it’s been since I visited my grandma. Cassie’s about ready to shoot me.

    The only reason I keep on blogging, is that this is about my only hobby left. 🙂

    I swear Manny, I’ll try and call you.


  2. AWWwww, lost an arm, really? Ya never call, ya never write…oh wait that’s what my mom says..

    So now that your PBeM game is known ALLlllll over the civilized world, you gonna do James’ turn?

    btw this site will email results:


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