Extra Life is ALSO this Saturday!

As you know, Raid from the Heart is this Saturday, October 16th at about 12:30 PM Central (US) time.

What you may not be aware of is that another event is also going on, an event that starts before us, continues on after… and it’s something that you can do AT THE SAME TIME as you dance on the Thandol Span!

Extra Life, a charity event of the Sarcastic Gamer Community, is also taking place this Satuday, October 16th.

If you follow that link above to check the FAQ out, you’ll see that the Extra Life event is a commitment, with sign ups in advance and everything, that you will play video games for a 24 hour period, and that you will have found sponsors willing to back your play per hour. In order to register with them, they want you to try and find at least four people each willing to sponsor your gaming at a rate of $1 per hour, but hey, you can always shoot for more… more money, OR more friends.

The FAQ I linked to makes it clear that there’s lots of flexibility here; it’s not a “you are a gamer, you don’t have a family, so go play 24 hours” thing. It’s assumed that you will probably have family commitments, so there are make up dates and ways to make up missed time if you have to, you know… take care of your family in the middle, that kind of thing.

The important thing here is that it’s a very cool charity idea for an excellent cause, the Children’s Miracle Network, and the only real specification is that you be playing those video games for 24 hours… but they don’t say which games, or doing what. You’ve got total freedom to decide what you’re playing.

So hey… while playing your video games for Extra Life, why not ALSO double dip and come be in the Raid from the Heart? Huh? Huh?

Interested? Sound like fun? Why not go check out that FAQ and think about whether it’s something you can fit time in your schedule to do?

If you can’t take part yourself, maybe you’d be able to sponsor one of the current registered participants. There IS a way to do so online!

If you’re already a registered participant and you read this blog, such as Ancasta of Executus-US, why not post your registered name in the comments down below, and if someone wants to make a commitment to sponsor, they can put your name in the Extra Life Search Function to get it started?

Me, I’m gonna have to go to Cassie, Bear Butt in hand and see if she’s okay with the idea. I didn’t make any earlier plans to try and do it, because organizing the one event didn’t leave me much room to think outside the butt, so to speak. But if I can take part myself, I’ll be letting you know by Wednesday… and then I’ll see if I can get some sponsors myself.

Who would sponsor a Big Bear Butt gaming marathon?

Whether I’m able to take part in it myself AND make sure Raid from the Heart goes off smoothly, I still hope you’ll take the time to check out Extra Life, it’s just an amazingly cool and fun event.

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  1. Gah.. I just got my handy dandy time zone converter out… 12.30pm central time = 4.30am AEDST… Sleepy Gnome will be Grumpy… assuming that he doesn’t hit the snooze button on his Gnomeregan WakerUpperer.


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