Raid from the Heart is less than a week away!

The Raid from the Heart is less than a week away! Next Saturday is the big day, and of course I hope that I’ll see you there.

But I need your help!

While DarthRegis has been wonderful in volunteering to be our Magely chaperone on the Horde side of the event, we still haven’t had a Mage volunteer for the Alliance side. If you’re a Mage of high enough level to have the Portal: Dalaran spell in your book, and you’d like to volunteer to be the one to get the Alliance side raid to Dalaran after the Thandol Span festivities, please send me an email at tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com to let me know, okay?

The other big thing you could do to help, that I would really appreciate, is if you could help me get the word out there. If you’ve got a blog, a guild website, a circle of friends, even a parole officer you meet with, I would be forever grateful if you could mention that the event is coming up.

Have a fun weekend everyone, and I’ll see you there!

2 thoughts on “Raid from the Heart is less than a week away!

  1. Unfortunately I learned on Friday that I cannot attend. My uncle’s funeral will be on Saturday. Hopefully something else I can participate in down the road.


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