Thank you for the nice surprise, Kody and Windsoar!

I was reading the news page of, and I started reading the post by Kody of suggested reading while waiting for Maintenance to be done.

To my surprise, under Druids, he mentioned me! Along with some really top notch bloggers like Gray Matter, Restokin, and Alison Roberts (my favorite WoW Insider writer of ALL time… although they have some great writers over at WoW Insider these days, really great stuff).

I just wanted to say, thank you to Kody, very much, for the totally surprise linkage… I hope that folks coming over to read aren’t underwhelmed. 🙂

But that wasn’t all. Earlier today, I pop on the feedreader to see that Windsoar of Jaded Alt also linked to me when putting together a list of folks writing about the new patch changes. Thank you very much, as well!

It’s amazing when you see someone outside your small circle of blogging friends link to you. It’s very easy to get a “this thing of ours” small friendly private group feel going on, ya know?

Knowing other people out there link to ya, people you repsect or read on your own that you never thought knew you existed, is one way to panic you into writing something, well… maybe not professional, but helpful, maybe helpful is a better term.

Like, among our little circle, hey, you know me, I know you, we’ve been hanging out for a long time together. The attempt at making a good first impression was over a long time ago. Now, you come over, I say “meh, there’s beer in the fridge, get me one while you’re up, and don’t touch the pizza, it’s been in there a while”.

There’s dirty dishes in the sink, there’re crumbs on the top of the stove, and the cat’s going in the litter box.

And you don’t run screaming from the room. At this point, you don’t expect any different.

For new folks that ain’t never been here before, the temptation is to clean the house, lock the cats in the bedroom with the emergency litter box and food and water, put out the good china, and figure out where we hid the tablecloth.

And then I remember… oh yeah, it’s just us.

Hey, if you’re visiting, grab a beer, pull up a chair, hang out. We’re just watching Rutger Hauer play a blind jugger in Blood of Heroes while we wait for some pizza to be delivered.

Mind the mess.

8 thoughts on “Thank you for the nice surprise, Kody and Windsoar!

  1. A brief echo of an experience: I’ve experienced what I call the Big Bear Butt Bump, where the single biggest day of traffic over at my place is one where you liked to my blog when mentioning that shirt I did for you a while back. That was a cool day, thanks!

    I think I subsequently successfully scared most of them off, though. 🙂 I just don’t have that Cheers vibe, I guess.


  2. That’s crazy.

    Good thing I don’t get stage fright imagining all you folks reading…. I still get that “we’re hanging out in a bar chatting” vibe.


  3. A few weeks ago I was talking to a couple of guys I LARP with in North Carolina.
    Both play WoW, and I mentioned that I have a good friend that writes a blog for Druids. I told them my bud John writes it. Big Bear Butt!?!? was their reply? We love his blog. Imagine my surprise to hear both regularly read the BBB blog. Small world.


  4. Still levelling up my druid (75 now), but been reading your blog for a few weeks now and
    visit at least on a daily basis to see what you’ve come up with! Really love the witty
    writing style! Keep up the good work!

    Funny to see that you mention Rutger Hauer – one of my heroes from my own country!
    I’ll take you up on that beer-offer!


  5. Think it’s quite easy to fall into the “I’m no good, the stuff others write is so much better”. Bear in mind though (no pun intended) that you have a huge audience. We wouldn’t bother reading your posts if they were no good. Give yourself credit 🙂

    But I believe it’s called it “omg new guests are coming over CL3AN NAU” syndrome. I suspect it’s familiar to most people.


  6. Uhmmm, I think you passed that curse on to me, because I had no idea I was in your feedreader >.<

    Your bear walls were one of the reasons I went all out and decided to take a whap at this whole blogging thing in the first place–I just happen to be a really crappy commentator.

    Where's my lawn cheer? I'm ready to drink this beer!


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