Nurturing Instinct sees a Buff!


MMO Champion just announced today that, in the next patch that sees Swipe getting it’s Rage cost decrease, we’re going to ALSO get a change to another talent in our Feral tree, Nurturing Instinct!

To quote MMO;

Nurturing Instinct (0/2) now increases healing spells by up to 50/100% of your Agility, up from 35/70%.

That’s a pretty big buff to the Talent.

I knew that when I saw that change, I just HAD to get online and share that with you.

This is a game changer, folks. This is the change that I know I, for one, had really been waiting for.

In fact, I was just saying to Cassie the other night, “All this stuff is all well and good, but the one thing our Feral tree really needs is a buff to the effectiveness of Nurturing Instinct!”

I want to thank everyone that spent their time and energy to make this change possible.

Here’s hoping it goes live!

I’ll be working up my new Bear tanking recommended spec as soon as we have a release date.

27 thoughts on “Nurturing Instinct sees a Buff!

  1. Ferals actually have been complaining for a while that their heals are so weak we don’t feel like hybrids…. So this is here to solve the problem- but only if you’re willing to spend the points.


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  3. With how hard a hit Kitty DPS took a hit, it only makes sense to buff their healing. They won’t be killing the boss anyway, so let’s have them help heal the DPS and take some of the pressure off the healer.


  4. I originally thought that they were keeping NI in the tree because the healing model was changing and that it would ease some of the healing needed on cats but then they went and made the tree really bloated again so its still not useful. But i guess they had to keep our one useless talent in the tree and frankly at this point i would be sad to see it go.


  5. Shaloxeroligon, I just want you and other folks that might be new to Feral tanking to know that this is a long standing in-joke among feral tanks.

    Nurturing Instincts, when it was originally added, was looked at by both end game tanks and end game kitties, and both looked at how deep into the tree it was, and went “WTF? This ain’t for me… it must be for those other guys.”

    Then we compared notes and said, “okay… it must be for leveling.”

    Then we looked again at our tree, and how deep into it you had to get to take nurturing Instincts, and what ELSE you COULD have spent those points on and the benefit it would bring, and went…”WTF are they thinking? Oh well, something in the Tier i can skip without a second thought.”

    When I saw it was still in the tree that deep, after all the talk about Blizzard making sure that everything in the trees were hard decisions, was a facepalm moment. But the announcement they are now going to buff it, and the implication that they feel the core issue is it’s not YET powerful enough to seem valuable… that’s hilarious.

    Sure, I don’t know PvP, so maybe it really is a good talent in PvP as opposed to some of the others, especially for Kitty DPS/PvP. And maybe, just maybe, if I kept an open mind and tried it while leveling, I’d find that it boosted my soloing OOC self heals immensely.

    But still…. I find imagining the discussion immensely amusing.


  6. No that was not not sarcasm. I don’t really see what part of it seems sarcastic. If you are talking about the part where my threat is higher then what did you reforge for? Because I unlike BBB reorged for hit and expertise because I thought my avoidance and mit would be high enough. raided last night and it was.


  7. Ugh, I didnt see the sarcasm at first, Im having enough troubles with half the changes as it is… Swipe CD sucks as I found out going through MC, everything else aint too bad, but using Pulverize when its up isnt the thing to do I dont think. Im not even sure if its a worhtwhile talent. Anyways I think I could have lived with everything except the swipe CD, I mean we’ve had no CD on swipe since day one or for me day1+6months…

    To be honest BBBs round table discussion up above seems accurate cause to be honest who do they talk to about these changes and what needs improvements? They obviously dont talk to any active druids… ugh

    and for Jey, I laughed to find out you tanked with no weapon and didnt notice… Ive done the tank with my fishing pole and didnt notice thing, its so hard to tell when you bearly (I had to do the “English lit term goes here” thing with barely) spend time in caster form. Heres hoping for removal of swipe CD


  8. I personally don’t get it. I am very new to feral tanking, and, based on what I’ve read, this talent is useless, because in order to make it work, you have to shift out of bear form, which means getting throat punched by the boss before you can get your HoT off. Am I missing something? Is there some feral healing ability that I don’t know about?


  9. I get a chuckle seeing things like this. Not sure what blizzard thinks about sometimes…. most tanks seem to be complaining about how squishy they suddenly are and they come out with this.

    Wonder if they thought that they needed to boost it because switching to caster form usually meant you would get hit for more damage then you could heal giving it a net loss to even try to heal yourself hehe


  10. Hi BBB,

    Yes its not good for pve but maybe it helps with pvp when you get your 1005 clear cast on next nature spell.
    No, it doesnt help those of us who were working on LK before the patch but you always promote calmness so that what im tring to do..
    Its very hard to do mind you!


  11. Maul is working now as it was intended to work back when it was concieved. I for one am happy that we can finaly bleed off excess rage. Also, if you are still constantly hitting it your threat is going to suufer because you will run out of rage if you are doing a full rotation. That being said, if you get a few berserk procs in a row you will be rage capped no matter what.

    Also my threat seems to be way higher with this patch and my dps is through the roof from what it was before in bear. ( I accidently tanked saurfang and festergut without a weapon tonight and didn’t even notice).


  12. You know, I took my Druid through Dire Maul, AQ20 and ZG for a shakedown? (Was finishing up Zandalar Rep and Classic Dungeonmaster/Raider) Honestly, it really feels like I COULD still macro maul into everything and still be fine. I thought Maul was supposed to consume extra Rage like how Heroic Strike does? I don’t see it doing any of that, though.


  13. I’m no expert, but I never used NI, even as a full time kitty. It just didn’t seem to be worth it, even soloing.

    That round table discussion theory of yours looks mighty suspiciously accurate, BBB.


  14. Wonderful, Wonderful change.

    The introduction of a cooldown and the removal of Maul as an “Always queue this up” ability was bad enough, but to nerf the damage?


  15. I am not sure how to read this, is this sarcasm or seriousness. I never used that talent and am suprised to see it is still around after the cut pretty much all the talents. BTW swipe now has a CD wtf?!?!?!?!?!?! Plus i liked maul the way it was. New talents are going to take some getting used to.


  16. Am I alone in imagining the developers sitting around a table, and someone brings up Swipe, and someone else says, “Who cares about Swipe? They’ve bitched pissed and moaned long enough, if they don’t like it, nerf it more. That’ll teach ’em to keep their big yaps shut. Let’s move on to something else. Anybody have any ideas on something we can change that they WON’T bitch about?”


    “Yes Johnson?”
    “I know sir! Let’s buff Nurturing Instincts!”
    “That’s a good idea, Johnson, but if we make it worthwhile in bear, they’ll bitch that they’ve got something else to spend money on to compete with the rest of the tree, and non-bear tanks will bitch that bears got something to help healers keep them alive.”
    “That’s okay, sir, let’s just buff it’s effect, but not let it affect bears. That way it’s a solid talent for the solo player that wants to pop into caster and fire off a quick heal while grinding.”
    “But why would they spend points on that with all the other more useful things in the tree?”
    “Well, see? Nobody will take it. But everybody will assume it was for someone else, and nobody will care, so no one will complain.”
    “Good idea. Make it so. Oh, and put it next to the nerf. Make ’em feel that they got this in exchange for the Swipe changes.”


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