Alchemy Gem Transmute Recipes gone in 4.0.1

No, not the ones you already know.

Just the ones the trainer has to give you if you are leveling the Alchemy Profession now.

This is a major issue for anyone that is thinking of taking Alchemy, or who is in the process of learning Alchemy. Once you hit level 450, all existing recipes turn grey. Previously, at 450, the Epic Gem transmutes were made available for purchase, you trained those, and there was also the quest offered by the trainer to learn the Transmute of Cardinal Rubies… that requires 5 Epic Gem Transmutes to turn in.

You can’t complete the quest, because you can’t get the Epic Gem Transmute recipes anymore.

Is it a bug? Is it intended?

There is absolutely no way of knowing at the moment, because there has been zero response from Blizzard on this issue to date. No Blue forum posts, no Patch notes, and multiple in game tickets have gone unanswered, or answered with “Geez, I dunno, is there anything else I can help you with? Please fill out our survey.”

There has literally been nothing but silence from Blizzard concering an issue that has crippled a Profession for anyone training it right now.

Posts entered into the official US forums concerning this issue are not only being ignored by Blue posters, but I have confirmed that even very politely framed requests for help or information are simply being deleted by moderators… much as the posts about being hacked that were entered into the Customer Service forum used to be when Blizzard took no response in years past, before they stopped pretending it wasn’t happening and developed an actual customer service response.

Hey, bugs happen. A lot of Alchemists are upset about varying gem transmute cooldown timer issues. This was a huge patch, and I’m sure not everything is going to be perfect.

But the current attitude from Blizzard is insulting. As customers, we pay money for the opportunity to spend time playing the game with persistant characters. It is money for time. When a significant investment of that time is invalidated or deleted, possibly due to a bug or not, then it seems reasonable to expect an acknowledgement that they are aware of the issue, a clarification of what the nature of the issue really is (bug or intended removal, perhaps as recipes to be discovered via Discovery mechanics), and a timeline for resolution, such as “someday in a future hotfix”.

What I do not think is a reasonable response is deleting posts asking for help or clarification of the issue, ignoring the existence of the issue itself, and sticking their heads in the sand as if we might all just shut up and go away. 

I tell you, just when I dare to think that Blizzard has implemented solutions for customer service concerns that make them the leader in the MMO software industry, such as their responses to hacking issues and return of lost items, the development of authenticators to improve account security, the addition of security levels to Guild functionality, the continuous improvement to the balancing and fun of the game, and the communication by “Blue” moderators in the official forums, something like this comes up.

21 thoughts on “Alchemy Gem Transmute Recipes gone in 4.0.1

  1. Logged a ticket, the response was something along the lines of… thanks for letting us know, bugs will be fixed by the dev team as soon as they can and fixes will be advised via forums, fix notes etc.


  2. I got 4 80’s all with transmute mastery. Leveled my mage to 70 today and spent a fortune getting him up to 450 alch just to find out about this problem now. Only thing that really pisses me off about this is that Blizzard has not clarified that they will fix it.


  3. I waited 6 days on my in game ticket and finally got a response.

    It said that they are now aware of the issue but have no estimated time for a fix.

    It’s funny that they’re even replying to in game tickets with different answers.

    It’s like they just don’t care about this “small” issue with everything else going on.

    Too bad I just dropped a crap ton of mats to level this on two characters not knowing I was going to lose weeks of possible transmutes.



  4. I received a reply from an in game ticket that I posted on patch day regarding this very issue. The response basically said that the recipes were not available anymore, the game was functioning as intended and that nothing was “broken”.


  5. Would be nice if they fixed this. I don’t have any transmutes for epic gems so my second alchemist can’t make more gems for all the gear I’m getting now that 251 gear is bought with JPs now. If it weren’t for the easy gear, I wouldn’t care. I mean it’d be nice to have 2 sources of gems to sell in that case, but it’s kind of sh#tty of them not to just put the recipes back at the trainer.


  6. BBB, I’m not trying to downplay other peoples feelings about this, so maybe I’ve phrased some things a bit harshly/shortly. I do surely agree with you that a statement from Blizz that they’re addressing this or general issues would go a long way. It can be frustrating to not find any information about these sort of things.

    What I was trying to say though, is that even if you spend just a bit of time levelling Alchemy (I’m no hardcore player btw, I mainly level alts and know what effort goes into levelling professions) my suggestion would be to wait for Cataclysm to hit for those last points. That is assuming you’re not really using the skill to do actual things with, but that you’ve been “preparing it for Cataclysm”.

    Ofc, if you plan on using the skill for either generating some cash before the expansion hits or making your own gems for personal use (in stead of buying them for max price) I can understand this issue may cause (some) frustration. So no negative energy intended 🙂


  7. I have 3 Alchemist and my second just hit 80! I know how and where to do what I need to do to make this profession profitable for me! Nevertheless, letting Blizzard ignore me when I have limited game time to get anything I want accomplished is sickening. On the other hand, rewarding hardcore @@@@@e @@@s making a TON of gold from being part of the beta and stealing all my hard earned gold for Glyphs makes me want to punch things!


  8. Comment deleted because I realised it just doesn’t matter.

    Here is hoping that, what with all the chaos of DCing in battlegrounds and the sesonal event, and the other bug problems in the game, and preparing for Blizzcon this week, that things get taken care of to improve stability as they can.


  9. It just makes no sense to me from a “trying to hide the problem” point of view to delete players’ posts instead of the whole thread. If the thread is still there, so is its title… new customers seeing what you describe would probably be more alarmed than if the posts were left intact.

    That’s not even considering that Blizz goes farther (maybe not at the time, but since) to help hacked players than most, if not all, other MMOs. And what’s more, they don’t have to.

    Also, a note… if you’ve been hacked, and you change your password on the same machine without finding the virus or keylogger… you just gave your new password away. You say you regained control of your account, but did you really? It could have been Blizzard… it could have not been Blizzard. There’s no real proof either way.

    “A “hey, we know there are tons of problems, more than we can list here, we’re hotfixing as fast as we can” would go a LONG long way.”

    How about: “This is a listing of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1.

    * This list is not complete, and will not include all issues.
    * The issues listed here are frequently reported issues that will be addressed at a later date via a client patch.”

    Plus they’ve already addressed and hotfixed several serious issues. I guess I’m just more patient than most… the amount of people who canceled accounts as soon as they saw the new trees and didn’t even take the time to TRY them just made me shake my head. People QQ’ing and giving up their favorite specs because they sucked, instead of waiting for the hotfix that came a day or two later, made me /facepalm.

    I think everyone just needs to take a deep breath, and be patient. It’s been less than a week!

    BTW… Mixology may not be in the spellbook, but I noted tonight that it’s still working just fine.


  10. And that was directed towards Eryius’ comment, not Solitha.

    Solitha, I can appreciate your attempt to try and find an outlook that would show that it wasn’t Blizzard that was, perhaps, removing those forum comments, but I actually was able to re-enter my account pay system and change my game password, then enter the game and reestablish control over my characters. At that point, the damage on my main had been done and all of my raiding gear and bank full of enchanting mats and gold was long gone. I interrupted them before the ‘at the time’ standard of hackers deleting characters had actually happened, though. My character was just naked, not gone.

    I posted my first ‘help!’ about two minutes before changing my password, and then my actual “my character has been hacked, please help me retrieve my items, this is exactly what happened” post about 15 minutes after re-establishing control. The hacker simply did not have the opportunity or ability to remove my forum posts. Blizzard did that. It happened. And as I said, it happened to multiple others throughout the course of Christmas Day.

    It happened. It’s a fact. We can say to ourselves that it was the old Blizzard, and there is a lot of truth to that statement. A lot has changed to the positive in the years since, not least of which is a drastically changed hack response on the part of Blizzard’s customer service. I understand that there is an incredibly robust and speedy response when an account gets hacked now, which is excellent. Plus, adding authenticators as an option is just, well, I love it, and i wouldn’t play without them. I’m grateful for the opportunity to purchase them.

    However, considering I do know what I handle in terms of communication within a given day, I’m not going to believe that it is asking too much to expect some kind of response to problems, even so much as adding something to a known bug list. If it’s there, then I know it’s a bug, and I know they’re aware of it. End of story.

    It takes years of effort to build customer trust, and an instant to break it. A “hey, we know there are tons of problems, more than we can list here, we’re hotfixing as fast as we can” would go a LONG long way.


  11. Hmmm.

    Well, I’m afraid that not everyone is in the position of feeling that it’s worthless to play until Catacylsm comes out.

    You see, take for just one example, someone that doesn’t have an Alchemist. They’ve had plenty of time to buy gems up til now, of course, at reasonable rates, because they didn’t need to replace everything all at once. But they did want one for Cataclysm to reduce the amount of gold they’d have to spend when everything changed, and now that they had a LOT more max level characters to support.

    So they level Alchemy for a month or so. They don’t play much, but when they do they try to spend a little time leveling Alchemy.

    But here they are, they’ve hit the max, and just in time, for the big patch DID hit, and DID change tons of things about stats and gems, so here they are perfectly poised to transmute epic gems once a day, cutting themselves and getting their stuff taken care of, without spending tons of gold right when they’re trying to save for 310% flying.

    But sadly, not only can’t they train the gem transmutes, but there is no way of knowing if the gem transmutes are ever going to be returned. Is it a bug? was it intended because of the nearness of Cataclysm? Who can tell without confirmation?

    I can certainly understand it not affecting you if, like me, your Alchemist is already max with the recipes, and thus you’re not personally being affected by the problem or I guess caring if other people are.

    I would appreciate it, however, if, when commenting here, you wouldn’t be so quick to downplay or insult the troubles other players are having until you’re able to empathise a little more with problems other than your own. It serves no positive purpose.


  12. Very nice post Solitha, couldnt agree with you more.

    Added to that is that by the time you can level those last points, you might as well stop levelling. Since levelling those points in Cataclysm will probably be easier (inscription training in outland simply stops at 350… no recipes at all that go higher, 350-450 is all Northrend).
    And why would you really want those last points or transmutes (I know that people like collecting skills and stuff, I do as well)? Raiding wise, it won’t matter anymore. The stats those few gems would bring are negligible and dps meters are messed up anyway with content not being tuned for lvl 80 content.

    So apart from the fact that I also like things completed (I mean, skill 446 in stead of 450 does suck), there is really no point to it, right?


  13. Hmm. What was being deleted when you got hacked, posts or threads? If just posts… I would first and foremost suspect the hackers, using a delaying tactic.

    As far as the current bug… there’s just so many. That was a ginormous patch full of new stuff. Go check out the Bugs forum; there’s pages of bug reports without a Blue response… this particular issue is hardly unique in not getting an answer.

    Having worked the other side of the fence (not with Blizzard), I would have to imagine they’re in triage mode. First, gather information. Second, winnow out duplicate reports so that the actual issues are concentrated. At this stage, that IS important… gathering information about one bug is much harder when it’s scattered across dozens of threads.

    As far as answering; sure it wouldn’t take long to go into one thread and note that it’s being looked into. But GC has noted the fallout from that. If a Blue steps into a bug report and comments on it, everyone else with a different issue feels sidelined. Then they start following the Blue responses and filling unrelated threads with complaints. On the other hand, the sheer amount of time involved in telling EVERYONE that their issue is being looked into, is intentional, or is not, is daunting.

    They’ve already been hotfixing things that are so badly broken as to cripple play. This alchemy thing isn’t really a critical bug (and yes, I am a raiding alchemist, it affects me personally). There will, no doubt, be maintenance Tuesday which fixes a lot of the non-critical bugs, and the Tuesday after that. How many Tuesdays will it take for alchemy to be fixed? Depends on how many more important things there are to fix; and there are a lot more important things. There’s no critical shortage of epic gem transmutes, nor are the missing recipes required to level the skill. Mixology missing is an annoyance.

    TL;DR – Would it really take all that long for Blizz to post a response to this one particular issue? In the big picture, yes it would.


  14. Oh, I certainly agree with you Nimizar, sometimes Blizzard does delete posts because there is already a main one where people addressed concerns, and there was a response, so they either delete new ones or lock them with a link at the end redirecting people to where to go for answers.

    In this case, the posts are just gone… there are no redirects…. and if that’s why they’re doing it, then they’re aware of the problem… can it really take more time to post a “Hey, we’re aware of the problem and are working on it, thank you” than it does to delete new ones?

    When I reference their having deleted things from the forums in the past in order to either silence or remove mention of the issue, I’m speaking from personal experience.

    I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. Christmas Eve several years ago, when i was actually online playing with friends, and talking with them on Vent JUST before Burning Crusade was released, and I got booted off the game. When I tried to log back in I couldn’t. And my friends described to me the actions of my character, still grouped with them, that suddenly headed for the Ironforge Bank, where they could watch my cast bar in group as I disenchanted everything I owned, vendored everything, and then mailed it all off somewhere else.

    They whispered to him, shouted at him, screenshotted everything, and I was online being told about it live as it happened, and frantically went to the Blizard official forums to post about it and try to get a GM to respond while it was still actively happening. Truly a “caught in the act, get him!” moment.

    My post about being hacked and everything was deleted within minutes. As was a second try.

    I stayed on the forums off and on Christmas Day, trying to see if I was the only one or if there were others, and so i watched live as new posts about people being hacked ON Christmas were reported… and then vanished. And then posts about their posts being deleted appeared… and then vanished.

    And I know I was certainly never contacted personally, so it wasn’t a case of removing the public post about being hacked so they could contact me and talk to me about it in provate to get it resolved. Honestly, at the time my only answer for why they were doing it was public relations; they didn’t want new customers seeing all the negative experiences reported on Christmas day in the customer service forum, and getting bad feelings about their purchase.

    I try not to be too cynical about things… but that experience taught me a very valuable lesson when it comes to thinking of the business of Blizzard as anything other than a business. There are wonderful designers, programmers, artists and storyboard writers, there are great people driving things, but at the heart it’s a business, and sometimes businesses circle the wagons if they’re afraid of bad publicity or looking weak to the competition.


  15. It’s still a lousy customer experience when threads are locked/deleted with no notification as to what was wrong with the thread, though. I wonder if the new forums for Cataclysm will alter that.


  16. Thanks for posting about this, saved me some time and worry when I couldn’t find the transmute recipes at the trainer. I’ll put off Alchemy stuff for now, and see if they fix it soon.


  17. When the mods start silently deleting threads, it’s usually due “there’s an existing thread for this, we don’t need another one”. Blizz have always worked that way when it comes to killing duplicate threads (it’s only occasional that the CMs or mods will lock the thread *and* provide a “please post over here instead” link).

    In this case, the existing thread is probably this one:


  18. I would have to agree with you here, even just a post going ‘opps … we missed that one’ or ‘yes, we hear you and are working on it’ or ‘don’t panic, you get something way cooler in Cata’ would be appreciated. What can I say … thank goodness Tsud’s alch was maxed well before the patch.


  19. Hey thanks for bringing this up. After the patch I wanted to learn the Ametrine transmute, the only one I was missing. The trainer was supposed to have it but I couldn’t find it on the list. I assumed it was a bug or something. I sure hope they fix it soon but in less than 2 months Cata will be here and those transmutes will be pretty much useless.


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