Thank you to everyone that came today!

The event is over, and it was a ton of fun. It actually felt a little overwhelming, but damn it was great.

There will be a ton of screenshots to come, but in the meantime I wanted to really thank everyone that was able to come, and for being patient when the Mage conflaburation kinda went down. The heart was great, and the dancing! Woo!

Oh, and for that sneaky Gnomer… you may have had your accomplice Penguin me (many, many times), but at no time was this Bear Sheeped! Hah!

If you have screenshots you’d like to send in for posting on the blog, by all means send them to tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com!

Wow, what a great time.

26 thoughts on “Thank you to everyone that came today!

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  2. BBB & Crew: THANK YOU! This was a super fun event and you made everyone feel welcome, like a “home away from home”. Voljii & Voljie had a blast, despite being lowly lvl 1’s =)


  3. SO glad to hear that it was fantastic, as expected! I just got off work and ran here to find out how it all went!

    Now, I have a druid on Kael’Thas with little to do…lol! I’m way too busy atm trying to get my Sisters of Elune raiders back in fighting form after PatchFromHell.🙂 Let me know if you need me again for anything, though…I’ll be more than happy to assist where I can.

    Elynea of Kael’Thas
    Elynea of Sisters of Elune


  4. Thanks BBB and friends!!! I had a great time. I am glad I saw your post the other day about the event and was able to create a char on your server to join in on the fun.

    Tarcat of Kael’Thas
    Tarca of Mug’thol


  5. Well, as it stands now, we are keeping both guilds, shirts and stuff in place, and intend to do it all again in some way next year aruond the same time.

    Assuming, of course, that we still play the game, and barring my being deported to Bear Island, where the rivers flow with Guinness and the trees have bacon leaves.

    So, if you’ve got an alt in the guild, hey, why not leave em camped there?

    By then, I’ll even have a Mage to help out!


  6. Oh cool, I was hoping you’d keep the guilds, I got as far as making a tiny mage and fell asleep, 4am local time was just too far for the coffee to carry me. She’s sitting waiting in Goldshire for me so now I have a good excuse to keep her and not hit that horrid ‘delete character’ button on her.

    Great to hear you had a fantastic day🙂


  7. Sweet, maybe by next year my level 13 mage will be high enough level to help out as well. Stranger things have happened.😉

    Hubby and I had a great time today — thanks for thinking it up and organizing the party!

    -Dettie & Truckstop


  8. That was brilliant, thank you John and Cassie for masterminding the plan, and to everyone else!

    I scratched together a little video of it, after much swearing and muttering darkly about video codecs and the evils of Microsoft (not that it was really their fault).


  9. Thank you BBB, my little alt Cynnibon had SO much fun! And the event is timely too, since my hubby’s gramma just had a heart attack and is in the hospital recovering nicely from quintuple bypass surgery. So thank you for the reason for the event also!


  10. Dear BBB,

    I had a character made (a Belf DK, they’re easy to make and soothing to the eyes =D ) and automatically had a shortcut to Silvermoon. But due to a messed up time sense, I logged in waaaay after the event – 12 hours later, I think. My most hearfelt apologies for being unable to attend – WTB Time Sense, PST!

    However, grats on the event!

    – Aenur of Hydraxis


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  13. Who else thinks that cataclysm is gonna be just another flop kinda like wrath was. I can see how everyone finds it so interesting because of how everything changes so much, but lets be honest, wow died after Wrath released. BC was the best time ever


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