Raid from the Heart Wrapup!

First, of course, is a huge thank you to everyone that helped get things set up, and to everyone that came. We’ve heard several times that people thanked Cassie and I for doing this… we didn’t do it. We had an idea. YOU are the ones that did this, and we just sat back and enjoyed a wonderful time.

For those of you that created characters for the event but play on other servers with your mains, keep ’em around, we do plan on keeping the guilds intact, keeping the guild banks open, and the invites active for another go in, oh, 12 more months when folks get bored. 🙂 Next year, don’t be surprised that when we do a second run… it may not be bigger, and it probably won’t be better, but I swear we’ll have more Magey ports. 🙂

Now, I had way too many screenshots that I loved to be allowed to post them all here. But what I CAN do, is first, repost that awesome Youtube video that Kaiddi created;

And second, I can post a link to my Flickr account, specifically to my Raid from the Heart 2010 folder.

Once I get things sorted, I’ll do a nice follow up post with some of my very favorite screenshots… but seriously, I’m having a hard time reducing the ones I love below 139. So, for now… there are all of these.

PLUS all the links to awesome screenshots that you can find in the comments of the thank you post!

What a great weekend… with everything we did, it amazes me so many folks still had the energy to make so many great picture posts… and that movie Kaiddi did!

Just awesome. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Raid from the Heart Wrapup!

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  3. Any reason to put on a Santa hat is something to be praised. To the two lowbs whose death I couldn’t prevent, you have my sincerest apologies. I still have 13 pairs of red pants for anyone who’s interested. 😛


  4. I was on Dagmantis, the tauren DK bouncing idiot out front most of the run because of the speed boost I didn’t realize I had until I was leaving everyone behind. It was a fun time, even though I was sleep deprived. I look forward to next years run!


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