When the game changed, did your play priorities?

It’s been almost a full week since Patch 4.0.1 went into effect, with it’s myriad of mechanics changes to World of Warcraft.

In that week, every class in the game had it’s Talent Trees, all three of them, drastically remapped with different functionality.

The entire Glyph system was revamped, with the implementation of a third tier of Glyph, Primes, and most existing Glpyhs were moved around to adapt to the new Glyph categories, filling out the Prime slots. In addition, with the changes to existing Talents and new spells being added, many Glyphs changed functionality.

Some cuts have changed gem colors, and with new spells and rotation importances many folks find themselves needing to regem to get back to optimum potential.

With new mechanics, many Enchants have shifted in value, also bringing the player seeking top performance to examine making potentially expensive changes.

Speaking of Enchants, one thing I have read that I have not tested out personally, is the word that Engineering Tinkering now stacks with gear Enchants. So things like Rocket Boots, Guantlet missile launchers and agility/parachute tinkers on Cloaks might be able to be combined with real Enchants. Pretty amazing if true.

Yeah, I know, you know all this.

My point?

If you’ve been playing any length of time at all, you began thinking of your characters in terms of mains, alts, leveling characters, perhaps characters you farm on, things like that.

Now, when the Patch came back, every player was faced with the decision of “who do I rebuild first?”

What I’m curious about is, who did YOU decide was the character you just had to rebuild first… and why?

Secondly, did your decision change anything about how you see your priorities in the game?

As an example, did you suddenly realise that the character you thought of as your “main” isn’t the character you wanted to get rebuilt first in order to play?

With so many of us having had the time to level multiple characters to max level, It’s just something I found myself curious about. How many people playing their mains suddenly decided that the character they wanted fixed first was that “alt” they were really excited about trying out.

For myself, the first character I rebuilt was my Feral Druid… but I haven’t redone my Resto spec yet. I even took all my Resto gear out of my bags and put it in the bank.

No, my second character I rebuilt was…. my level 54 Mage.

My Hunter and Paladin are 3rd and 4th, but it’s still funny how excited I’ve been with the Frost Mage playstyle.

So, what about it? Has the Patch changed who you love to play most?

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  1. First build was main Bear/kitty. 2nd was main alt Bear/kitty.
    Used up 2 alts’ emblem points to buy red gems to regem Agi into all those red ArP gems that bliztard converted to yellow crit.
    Ran a few pug randoms.
    Then rolled a healing shammy and have leveled to 30.
    Do love the bear’s 20k single target tps in guild icc10 though 🙂


  2. My warrior and shaman were the first ones to be “rebuilt” without question. Healing seems the same on the shaman. It was expensive, but I reforged and regemmed my warrior’s gear and I seem to be doing a *slight* bit more damage than I was doing before. I’m just mildly irritated that I had to relearn a ‘rotation’ but that feeling will fade when I finally have it down to muscle memory. (I feel sorry for those poor target dummies in Stormwind, atm.)

    A few alts got changed in ways that have me a bit upset. First and foremost, my druid. At 71, I’m still having troubles keeping aggro on her when I tank in instances, and I’m too proud to respec to cat or boomkin. Next up, my (formerly) shadow priest. She had just made 80 a couple of days before 4.0.1 hit and I thought she was doing pretty good dps! The patch changed that and I’m really struggling. Out of disgust, I bought dual spec and added a holy spec for now. I also have a mage at 67 who needs me to choose a specialization again. After the other 4 characters, I’m feeling too overwealmed to sit down and pick a spec for now and my former pyromaniac is on the back burner.


  3. Interesting post.

    My “main” is a Tree / Bear. With the whole making ToL a cooldown, I just wasn’t excited about healing on her anymore.

    As a result, the first toon I re-built was my Shadowpriest. I quit for a few months, when 2.4 came out and wrecked the game for me before Wrath came out, I was bitter that they were taking my support role from me, and giving out Replenishment to a ton of other classes, and I decided that I should heal. Being that my priest had always been shadow, and dual spec didn’t exist yet, I rolled a druid with which to heal. A few months ago, I got that Shadow itch again and brought my priest from 70 to 80 and geared her out before this latest patch.

    My priest’s DPS was through the roof, and 24 hours later SW:D got a hefty double-nerf. My DPS has still probably increased by 30%. I still haven’t re-done my Disc spec.

    A few days later, I got my Tree and Bear all worked out. Tree is fine enough, although I despise healing in Night Elf. My Bear’s AoE threat is in the toilet (though Thrash will even this out), but his single-target threat increased, and survivability.

    The toon I left for last was my DK. I got the Unholy portion of him worked out, and haven’t touched the Frost side yet. As of time of writing, Xperl’s Unit Frames still don’t interact with runes and cooldowns correctly, so he’s been placed on the backburner.

    BBB, your last post has me concerned. Where else am I to lurk, if you no longer play / blog? >.>


  4. Hunter first because that is my main and that had the most changes to have to tend to. (no gem changes, no enchant changes)
    Priest second because that is my second most used character. (1 gem change, 1 enchant change)
    Druid third because that is my third most used character. (no gem changes, no enchant changes)

    Have a scribe (by bank character) with tons of inks so made all glyphs that I could for everyone.

    For play purposes. (I play all 10 classes)

    Hunter (80)- I can still crank out the DPS on bosses, doing near what I used to. Trash damage is trash now. Only difference is every other class got huge buffs so now my #1 DPS is #5 or #6. People that were doing 1/2 what I was doing are now doing more then me. By huge margins too, they have seen their DPS triple from the change. They did not get better over night, they just got huge buffs where hunters got the shaft and are stuck doing the same exact thing they were doing before. Boring. Why did they change us if nothing actually changed except our trash DPS going down?

    Priest (80)- OMG! I love smite healing and the little wings I get from it. I would gladly heal anything for anyone all day long just to run around with my wings all the time, 100% mana all the time and beating DPS on the DPS charts while keeping everyone healed. It does not get more fun then that.

    Druid (80)- I actively fear tanking with it now. I DPS as a cat while in bear spec mostly even if the DPS sucks. I’ll get the guts to try it some day I am sure.

    Mage (70)- I was racking up 2300 DPS on my 63 mage right after the change so I figured I would take advantage of that just in case the nerf it and get some easy levels. Level 70 now and still 1 shot nearly every mob I run into. Makes questing super easy and super fast. It is a joke that my Mage, at 68 averaged more per crit (14K) then my hunter crits for with the kill shot now (12K). I will keep taking advantage of this while it lasts.

    Rogue (72)- My DPS jumped nearly 50% and I did not really change anything. Heck, I made my own spec even and I am sure there are better ones out there. Rogues got easier by a long shot but they are still squishy as hell and energy still sucks. I get at least 4 “you do not have enough energy” for every one move I actually make.

    Warlock (37)- Three of my four minions are impostors. I do not like that. All my soul shards disappeared. I do like that. Nothing else changed much for me really but my lock is only a baby of 37.

    Warrior (56)- I level prot, so that means lots of tanking. I see no difference in it so far. If anything I feel more powerful now for some reason even if all over he world everyone is complaining about tanking.

    Shaman (80)- Something changed? Oh yeah, I drop magma instead of searing now. That’s about it.

    Pally (48)- Still have not tried it, reading up more first being there were a lot of changes.

    DK (80)- Went on one HH run, 1200 DPS. Not bad for someone in all quest greens that hit 80 and never leaves the auction house really. I wonder if it is still as easy as 3 buttons? Will have to do research on it. I had gotten it up to 3500 DPS in all greens during the brewfest boss before the changes.


  5. My paladin was the first to be revamped, and that process included bringing her back to prot/ret from holy/ret. While I had been toying with the notion of my druid truly being elevated to “main” status with the paladin on deck, the chronic lack of a second tank in my late-expansion ICC 10 progression (and most puggers available having names like “Umadbra”, with the performance and ninja-d/c-ing tendencies you’d expect) brought her old tanking set out of the bank, and I’m finding I really enjoy playing her again.

    I actually haven’t touched my druid beyond speccing his feral spec and using him to enchant some vellum for my tank. He’s mostly spent his 80 existence as resto, but I don’t think I’m ready to set that up yet on account of the double burden of learning how healing works combined with re-downloading and configuring healing frames. I guess that’s laziness on my part, but the raid needs me to tank! And there’s still gear I need to get for my paladin’s raiding set, besides, which is fun.


  6. I’m focusing on my “main” (bear tank) to the chagrin of my friends who want me to focus on my healer. My main reason is because my druid’s the most fun to play. The 2nd is because as a tank, I can get into dungeons and raids almost immediately.

    My 2nd is a holy/shadow priest. So far, healing is ridiculously easy (read “boring”), but my DPS on my shadow priest SUCKS now! So, lot’s of work to do on that side.

    I’m keeping my new DK on your server, because I had so much fun on this year’s Raid for the Heart!


  7. I’ve swapped to Druid now given I want to try to tank in the expansion. It’s all very confusing with all the changes, still I specced him up first and only begrudgingly specced my Shaman so I can continue to raid a bit.


  8. My first toon, still my favorite and who I consider my main, was my BM hunter. I’ve only been playing WoW since Aug 2009, got her to 80 in Oct 2009 and then leveled an Enh shaman to 80 and had mostly been playing the shaman…but I’ve always considered the hunter my main. I got berated from time-to-time for having a BM hunter, but hey, I’m a girl and I like my pets, so pfft! It’s not like I’m a raider! But I’m also not a huntard – my bf’s first toon was a hunter (MM) which he hated once he leveled his paly, but lately he’s been wanting ME to teach HIM how to play a hunter;) Anyway, she’s the first one I logged into. I got her spec figured out, reforged haste to mastery, reforged some hit to mastery since I was well over hit cap, got prime glyphs, and have been having a blast playing her – once I figured out the shot rotation and the focus regen mechanics, I actually love the changes they’ve made. I have seen some QQing about the loss of Volley, but if you were relying heavily on Volley, you weren’t playing your hunter right (my opinion…). I think the new changes take some of the faceroll out of the class – sure, we still have a shot rotation, but we actually have to think now.

    I’ve not logged into any of my other toons at all. I’m dreading figuring out my shaman…not really sure why. I like playing her, but I think I’ll always be most comfortable on my hunter. I think because I learned to play WoW leveling her, whereas by the time I was leveling my shaman, I knew how to play WoW and I was able to learn my CLASS on my own, mostly soloing her to 80. Probably once I’m sure I’ve got the hunter figured out well enough, I’ll move over to the shaman next so that both my 80’s are ready when Cata hits. But right now I’m just having fun filling my stable up with pets I’ve wanted for a long time:)


  9. RE: My BM Hunter

    As I said earlier, I too am really enjoying my BM Hunter. However, one thing I did notice… while INT is a now a completely useless stat for hunters, my five or six most-recent quest turn-ins (in Nagrand) had really good mail gear — but was now useless to me since it was heavy in INT.


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