When the game changed, did your play priorities?

It’s been almost a full week since Patch 4.0.1 went into effect, with it’s myriad of mechanics changes to World of Warcraft.

In that week, every class in the game had it’s Talent Trees, all three of them, drastically remapped with different functionality.

The entire Glyph system was revamped, with the implementation of a third tier of Glyph, Primes, and most existing Glpyhs were moved around to adapt to the new Glyph categories, filling out the Prime slots. In addition, with the changes to existing Talents and new spells being added, many Glyphs changed functionality.

Some cuts have changed gem colors, and with new spells and rotation importances many folks find themselves needing to regem to get back to optimum potential.

With new mechanics, many Enchants have shifted in value, also bringing the player seeking top performance to examine making potentially expensive changes.

Speaking of Enchants, one thing I have read that I have not tested out personally, is the word that Engineering Tinkering now stacks with gear Enchants. So things like Rocket Boots, Guantlet missile launchers and agility/parachute tinkers on Cloaks might be able to be combined with real Enchants. Pretty amazing if true.

Yeah, I know, you know all this.

My point?

If you’ve been playing any length of time at all, you began thinking of your characters in terms of mains, alts, leveling characters, perhaps characters you farm on, things like that.

Now, when the Patch came back, every player was faced with the decision of “who do I rebuild first?”

What I’m curious about is, who did YOU decide was the character you just had to rebuild first… and why?

Secondly, did your decision change anything about how you see your priorities in the game?

As an example, did you suddenly realise that the character you thought of as your “main” isn’t the character you wanted to get rebuilt first in order to play?

With so many of us having had the time to level multiple characters to max level, It’s just something I found myself curious about. How many people playing their mains suddenly decided that the character they wanted fixed first was that “alt” they were really excited about trying out.

For myself, the first character I rebuilt was my Feral Druid… but I haven’t redone my Resto spec yet. I even took all my Resto gear out of my bags and put it in the bank.

No, my second character I rebuilt was…. my level 54 Mage.

My Hunter and Paladin are 3rd and 4th, but it’s still funny how excited I’ve been with the Frost Mage playstyle.

So, what about it? Has the Patch changed who you love to play most?


60 thoughts on “When the game changed, did your play priorities?

  1. I rebuilt my main, a prot pally. First… also spent the most material on him, tweaking gems, reforging, and generally getting everything where I wanted it… 102.4% for the win 🙂

    Otherwise, I’ve been working on my other seven 80s as I can manage. I’m selling gems and enchants as fast as I can make em, so its hard to justify dumping my mats on alts right now. We’ll see. I think the most enjoyment I’ve had has been my Boomkin, followed closely by my prot pally. Learning to tank again… and then getting to see a 60k SoR crit made it all worth while XD


  2. The first character I rebuilt, was, obviously, my druid.

    S’not like I ever play anything ELSE. =3

    I haven’t touched any of the others yet, this patch mostly just bumped up my schedule in terms of “stuff I need to get done on my main before the actual game drops”.


  3. I have ten toons on my main server, one of each class. Of those, 6 are now L80. I have a scribe with all known glyphs (curse you Glyph of Armors and Glyph of Word of Glory), so I don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of gold on new glyphs. I’m kind of a collector, so I’m still going through the process of gathering herbs (good deals on ah and farming) enough to make EVERY GLYPH FOR EVERY TOON I have. Wow, what a pain in the butt.

    I don’t do much raiding these days, so I don’t have any particular toons that needed to be specced out first. The first toon I fixed was my feral / resto druid, just because he’s been my main this expansion, and has the best gear. But most of my time is still spent getting some quality time with each alt one at a time.

    I do have to say that I’ve probably spent more time on my most recent 80 (my priest) than any other since Tuesday. I never really liked the Priest class. It was by far the hardest to level until L40, and I found the healing trees for my Druid and Shaman much more engaging than the Priest’s. However, when I finally started trying to pick out new specs for him, I fell in love with Chakra. And I can’t put it down. I know this is a waste of time, but I may collect a full set of T10 just from Justice Points since I’m enjoying heroic 5-mans on him so much. 🙂


  4. Our guild has actually gone the opposite direction. We had been month’s behind completing ICC and started to make some progress there, then it seems that all of the changes have turned some people off and they seem to be waiting for Cata and the bugs to go away for them to come back. We’ve had lots of people on, but nobody really wants to do anything.

    I have personally started to get into an alt and step into the world of DSP after being only tank or heals. Its interesting and very, very competitive. I have also been a little frustrated by the rage changes on both warriors and bears, but I think they are sorting themselves out. I think since I already played with rage in mind its not a surprise if I do have to somewhat manage it.

    I think the next two months are going to be interesting for play time. Most people are somewhat disappointed that they can see the whole guild rep thing but not achieve anything yet.


  5. I just tried to figure out my main asap (restodruid) I did some trail runs on the PTR but so much has changed since that time that I didn’t really have much to go on.

    beside my main druid I also took some time to set up my alt druid (I’m a Druidaholic).. I haven’t bothered looking at my other alts at this time…


  6. I ended up doing my feral druid raiding tank first although it is getting harder and harder to get people to do anything. My second was my other feral druid dps/ot. I know I can’t help making druids. I am actually excited about making both a troll and a worgen druid scary eh hehe. My third fix was for my mage since that seemed to be the most fun pew pew.

    With all the changes I have no real motivation to fix my healers (priest & pally). I am not sure why but it just seems like healers and tanks are going through some kind of growing pains right now. I guess I didnt’t want to add relearning healing on top of relearning tankiing (linear brain ftw hehe).

    Other than doing professions on all of my other toons I haven’t even given them much thought (no specs on any of them yet). Seems like alot of people are taking time away from the game right now so they can recharge. Happens before every expansion so hopefully cataclysm will be as good as it seems like it is turning out to be.


  7. I’ve semi-rebuilt my three 80s – mage, paladin, priest. By which I mean I logged in, slopped around some talent points, learned some new abilities, and killed a few mobs in main and alternate specs. That’s it. No re-gemming, or re-enchanting, or… whatever. Aside from making sure that their current glyphs were applied, I didn’t even bother to make sure pick up any new glyphs.

    I expect that the effects of the new rule changes are going to result in things being a bit unstable for the next couple of weeks (and maybe even into Cataclysm itself) . Abilities are going to get changed, tweaked and hotfixed. Gem and glyph prices are going to take a while to settle down to reasonable levels. If I can get to 90% of my theoretical maximum performance without spending more than 5 minutes re-selecting talent points… well, none of my characters are goign to suffer for it, really.

    As for switching my main: nope. I’m currently working on achievement and pre-Wrath rep on my main (the mage), and I’m exciter about her being able to contribute to guild rep with some of her achievements. I’m kind of semi-excited to see what healing holds in Cataclysm – I’m planning on leveling my priest as quckly as possible after my mage – but tanking? We’ll see. Maybe once the general LFG population has figured out that Cata dungeons aren’t an AoE speed drill.


  8. I raid with a 10 man group doing ICC/RS hard modes, but our guild is a 25 man guild so our group is largely (now completely) composed of alts and those like myself who no longer do the normal progression raiding. In order to help out, I prepped out both my priest (shadow/disc) and my DK (DW frost/blood) back to raiding status with talents, gems, glyphs, reforging, etc, then spent most of my playtime last week running heroics in various specs to get a feel for the new rotations. I’m fairly confident that I can cover any of the raid roles that might be needed again.

    Once those were done, I got my warrior (prot/fury) set up to go back to running heroics for gear, and my druid (now boomkin/resto) set up to finish the last couple levels and start the gearing process. Ultimate goal is to have 2 tank/melee dps characters and 2 ranged/healer characters at 80 and geared up by Cataclysm launch, so I have some options for helping out extra groups on off-nights.


  9. I’m in the Main, 3-4 regular alts, and a bunch of others (some 80, some in various stages of leveling). The main was my first to ‘fix’, which took a couple of days to get close to familiar with the new rotation and healing spells (elem and resto shammy). What I’ve noticed is that, after that, the large re-spec, train, redo action bars, figure out what the heck to do curve has turned into a huge hump to overcome in order to even log in anyone else. I’m sure I’ll catch up at some point, but its going to be a while.

    The other annoying thing is that the character I *want* to level is a new combination in Cata (tauren pally), so I can’t even get started on that yet. 😦


  10. My main is my priest but I was a little intimidated about all the priest changes and figuring out how to play with Chakra, PW:Chastise, Heal along with all the normal healing spells. So instead I rebuilt my warrior tank first. It was easy and I only had to spend about 1500g to get all the gems and glyphs sorted out properly. Hearing all the talk about how ppl are loving Chakra is really motivating me to buckle down and get it sorted out now.


  11. I first fixed my kitty. It was interesting and a bit confusing. Most of it cause I have no patience by the time I get to log on. The first night, my guild was full of whining tanks and healers. The dps were strangely silent. I dug them up. Turns out, like me, the damage is almost the same, tree looks a bit different a couple new talent points, but still decent damage. I quickly ran an heroic. Seeing as I am cursed I wound up in occulus. (Without fail, at least once a night I am in there.) The tank had nothing in his talent tree – hadn’t realized it. Must have missed the little message when he first logged on or even the mail. The rest of the party was cloth – priest and two mages. I wound up tanking in my bear – specced kitty. Talk about bloody annoying. He wanted to make us wait while he went a trained the missing talents. I think not!
    The next toon to get re-specced was my mage. I have a frost-fire mage. Some day I might decide which I like better, and stop resetting my tree.
    Next up was my boomie/healer druid.
    As for my other alts. some day. Considering, two of them haven’t even been touched since july. Scary.


  12. I went logged into my druid. I think I stared at my talent tree for kitty of at least an hour and a half. I knew most of what I wanted to take, but debated endlessly with myself that last handful of talent points. Finally made a call, assuring myself that I can respec later. Went to the reforger, started to reforge and finally decided I just didn’t have enough info. I spent most of Wed – Sat, playing with the numbers, having an absolute blast theorycrafting and double and triple checking things to make sure I had it just right. Finally Sunday I went in, got my numbers all lined up mostly. (I still want to get another crafted piece or two.) Practiced some of my changes to my rotation on the training dummy.

    Then popped together a quick bear spec, I don’t think I gave the gear a second glance, just used what I had saved as my “tank gear” before and went added back and moved some buttons around and then went and tanked a random with my guildies. 😛


  13. My main was always my druid (resto/feral tank) until WOTLK when I changed to a disc priest mid-expansion. With all of the changes coming, my first thought was of my druid. She has always been my priority from day one – I guess I’ve grown attached to her. I made a server and faction change during the time that she was on hiatus so I had to accomodate for that, but she’s up and running now and starting to get her T10/ICC gear – as a resto/boomie. I’m LOVING it!! I forgot how much I missed her! As for the priest… I’m scared of her now… I’ll leave that for Teres to navigate :p haha!


  14. Bear of course! Surprisingly, it turned out to be the easiest. Talents aren’t horribly different and we formed the model on uncrittability. Glyphs not off by much and gems/enchants not touched. (Thanks goodness for straight stamina and agility). My bear turned into my main years ago but I haven’t touched the resto spec on it. Guess I’ll learn one thing at a time.

    With the cheaper dual spec cost, I dual specced a warlock I’d been leveling (65) next to see what I’d been missing. By the time I was done exploring the 2nd spec, I was 67. (That and the fact that I’d forgotten how cool some of the engineering stuff is – useless but so cool)

    Other toons will get “fixed” as needed or as time permits. I’m in no hurry and I have time before Cataclysm hits to get ready. It’ll be the same question then of course – which toon to level to 85 first….


  15. I got my bear all fixed up with talents/glyphs, but the first character I did anything with is my pet project, my 60 twinky prot pally. HOLY MOLEY was it fun. I queue’d for Ramparts and I just wrecked the place, basically soloing the entire instance while people around me were disconnecting or fixing things, or just trying to keep up. I felt bad afterwards for basically dragging them along, but MAN that was fun. I linked recount from a trash pull in guild that first night and I had 1.5k dps for a pull. I felt like a little dwarven god.

    Of course, now I am totally neglecting my other alts and ended up spending a ton of gold buying epic gems for my little guy, but it’s totally worth it when i queue for a random and everyone sees my hp at 15k and their jaws drop.


  16. Has the patch changed my play priorities?

    Well, yes, I guess you could say that. I don’t want to play now. I’ve spent the past week fixing UIs, respeccing, regemming, and reglyphing to the point where all of my characters at least have a functional main spec and a few have prepared offspecs, but with everything I’ve read about the new mechanics requiring some self-control and responsibility I just can’t get enthusiastic about the idea of tanking or healing through the dungeon finder again. I just don’t trust other players that much.


  17. The day the patch came out was a bit of a gongshow, so that was the day that i did most of my fiddling. But the very next day i was in ICC doing H-modes and achievements in order to get our drakes before cata so it was pretty much same old same old. I am finding that in general people in the guild are more eager to do ICC but that could be because we only have HSindra and the LK achieve left for our drakes.


  18. Forgot to mention that reforging is fun. It is interesting to try and figure out what stats work better than others. I ended up reforging all my haste to mastery on my bear but I have no idea what to do with my cat spec

    Erthshade – its kinda funny but I have never used my taunt button so much. I will taunt a mob off a dps (using any and all taunts I have) but if they continue to blindly nuke it beyond my tps then I let it kill them and don’t worry about it. The interesting thing I have found is that other dps and healers will jump on that dps and I don’t even have to say anything. Sometimes I even get a “my bad” from the dps that died. I am sure it won’t take long for alot of them to learn that they need to be in more control.

    Jey – I am jealous. I was 3 achieves away (2 sindy and LK) when our group just fell apart. I almost expected i though since that has happened for every group I am in that tries for a 310 drake. Of course now I won’t even get a 310 for completing “What a long strange trip” since I just needed Halloween to get it /cry


  19. My first character ever, and still my main is my druid. Thus she was respeced, regemmed, and reforged first. Main spec kitty, off spec to tank. Spent lots of resources to regem from the armor pen change to crit. on the kitty side of things, i really like this patch. Tank side, not as much. but then again tanking for my guild has always been frustrating because of threat issues. You know what i mean there. My alts are very far behind now. Havent even been respeced because im still trying to figure out changes. I used Toskk’s calculator, theres a download that is useable, i used it for kitty stuff only. Did some of my own math too. Took apparently too long for my guild, but oh well, id rather get it right before i try to tank things. Overall, after the learning curve people seem to be doing well. Just wish people would stop complaining about it before they bother to learn it and whatnot.

    Thanks for the blog, helps so much to find out what other bears are doing.


  20. Gnomeaggedon was 1st of course but only to 50% – PvP spec (not much difference at the end of the day), but even so I haven’t gone the whole hog, refitting etc. Having too much fun as it is.

    Squidly was 1/2 sorted this weekend, but only because I wanted him in the BGs as well.

    In fact, I have probably spent more time on Gnomeaggedon Jr. and BigGnomeButt for Raid from the Heart. Honestly, the Mage leveling experience is so much fun these days that I could leave neither at level 1 for the raid.

    The biggest challenge at the moment is beating the DC boss. In BGs a variety of things will cause a DC. Mousing over (not even clicking on) Mage tables, lock candy fountains, feasts, even the flags in BGs will cause a DC. People are even placing feasts at important nodes to cause the opposition to DC as they run past them.

    The Cataclysm Cometh!


  21. I started playing my 72 Hunter again, and loving the changes. However my main is my druid, so I switched her epic resto gear out for a tank/kitty set i have been stashing pieces for. Regemmed her, reforged and now running randoms for better gear. I have to say, switching to tanking has reinvigorated her for me…and now I am excited about getting her achievements, rep etc finished before Cata hits. Plus doing quests etc is easy with bear, which is nice. I haven’t even setup a secondary tree for her yet.


  22. I haven’t touched my ‘main’ or any of my 80’s for that matter. I’ll get back to them a bit before cataclysm hits to familiarize myself with the new playstyles, but I’m in the PVP/Alt portion of my WOW expansion cycle. I used to really like to do 19’s and 29’s but I’ve been leveling a rogue (which before this character I’d never leveled past level 5 or so) mainly through battlegrounds. I was really having fun before the patch, but once the patch hit, wow… I’m having a lot more fun… So the patch was a bump in the road, but really didn’t change my priorities much at all.

    I think there’s initially a lot of shock when you see something that you just had now either gone or moved up a few levels, but I really think what they’ve done makes choosing talents which will actually benefit you during leveling much easier to do for a new or inexperienced player. I like the more abstract descriptions that are on some spells as well now, along with the suggestions on when to use spells. We’ll still need the spreadsheets and elitist jerks, but steps toward making the game more accessible without using outside resources is a good thing in my book.


  23. First one I rebuilt was my Hunter. Tried out the new mechanics… got frustrated.

    Then I headed over to my Druid and went the full run on Feral kitty, Feral bear, Boomkin, and soon to retry resto… got frustrated.

    I ended up scooping up a few heirlooms and starting a shiny new Pally. It seems easier learning something that is all new than re-learning something that has drasticly changed.

    Kind of like learning to drive a car where the speed is controled by the big wheel and you steer with a joystick where the gear shifter used to be. If thats the only way you ever knew it would be all good, but try teaching someone that has been driving a normally set up car for years and they will rapidly get annoyed with it.


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  25. I planned out my activities before the patch hit, mainly because I wanted to get all my heirlooms because I plan on leveling a couple of alts once Cata finally hits, if nothing but to see the new content from a lowbe perspective. I prioritized this simply because heirlooms where getting very expensive after the patch and I figured I’d get them while the getting is good. Then I farmed a bunch of emblems for converting to Justice Points to finally get my first Tier 10 pieces.

    Since then I’ve spent a lot of time just farming more Justice Points, largely with people from my guild. Now that I don’t have a pressing goal like getting my heirlooms, I don’t really care to PUG anymore. I’ve also done some raiding now with my new gear.

    Most recently I’ve been working on my hunter, trying to get to level 69 so I can get a couple of pets that are going away in the next expansion. I do like playing my hunter, but I went from being able to hold my own dps-wise (many times topping the charts) to being well below the tank. And nothing I do seems to fix that. And my DPS is actually higher than it was pre-expansion, it just seems like everyone else exploded.

    So my priority has definately been focused on getting anything I think I want that is going away when Cata hits. But I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do first when the expansion is finally here. I seem to be going back and forth between leveling my bear and leveling all my profs. I also thought that I was going to level a worgen as soon as the expansion hit, but after seeing the goblin cinematic, I’m really excited about a goblin shammy.

    On a side note – Raid to the Heart was an awesome time. Glad I was able to make it, and thanks to everyone for being so cool. I really just want to find a server full of people like that. I didn’t realize just how bad my server was until I spent some time leveling my toon on Kael’thas. Yes all servers have their idiots, but the average level of civility on Kael’thas is significantly higher than Kalecgos. So a server xfer might also be topping my priority list come Cata.


  26. I took one look at my main, a Resto Shaman and redid the talents. The incentive to do anything with the character though is remarkably low. In contrast, the lower level characters I’ve kept around because I enjoyed the mechanics and play-styles of them before are suddenly seeing a lot more play time. My Feral Druid was dusted off, my Protection Warrior’s gained almost 4 levels and so on. Re-learning while leveling is more fun to me than trying to figure it out at maximum level. Of course, there is that big void of achievements, history and so forth which leaves the lower level, often ignored alts feeling a bit naked and empty.


  27. FaceTankingForFunAndProfit, blue post says that the “What a long strange trip” 310% mount is being grandfathered in, to give anyone who completes it the 310% mount speed training automatically, forever… or until they change their minds. So go to town and finish the Hallows Eve achievement. You are golden.


  28. My First was my Druid and it was her tanking spec. But then I got frustrated and focus on swipe 6 second cool down. I moved on to other toons. At some point I moved to horde server and my level 18 druid, who right before the patch got swipe. Well said druid did not have swipe. I learn to tank without then went back to my main and use the lesson learn.

    Guess something it best to go with less tools to enjoy the ones you have. Bear tank with Maul, growl and auto attack. Made me release how luckly my 80 is.


  29. I fixed up my main first [dk tank/offspec dw dps] – in both specs, then I hopped over to another server and got my dw dps dk there sorted out [despite having one of every class leveled on my main’s server]. Some of them I can’t bear to touch now.


  30. For about three years, my paladin has been, for all intents and purposes, my main. I leveled it as prot, and for most of Wrath I was a main tank for most of everything. About a year ago, my hunter reached 80 and I began to gear it up, and started wanting to play it more than my paladin. I just started to get “tank burnout”. It was starting to be more fun to pew-pew from a distance. I still really like my paladin, as I’ve invested so much into it. It has a lot of achievements, pets, mounts, etc. For the completest in me, my paladin really felt like my main. However over the past year I’d been playing my hunter a lot more, and have begun to think of it more as my main, or a “second” main, if you will. So I’ve been wanting to get more achievements, pets and mounts for it too. It’s also surpassed my paladin in gear.

    So when this patch came, I decided to work on the hunter first. My two mains were the two classes that changed the most, go figure. Anyway, I first figured out a spec, glyphs, and had to regem all of that armor penetration that had changed to crit gems. I reforged everything to take advantage of the Marks mastery. I went out and tamed a bunch of new pets. I spent quite a bit of time at the target dummy getting used to the new shot priorities and managing focus (do I want to keep it as empty as possible leaving just enough for my biggest shots, or do I want to keep it closer to full, or somewhere in between?). I absolutely love it. I love having more pets to use, I love managing focus over mana, and I love not having to keep an eye on how much ammo I have. The only thing I don’t love is the steeper repair bill, and that my bow seems to take durability hits at an alarming rate.

    The next character I got set up was my death knight. I wasn’t quite prepared to deal with the paladin yet, as I had just re-learned a class already. The death knight was pretty close to what it was before, it didn’t feel all that different to me. The class never really excited me all that much anyway, so I didn’t have to put much time into getting it set. I really only made it for the extra profession slots anyway. Still, even though it’s not high in priority for gearing, exploring content or collecting things, I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I still try to make it the very best I can.

    Third came the paladin. A few months before this patch, I started to play Ret more, and was enjoying it more than Prot. The only thing I have enjoyed less about playing it is that it’s been much more difficult to find a decent raid group, since there are so many melee dps and paladins running around. Still, I’d been enjoying it more and more, so I actually specced Ret in the first slot. I had accumulated so many Triumph emblems before the patch (over 300) so when they and the Frost emblems got converted to Justice Points, I was able to get five new pieces of gear, finishing up my “badge” gear. Once I got it set up, I went to the dummy to see how it felt, and again, I really loved it. It’s going to be Ret main spec from now on. I only just mapped out a Prot spec a couple days ago, and ran a couple heroics with it. It just doesn’t feel the same to me. It feels a bit awkward. I was always pretty good at tanking with it before, and was always looking to improve upon it, but now I just kind of feel like a klutzy tank. I’ll probably still keep the spec, and the tank set I built up for it, but it’ll probably be reserved for soloing content that’s too difficult to solo as Ret.

    The final one I worked on (as all the other classes I have are lower than level 7, so I’ll be learning them eventually anyway) was my shaman. It’s only level 45, but I was really enjoying leveling it prior to the patch. Its two specs were, are, and always will be elemental and resto (I really don’t need to play another melee right now). This will be the next character I get to 80, and hopefully I’ll be able to do it before the expansion is released. The shaman didn’t take too much trouble to get figured out, since I didn’t have to worry about gemming, enchanting, or reforging. It’s nice to have Lava Burst early now, and the ability to use Ghost Wolf form indoors. The amount of different totems out there was making my head spin, so I’m glad they got rid of some of them.

    As for my priorities now, I’m not really sure. I’m trying to get into ZG every reset, because my paladin just needs the tiger, and my hunter needs…well, all of it. My paladin also has Garr’s binding from MC for Thunderfury, so I’m trying for the other. Now that Anzu in Sethekk Halls is soloable without having to bring a druid, I’ll be farming for that. Mainly, I’m going for things that either won’t be around in Cataclysm, or will be more difficult to achieve when it arrives. For my paladin, I would like to get Shadow’s Edge + the infusions (at least), ZG tiger, 10-man Glory of the Ulduar Raider (missing the last 2), Loremaster, Blue Proto-Drake, Twilight Drake, Black Drake, Grand Black War Mammoth, Kingslayer, Wintergrasp Veteran (less than 10 to go!), Classic Raider (BWL), and Glory of the Icecrown Raider (I’ll probably have to buy this one).

    For my hunter I would like to get the same as the above things listed for my paladin, with the exception of Shadow’s Edge of course, and with the addition of more ZG stuff. I’m also debating whether or not to try for the “Insane” title, as it may or may not be obtainable in Cataclysm, and if it’s not then I probably won’t have time to complete it anyway. Because in addition to the above collecting/achieving, I’d like to get my shaman to 80 and maybe start on another class or two. I know that leveling will be easier and more streamlined in Cataclysm, but I want more professions ready to go at release, and trying to get as much of the time-sensitive things done for as many characters as I can. Oh, and Hallow’s End is here.

    I think I need some sunshine.


  31. well the first toon I logged in on was my Druid she is at 79 she is dual specced, Bear and Resto. the first thing I did was rebuild my Feral tree, the resto is still blank. sat I tanked my first run since the patch RL sched conflicts LOL, I ended up tank HOL, which was my first time tanking there period. I did a pretty good job I think, My lock was the second toon I started to fix, and the my Priest, the rest are up in the air for now


  32. First of all, I redid my two alts i’m levelling atm (70 lock, 40 rogue), simply because the task of retalenting and reconfiguring my interfaces for my 80’s seems to big a task… 😦
    I think I will not touch them for a while, or if anything, prepare them for levelling to 85. I won’t be testing new gear or new setups or anything for raiding, there’s no point to it I guess. So might get the action bars ready for some levelling and remove as much addons as possible. Then when we hit 85, I’ll start working on raiding specs and UI again.

    For now, alt levelling seems to be a fun way of getting to know the new mechanics and I think I will use that feeling to “relearn” my 80’s as well on their way to 85.


  33. Wow first off I have to say we all sound like a “Post Patch” support group with so many “when the patch happened I…”lol. Anyways My original main was a hunter from way back before BC. Then I made a druid. Then I along with my wife made dozens of characters with RAF. That now after everything I have six 80s. 2 Hunters, 2 Pallies (one horde one ally for both) A druid and a Warrior. As far as mains went I started off my hunter then moved to pally then moved to druid. I loved tanking and pally was my first real taste of tanking. But in the later months I have really fallen in love with bear tanking. It took alot longer to get the hang of it since bears dont have idiot buttons lol. But for a few months now I have really learned to hold my own as a bear tank. And my druid really became my new main. Even going as far as earning the Guardian of Cenarius title.

    After the patch my first mind set was to get my bear back up and running since he was the most geared and ready to raid. I enjoyed seeing my increased health but found that I had no clue what to do on him. I felt back to sqaure one. Frustrated I grabbed my pally and filled his talents did a dungeon and found he sucked even more at tanking then my druid. I also switched my off spec from resto to boomkin after finding out that the rumors were true they took away tree form. I am going to petition for it some how lol.

    I then tried out my hunter and found all the other tanks were having exact same issues as i was and he proceeded to die left and right.

    I havnt even attemtpted to do anything on my warrior.

    Now i have found that my priority is play lowbie alts with my wifey and goof around until cata. I have given up on any dedicated raiding for the time being.


  34. I am an altaholic. Luckily, I’m in a guild with friends and they know I won’t bring a character to a raid unless I feel it’s ready. So I’ve got these 5 80s and sometimes it boggles my own mind. I find myself envious of some people who really love one class, focus, make that character the best they can. My first character ever in WoW is my hunter. Created on day 1. First to 60, third to 70 (O.o), and second to 80. My druid came along in BC and I’d never played a healer, but got to really enjoy the change of pace. Got burned out on healing, got back to my hunter. Hunter’s best geared and I realize when I’m playing my hunter I’m just going at it and having fun. I also manage to bring respectable DPS to our raiding endeavors. Prior to 4.0.1 I brang replenishment. I suppose I felt some sort of co-dependent social need to offer up a “meaningful” character to help our raiding efforts (I guess meaningful in my context is “healer” or “tank”). The realization that good, smart DPS was arguably just as important as good, smart healing and good, smart tanking, was slow to dawn on me. I can bring a lot to the table as a hunter – help the tank with threat, bring some CC, bring a whole slew of raid-wide buffs now, and decent damage output. So I decided to give my hunter some focus and try to get him all squared away for Cata (pets to level, achievements to nail, etc etc).

    My plan for Cata is hunter first, druid right behind, and then the poor shaman, mage, and warrior may or may not get some attention, but I’ll be sure to get a goblin and a worgen going to see the new stuff – but only after my main orc is settled 🙂


  35. My first rebuild was my main….my lock. For a couple of reasons really. Mainly because I had a raid to attend and secondly because she was the one I was least “scared” of. After reading all the changes, she seemed to be the one I felt I could easily pick back up and continue playing normally with.

    Now, a week later…only 2 of my 6 “playable” characters have been handled. The other 4 are still sitting…waiting…


  36. I went on 4.0 overload, visiting quite a few toons that Tuesday evening.

    Prot Pally – All the recommended glyphs… seems like dps increase (okay) and no issues keeping threat whatsoever (great). BUT, it just feels like there is something wrong/missing in the rotation. I even tried moving things around and there’s this (ugh) ‘gap’. I’m just not used to waiting for my next move. To be honest, I’m uncomfortable (regardless of a successful raid).

    Ret Pally – All the recommended glyphs… quite a bit smoother and higher dps…. lolret.

    Destro Warlock – Some of the recommended glyph$. I recently discovered the Warlock class about four weeks ago and have gotten her to level 53. I have only tried destro-spec and enjoy pushing ‘lil blueberry (voidwalker) into fights..btw, can I name him yet? Only problem was… one or two fights later I’m sucking down mana juice. Haha, not after 4.0 — seems like I haven’t even gone under 80% (if that). I did notice yesterday that my voidwalker ‘seems’ to be taking a little more damage… did they nerf something (or is my two-day sample to small???).

    BM Hunter – Yes, the laughing stock of the raiding world … making frost mage look very appetizing. Is this still the case? Okay, was able to get most of the recommended glyphs for my level 61 hunter (now lvl 66 if that says anything). Like all my other ‘updated’ toons, I took Amf (haha…. could mean anything, right?) out for a spin. Holy cow, I love this… why did I park him in Thrallmar for so long??? Okay, this is what I am really looking for at the moment (let someone/something else take a beating for me… and a very fluid rotation). I’m feeling the love. Does this change at 80? BTW – I’m not a pvp’er… but I’d like to say ‘hello’ to the DK that (out of nowhere) challenged me to a duel at the Nessingwary Camp in Nagrand; I thought, “wtf, it’s practice”… haha… I’m guessing the DK was thinking the same thing (practice) as it was not ‘terribly’ difficult to win…. kiting the whole time, traps, etc.


  37. My first toon that I rebuilt was my arcane raiding mage, Kynthia. After dropping a lot of gold on gems and glyphs, I took her into ICC two days after the patch and finally scored the Kingslayer title. Now she’s bubble wrapped for storage, first time in two expansions that I’m seriously considering a class change.

    As such, I’m focusing on leveling my shadow priest. He’s smashing face in Hellfire in efforts to replace my mage. It’s bittersweet. I’m enjoying playing him, I’ll miss playing my mage. Once I hit Northrend, then he’ll be able to level with my fiance’s hunter.

    A co-worker finally renewed her subscription after 3 years of not playing. I keep telling her and myself that it’s a new game now. With so many changes, it does feel like a new game. A perfect time to try out new classes, new mods, rebuild your UI for the billionth time.

    It’s a game, and despite all of the complaining, it’s kept me interested since vanilla.


  38. oddly enough so far I’ve only had to change 1 thing, going from cloth legs to mail for my Shaman’s Ele spec.

    I guess I could rejig stats a bit but honestly nothing is glaringly bad right now, I knew what was coming down the pipe and I adjusted accordingly.

    I’m sort of on semi-vacation WoW wise cause I know for 6 months after Cataclysm launches I won’t have much time at all for anything else.


  39. I surprised myself. My resto spec on my druid has been my top priority for quite some time; however I couldn’t contain the excitement of getting my moonkin “off spec” going so I could play with all the new shiny boomie toys. I must say I was not disappointed! 4.0.1 Has made playing a balanced druid so much more enjoyable; no more losing the eclipse that proced just as the last mob died, and that wonderful starsurge, oh my.

    Healing has been a little more challenging, but I have worked it out and I think that in the long run we will be better off for the changes.

    Between, regearing, reenchanting and such I find that all my gold has diminished to virtually “squat.” And this brings up my biggest disappointment with the change. I was confident that I would mank serious “bank” from glyphs. But it seems that I am on a server with the stupidest people on the face of azeroth. I ran to the AH with a bunch of glyphs ready to put up, only to find it flooded with prime glyphs for as low as two gold. And not just a few but stacks and stack. These idiots were posting the glyphs for less then you could sell the herbs that made the ink. Unfortuately I don’t have enough gold to buy everything and corner the market. I partially blame auctioneer for not working anymore, but I just can’t believe that these jerks would ruin the best potential market we have ever seen.

    A huge bright spot has been my DK Tank. I was sure that with the nerfs to AoE I would be dead in the water. But not so, she is doing quite well with her modified rotation, and I think that she will be okay. Her DPS spec (unholy) is not so wonderful right now but I will work that out in time.

    To finally answer the question, my main hasn’t changed, but my focus for my main really has, she is now more of a Boomie with a healing offspec, rather than a tree with a balanced off.


  40. Reading each and every one of your stories has, more than anything, really kept me happy about playing and the direction that the game is going.

    Sure, there may be horrible bugs and wierd issues, but this is a lot of folks that got into the changes and are finding what they like, and having fun.

    Bugs get hotfixed, but if it ain’t fun… it ain’t fun.

    I really enjoyed reading all of your comments. As Qwicksylver said, we kinda sound like a patch day support group, “Hi! I’m a Bear and my butt got a makeover!” “Hi Bear!”. BUt it seems like more people are interested and excited than angry… and with the massive scope of changes we got, that seems like a really good thing to me.


  41. Not changed a lot. I fixed my pally up first because my guild needed him. Then my warrior, because I really am a prot warrior at heart. Neither one of these required much fixing. Then … yeah, I guess I jumped into my dk because I’m really excited about blood tanking now instead of the bear that had been eating _all_ my time pre-patch. I have by this point fixed up the druid, and I’ve done a couple quick raids, VoA and the weekly, on her, but I just can’t bring myself to try a heroic as bear. I want to. I’m just afraid to.


  42. I quit. Loosing essentially all reasons why to bring a Cat to a raid, loosing permanent Treeform, loosing the Resto healing style, plus nothing really exciting new for Ferals and Restos in Cata made me quit already 2 weeks before the patch. Now I add the new treeform and the chatt limit for /trade as insults as well

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  43. @BBB – hold ya headless horses a moment… what the heck d’ya mean you have bank space to put a full resto set in it??!! Come again?! you are a druid! You are not supposed to have ANY space! Evidently, you and Cassie need to spend some time when she hits 60 trouncing the Vanilla raids and gathering up all those dungeon and tier sets! That’ll fix that problem right and good!! No bag space for you! Two months!

    (the best part about your post was subtle – that you are still enjoying the game, regardless of class or activity! You and Cassie have come a long way since the dark days and I’m glad to see it!)

    You still here? Go on. Dungeon sets and tier sets I tell you! Bank and Bag space available = 0.


  44. I had duel specced my hunter SV for raiding and BM for soloing. Once the patch hit, I mad BM my main spec and haven’t even looked at the other 2 hunter specs. I’ve been having so much fun with my hunter in fact, that I have not even bothered to play my other toons.


  45. I have looked at the 4.0.1 patch with trepidation to be completely honest with you. Mostly this is because my ‘main’ is a hunter and has been said hunter since vanilla. In the order of my 80’s, I rebuild, reglyphed, regemmed, ect my feral/resto druid, my demo/afflict lock, my disc/shadow priest, my fire/frost mage and only then did I turn to my hunter. Once I had her set up, I ran around a bit, tamed a bunch of pets, and then shelved her. It wasn’t until Hallow’s End arrived that I discovered the true state of my hunter; when I had to PvP to finish The Hallowed achievement. Since that sad, frowny faced day, my hunter has been shelved and will remain so until Blizzard decides to remove their foot from our proverbial backside. It disheartening, to say the least, to have something you’ve played for years and loved utterly destroyed and there is nothing you can do but watch. It’s like a train wreck. On the up side of things, however, I am enjoying my druid and warlock more then ever so the patch didn’t totally blow. Even when they nerf my lock and mage back down to where they should be, my lock will remain among my top two. What can I say? I love my druid. So much so that I will be rolling another come Cata.


  46. I’m in the same boat as Katie – hunter main, BM/SV dual spec. Redid BM spec, made a token pass at fixing the SV side, but haven’t really bothered with anything other than BM as yet. (Mostly been running around retaming old pets and picking up new ones to cover various buff slots rather than running any instances though).

    It’s unfortunate that some other long term hunters really dislike the new focus system, but I’m one long term hunters that is really happy with it. Even more to relearn than was the case with TBC and Wrath, though.


  47. I stayed away from the game for 3 days after the patch hit. When I finaly managed to get enough courage to log in, I logged my main, the Hunter. And spent ages looking for good and reliable information, and finaly decided to continue as a MM but dualspeced BM. At first I got really angry. It felt like I was nerfed to death. And from beeing the best dps in my guild by miles I’m now second. 😦 (yes its competative). I got so frustrated that I uninstalled the game. Then after a few hours I reinstalled it again 😉 Im still not happy with the hunter after 2 days of tweaking, regemming and reenchanting, But I hope Cataclysm will improve on it.

    Then I got tired of my main “again” since its not more stuff I can get for it(on my own anyway) And logged my druid alt. Its really my third alt but now It surpassed my tanking alt (DK). It was freshly level 80 just a few weeks before the patch hit. and I kinda struggled keeping people alive with mitchmatch gear in Heroic dungeons. After the patch I suddenly was maxed out on JP(Justice points) and got much better gear, and about 15 heroics later I got even better gear. And now its even better geared than my tank. And I find my self so OP just because I got this gear surge! Also healing is much more fun now. with still many players struggling, specialy the tanks! Heroics are not so boring anymore. Cant wait to try out healing raids.


  48. I originally logged onto my prot pally and started messing around with it, but I was a bit intimidated by all the changes, and wasn’t too excited about relearning how to tank. So she’s on a shelf atm, however I logged into my mage and man I love it. I used to be Arcane spec with a frost spec on the side for leveling, but I decided to change arcane to fire, since it’s the only spec I never really used, and man it’s so much fun, I don’t have the gear to be uber on the top of meters, but I don’t care, I just have so much fun doing it.


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