Best of wishes to all attending Blizzcon this year!

I had a cranky post all set to go up, and then I really thought about it.

If you’re excited about WoW and you’re attending Blizzcon and you’re really feeling up and happy, the last thing you need is some schlub being pissy and dragging the room down with crankiness.

Hey, go, have fun, enjoy the weekend, meet people and see things and capture that feeling of excitement and fun.

I hope everyone has a really good time!

I’ll say this; Cassie played her Hunter, and trained a beautiful rare blue parrot as a combat pet, and it looks great. She’s very happy.

Even when I’m feeling in “write a really tired cranky post” mood, there is still something positive that we can find to think about.

So, even though there are still issues and irritations, go, have fun, enjoy the weekend, and accentuate all the positives the day (and the game) brings.

Time enough to be cranky when you’ve got the hangover on Monday. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Best of wishes to all attending Blizzcon this year!

  1. I’m still waiting on Skoll myself, but people are terribly anal about killing things that hunters want. Don’t know what that’s all about, but congrats on the new bird!


  2. Woot… gratz on the new pet.

    I dinged 69 on my BM hunter two days ago and promptly headed to Shadowmoon Valley to tame my spawn of Uvulos. That turned out to be very easy despite being out of practice.


  3. Grats Cassie, that’s a really nice looking bird. That just gave me a thought–how awesome would a spirit beast with a bird model be?


  4. aww the bear’s being all soft and cuddly..

    but seriously guys, have a blast at blizzcon. Can’t wait to see all the photos of the oddball costumes. And to hear all the awesome things they are planning but will not be implementing anytime in the foreseeable future.

    What would be your ultimate nerdgasam announcement? Would it be to have information released on a planned new heroic class? Would it be to have a new money sink introduced.. player created content (ie. Player housing/ guild halls)


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