Can you spot the Inconspicuous Bear?

This is one of the things I really look forward to the most, as a blogger.

I’d like to welcome to the blogging fold Reesi, the author of a great new Bear Druid blog, The Inconspicuous Bear.

Reesi may be new to blogging, but she has outstanding credentials as a Bear Tank expert, having played as a progressive raiding Bear Tank for most of Burning Crusade and all of Wrath.

Moreover, Reesi has a Bear Tanking in 4.0.1 guide on her blog, showing that even in the earliest days of writing for her blog she’s got it going on.

So please, go check it out, go check her out (that didn’t sound right, did it) and give her a very enthusiastic welcome from the BBB community. You folks have shown me a lot of love, much of it undeserved, over the years. I hope that in Reesi and The Inconspicuous Bear, you’ll find another excellent writer that you’ll enjoy reading in the months (and years?) to come.

Welcome, Reesi. Best of wishes to you, and good fortune!

7 thoughts on “Can you spot the Inconspicuous Bear?

  1. It’s always nice to have a new resource available, and Reesi’s blog is certainly packed with useful information, but her target audience is much more hardcore than I.

    One of the things I love about your blog, BBB, is that you’re kind. Your advice, while great, is never harsh and never sounds mean.

    And you’re a clicker. ❤

    so this post is to say "Thank you for the new resource, and may I keep hanging out with you?"


    Dortrine of Aman'thul.


  2. More bear is always good.

    I really need to run my druid again, I’m stuck at 64. Damn Harvestmath in LOTRO. Keeps me locked on my Hobbits! It gets worse, because in a daily quest in the spook house, there’s a Hobbit… wearing… a bear costume.


  3. The Alien:

    WordPress does support full page views in feed readers. The “Summary” option was automatically checked and I have since changed it to “Full View”. Please forgive the inconvenience, but I am not familiar with wordpress or blogging yet and am still working out kinks. The posts should now have a full view.

    In the future, please inform me directly of anything you may not like with my blog.

    Reesi – The Inconspicuous Bear


  4. I tried adding that blog to my Google Reader list, but it appears to be one of those where the entry itself isn’t readable in the feed, so I guess I won’t be reading that.

    Unlike this fine web site, which I always kept up on even before you had your own domain. 🙂 But starting on a new source without being feed reader friendly…enh.


  5. Unfortunately can’t get to wordpress sites at work but I look forward to reading later. Thanks for letting us know about other bloggers. It’s always nice to see how others think about feral tanking 🙂


  6. I have been to her and saved on my Fav’s and it has been a big help for me. I am loving Bear tanking, much more interactive than before patch. Reesi is doing a great a great job with her research and keeping us informed


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