How do you like it now?

A post about perspective.

Or, to quote one of my favorite movies, “Spaced Invaders”, “Maybe you’d better step back and look at the big picture here.”

I’ve been playing for a while, and I believe most of you have been also. “A while” is subjective, but I’m using the term to mean “You’ve played long enough to get comfortable with how the game works, how your characters(s) are controlled, and you’ve got at least one character to the end game and have been sitting at end game since before patch 4.0.1.”

That’s a whole lot of meaning to dump on one poor, innocent little word, isn’t it?

Patch 4.0.1 came along and shook a lot of things up, but it’s starting to settle down a bit. We’ve all had a chance to play what we consider our “mains”, get Glyphed and specced and regemmed and move our stats around a bit if we’re into that sort of stuff.

I’ve seen some comments out there since the Patch came out, and it seems that responses are a bit mixed. As one example, Dechion, a long time devotee of the Hunter class, is so unhappy with the overall changes that he just can’t bring himself to play his Hunters anymore. He’s moved on to other classes.

The post I’m writing now is inspired by two things; Dechion’s post and his reasons for not liking the changes to Hunters, and my own personal experiences since Patch 4.0.1 went live.

You see, contrary to Dechion, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences in actually playing since 4.0.1 went great gonzo on the servers.

I’m obviously not talking about bugs or crashes or instability or the world server crashing because OOB got the Kael’thas Realm First 25 man Heroic ICC Lich King kill last night (grats, guys!).

I’m talking about having fun playing a class.

There is a reason for that, and it has to do with my forward planning. When Blizzard announced the intent of their changes in Cataclysm, and the scope of what they were going to do in revamping Talent Trees and abilities, I stopped making new alts… of classes I do not already know.

It’s been hard. I get tired of end game, and love making new alts. I love the travel, the exploring, the following of new paths, the road not taken the last time, choice ‘C’ in the Make Your Own Adventure book story, the trying on new pets or new specs, doing stuff that’s unfamiliar.

But I did it. I put my Warrior on a shelf, I didn’t make another Warlock, I canceled other alts, and really the only altage I was doing was a Death Knight on another server, and that was mostly so I had a gold maker should Cassie and I start playing somewhere with more character slots… she’s plumb run out.

With 4.0.1, I’ve played my maxed characters a bit, Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Paladin and Rogue. Playing those characters gave me one perspective on the changes. Settling in, getting used to how they feel, trying to work out the changes and develop a new flow.

Then I respecced my leveling Mage, dusted off my 43 Warrior, I started playing my level 73 Shadow Priest again for the first time in, literally, over a year (haven’t played her since hitting 73 a month after Wrath was released, just made her my Jewelcrafter bot), And even made a Warlock for just 4 levels, to kinda feel the class out. I played my leveling Death Knight a teeny tiny bit, since I was loving Blood before and Blood for DPS feels dead as a doornail.

Playing the characters I’m more unfamiliar with gave me a much different perspective.

You see, the characters I was really familiar with obviously feel like strangers now. Enough of the core rules have changed, but enough of the intent has stayed the same, that it’s not just that there was change. It’s that some things look like how they used to, spell names and Talents, and it leads me to expect them to work a certain way from past experience, but things are changed enough that once I get into a flow using abilities can feel jarring, unnatural.

But the characters I don’t have any pre-conceptions about come off as feeling fresh, smooth, and extremely well-designed. It’s the well-designed and well thought out aspects that make me look more closely at the classes I know.

I respecced my Warrior as Fury for now, after playing the new changes as Prot for a bit, because I wanted to see if it was just me. Leveling as a Protection Warrior with the new changes felt like being an evil little killing machine… so how much more powerful could an actual DPS spec feel?

Well, pretty crazy, actually. The new Fury is just nutso. I had two Heirloom swords, so I went dual-spec Fury, and it’s just zero down time. Stuff dies so fast I wish there was a Glyph that refreshed the cooldown of Charge when you kill a mob that grants honor or XP, like Death Grip does. ‘Cause I’m ALWAYS waiting on the Charge cooldown.

What about the changes to Frost Mages?

Well, I never use the Water Elemental because I’ve got my own pet tank (sorry, Cassie), but I love that you DO get it as a base ability of the class/spec at level 10, and while I miss a lot of the focus of the original Frost Talent Tree in being able to concentrate on pinning down monsters and raining a Blizzard on their heads, the new method of play with Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze, and the instant Ice Lance and all of our other goodies is just hilariously awesome. As my crit increases I feel like I’m riding a wave of juggling procs that’s actually fun to manage based on the situations. It’s never really about following a set chain of triggers, it’s about knowing what to use at the moment out of what you’ve got available. Decisions and judgment, gotta love ’em.

The Death Knight I switched to Frost and had a lot of fun on for a couple nights, picking out one-handers and dual wielding and messing about before the lure of the Mage called to me.

The Priest… ah, the Priest. I tried, I really did. It was fun, and I did blow through another level, but here’s the funny thing; the playstyle of Shadow actually doesn’t feel like it’s changed much at all, and so I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the others. The whole “Pop some DoTs and Mind Flay to slow” thing was still in effect. Oh sure, stuff died so damn fast that it felt like I was casting too many DoTs and I pared it down… but it still felt too automatic. Not enough room to mess about with other things. Probably just me, but the class certainly wasn’t lacking in any power, just variety. But back when I was originally Shadow in BC, I loved the playstyle… so again, it’s not that the class is lacking, it’s probably my own perception of what I like now compared to then, and Shadow is still very good… so good they didn’t have to change it that much.

I did make a Paladin alt just to see about the differenec when you hit 10 as Ret, and I’ve watched Cassie as her Druid changed and got Mangle as one of her given moves while leveling. Both clearly rock the casbah.

It really does seem to me that the class changes, all of the class changes from level 10 on, have been extremely successful. They were all well thought out, from a “starting fresh with a new perspective” point of view.

Every new class that I play, or every new spec of a class that I play feels tight, smooth, fun and exciting.

The only real dissapointments I have are when I play classes or specs that I already knew very, very well, right?

So, I gotta ask, is it the design on a few of them, or is it just me? Because it sure seems as though it’s probably just me.

If I’d never played a Feral Druid before, would I be rocking the changes better than ever? I’m still loving it now, I soloed an instance just the other night to manage multi-mob threat, and it was lots and lots of fun.

With the AoE cooldown timers, it’s the return of multi-mob threat distribution, but I preferred that style over Swipe spam by a light year anyway. Only reason I and so many others started spamming Swipe was because DPS stopped giving us a second to grab all the mobs. These days I follow the apparent intent of Blizzard; mark some targets, dish your threat, use Swipe to stay above Healer threat, and if a DPS grabs from me on an unmarked mob before the marked ones are all dead, let his dumb ass die as a learning experience.

Oh, and my Druid is back on the Alliance side. I’m a Night Elf again. It’s only temporary, though, until Worgen get opened up for race changes. Just an FYI. Now I have a max level tanking character on both factions, which was my original intent.

It’s just funny. I don’t dislike any of my max level characters, I actually LIKE my Hunter’s changes quite a bit, the trap launcher and multiple trap types up at once and expanded stables and new pets… much like Mania, I can see Hunters have a BLAST in Cataclysm. I dislike feeling like Arcane Shot spam for Beastmasters is a viable technique, but I’m sure that’ll get nerfed.

But while I don’t dislike my max level characters, the changes to the characters I’m unfamiliar with, now that I’ve learned those abilities and integrated them into a playstyle just as if they were brand new characters all feel fresh, vital, and above all exciting.

The whole thing REALLY makes me look forward to making a brand new Troll Feral Druid when the expansion comes. Leveling from level 1 as a tank from the very beginning seems incredibly exciting. Having that chance to flush all of my preconceived ideas and experiences, to start over with a clean slate and work out what to do and how to do it, wow. I’m excited.

Plus, I get to be a Gummibear. How cool is that? Yes, yes, I know, I’m in the minority on the colors, it’s okay. I’m freaking wierd, it’s understandable that I’m a rare bird when it comes to liking rainbow bears.

But that’s going to be the big challenge for me in Cataclysm. To look at the old and familiar with new eyes.

I fully intend to level as a Troll Bear Tank for Cassie. I intend to make a second Hunter and level as BM, collecting new and exciting pets along the way. I intend to finally make that Warlock that never was, as a new Goblin. And I’d like to try a new Tauren Paladin from the ground up.

Mostly classes that I’ve played before, classes that I KNEW very well indeed. I know it’s going to be a challenge. Can I really set aside the years of “this is how it works” and see the classes for the way they really are now, and LIKE them on their own terms?

I think so. I think I can do it now at max level, but how much easier will it be when the characters are new and the world is changed and alive?

How about you? How have your experiences been going in the new Patch? Have you experienced any of this kind of dichotomy between the new and the familiar? Are you looking forward to the new expansion like I seem to be?

Or have the changes to your familiar characters clicked with you even better than the old way did, and far fro feeling wierd, they now feel ‘just right’?

Oh, and as far as my Warrior goes… he’s a Blacksmith. I managed to achieve one of my goals, and maxed out Blacksmithing as high as i can get, and am running around wearing personally crafted ‘Imperial Plate Armor.” Is it just me, or wouldn’t it be cool if we could choose what color to make the accents of the armors and weapons we made? ot the bse steel greys or blacks, but the accent colors. I find it cool that my badass Orc is tooling around desecrating the Imperial Plate armor, but I sure wish I could have made the accents and helmet plume colors Horde Red instead of Alliance Blue.

Just saying!

Have a great weekend folks.

24 thoughts on “How do you like it now?

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment about our old max level characters feeling like strangers all of the sudden. I still can’t seem to bring myself to play my druid again, despite the fact that feral DPS isn’t *that* different, though to be fair, he really had been more of a tree than a cat recently, and I just haven’t felt like healing.

    It actually took switching my paladin from holy/ret back to prot/ret, gearing up for tanking, and getting used to the prot rotation before things felt normal on my “main”, and that I could then get back into ret (which I did last night after another raid member graciously swapped to a tank for what turned out to be MY FIRST LK KILL EVER YAY!!!!)

    For the engineering fire mage I’m leveling, on the other hand, it has only gotten better. Level 44 now and still smokin’ hot. I bought dual spec at 40, looked at the other trees, and then thought: what’s the point?

    I can

    [i]cast scorch while moving[/i]

    I can cast pyroblast! off a hot streak

    [i]while moving[/i]

    I can [b]die[/b]

    …and like a phoenix [url=]rising from the ashes[/url], mage ward away the side effects, and still

    [i]cast scorch while moving[/i]


    …and now with 100% more Gnomish Engineering Power.

    Fear the Sheep that Says BAHHHHHHH…


  2. I’ve only ever played to level… 52, I think it was. I got pretty familiar with Cat form, but most of my playing actually has been in a series of ten day free trials. As such, the bulk of what I’ve seen is low level play. I see the new 4.0.whatever changes as really good from my experimentation to date. I’m going to fire up a “real” month of play here after CAT hits, and make another stab at higher levels to see what I can do there, but for now, I’m really liking what they have done to the lower levels. I think the changes I’ve seen for the Druid and Hunter (my favorites) have been very smart, and they play well. The endgame might be busted (I wouldn’t know), but the early game is better than it ever has been as far as I’m concerned. That’s Good Design in an expansion ostensibly designed to get people past the level 10 hump and into the new redesigned world, whether new players or alts.


  3. TOTALLY can’t wait to make my druid a troll… and not just because I don’t like girlcows (note, my Evie is currently masquerading as a cowboy), but because I’m looking forward to the zany FUN colors that I can be. Despite the fact that I’m resto/boomkin, I fully plan to prance around in cat/bear form as often as possible, and frequent the barber shop for color changes.

    Also, to comment on the changes – I’m loving them! I am planning to roll a brand new baby druid and level as a moonkin from day one… I never liked moonkin when I was leveling Evie and only recently decided that I would give it another try… and all I can say is… STAAAAAAAAAAAAARRFAAAALLLLLLLL!


  4. This is pretty much how I approach game changing expansions. When BC came out, I leveled classes I was intrested in to max level to get the “new” experiance of the class/spec. I think getting time to hone reactions to situations with new abilities before being overloaded with all abilities, for me, creates a solid base of class/spec play. I don’t like sitting for hours in front of a target dummy. I’d rather be in the field cementing class play.

    I’m in the process now of leveling class/spec I’d like to play come cataclysm. The basic changes I think I need on my mains are done. Now it’s fun time re learning the game.


  5. I’ve been thinning out my herd of 80s as well – I’ve deleted one so far (a pally, which I’ll probably re-roll eventually), and my hunter is temporarily working as a glyph mule until his replace replacement gets to 80 (leveling a new hunter has been fun as well, especially once I remembered to take growl off autocast while LFDing). Sadly I can’t try the classes I really want to try until Cata – draenei and nelfs just don’t appeal, so my dwarven shaman (her two tankards o’ terror are in the bank) and puppydruid will be my early xmas gift to myself.

    On a kind of unrelated note, I wish it was possible to ‘retire’ characters (at least temporarily) instead of having to spend a month’s sub to transfer them off-server in order to free up slots – 10 just doesn’t cut it these days.


  6. ya know bear…i never really was into tree healing…i just couldnt trust myself with hots lol but i am (like soapturtle) upset with the feral health changes…i’ve done the research and we come up with less armor, more avoidance , and soon similiar health pools to other tanks and less buttons to mash. i used to love bear tanking and i still do but i hope blizz will leave our health pool alone and keep the nerf to SD.

    oh and i am just as excited to roll a goblin ele shammy as you are about your feral troll druid. gonna name mine Gadgetpron and its gonna be a engineer lol


  7. On the whole, I’ve been pleased with the changes. THe priest hasn’t changed too much – but just enough to say “ooooh … cool” (holy/shadow). The bear freaked me out – I got called upon to tank a weekly out of the blue and I nearly lost it completely when I suddenly found the change to swipe just after pulling those litle spider groups in Naxx 😛 Since then though, I’ve found bear to be much better … it is obviously “tuned” for level 80+ dungeons where there is more CC and less AoE which I’m looking forward to a LOT. The pally tank/healer … not too pleased with pally healing so far (although woot for the AoE healing!), but the pally tanking, once you get used to it, doesn’t seem too bad. Just more brain power required 🙂

    I started a warlock from scratch just to see what the low level experience was like, and I like a lot! Looking forward to cataclysm .. not looking forward to making the choice as to what to do first …


  8. Overall I’m liking it. Many things of different, some for the worst but most for the better. I miss treeform soooo badly, I don’t feel like a resto druid but the mechanics of the healing seem reasonably functional. Feral DPS is a blast, I didn’t think it would be possible for me to love kitty more but somehow I do. They didn’t change it much but the small tweaks were all for the better IMO. Bear is kind of eh cause I miss swipe spam but I don’t care for tanking anyway so that’s okay.

    My mages, oh I’m in heaven. Nobody laughs at me for PvE frost and I picked up a fire offspec that I am really enjoying. I worked out both specs so I can PvP or PvE in them and I love that. Strangely enough I find myself PvPing more in Fire and PvEing more in Frost but will switch it up according to my mood.

    I’m falling out of love with my shamans at the moment but that’s not their fault. It’s annoying hunting elementals and seeing “immune” pop up on your screen all the time. Ele is more fun with Fulmination and Lava Surge, resto is still primarily resto. No major changes. I think they missed a chance to improve a few things *cough*totemmechanics*cough* but oh well, nothing will ever be totally perfect.

    My paladin is still sitting in a corner waiting for the devs to decide what they want to do with the class, she’ll be the last to get leveled to 85. I might even level that new priest and hunter before I get to her. I am considering leveling a third shaman and third druid just to see things from the beginning again, we’ll see. It depends on how much fun I have in the new old world with the priest and hunter.


  9. I don’t like it. I don’t mean to be all old and crochety and “both ways, uphill, snow!”. I really don’t. I am sure some changes have been for the better. I am sure they’ve made something better somewhere. I am also sure it’s something I just don’t care about.

    But I am SO ANGRY that they took away my broccoli tree form, and then put the crappy treeform they’ve left us with on cooldown. I’d been bear bear bear up until 80, and didn’t even learn to heal until then, but it’s not a bad niche. But I feel like I am being punished. Why take tree form and not moonkin, bear, and cat form. Put them all on cooldowns darnit. Stop punishing just me. Speaking of, why am I being punished just for healing? I know it’s all been said before, but it doesn’t make it any less true to me. And I don’t like the tanking changes either for that matter. In fact, I am so unhappy with the state of my druid, that once my raiding obligations for WotLK are over, and Cata is here… I’ll be on my mage tyvm. And I don’t care who needs heals or a tank, it won’t be me.

    I know of no other way to show something (i.e. treeform) is broken for me in game, than to just stop playing it. So that’s what I am going to do.


    • I’m really sorry to hear that, Soapturtle (love that name, conjures a great image).

      I agree with you, I’m very, very sad to have lost the original treeform. The treeform dance just said “groovy, baby”, and that’s how I felt healing as a druid; groovy. Like, let’s boogie on down and I’ll keep ya in berries and honey.

      I also have not healed since. In fact, I have not bothered speccing my second druid spec, it’s still unused, (and boy am I tired of seeing the Talent button on the bar flash at me to remind me). I just don’t “feel it” on speccing resto and even seeing what it’s like. healing, for me, really was all about the tree. I didn’t want to heal and got a treeform with it, I wanted a treeform and got a healing spec with it.


      • You’ve summed up my thoughts on healing very well. Treeform was it! 🙂

        As far as the changes… mind you my entire experience is just 25 man heals… it’s about the same. I miss having LB on more than one person and my timing is still off regarding regrowth, and my not quite as mana efficient, but it wasn’t even a thought before really, so it’s still only rare. I tend to save vates for other healers and just pot if I need it. The fancy green circle is pretty neat for keeping melee topped off though. I just pop rejuv on one and then SM them. As long as they remember not to move out of the green, it’s all good.

        (bigbearbutt conjures up an great image too! always make me think of oldschool bear form when tanking)


      • BTW I was reading your blog and I came across your post about getting the new Loom you named cameron and the pictures of that lovely vest you made. I tried to leave a comment, but you’ve got the same thing enabled that I do to prevent spam comments on ancient posts. 🙂

        Just wanted to say, lovely, beautiful vest! I just adore the colors that you combined for the pattern, it’s excellent. 🙂


  10. I have six classes at max level, the other four at 68+, and I’m having a blast on all ten. Subtlety Rogue has to be my favorite. I actually feel like a deadly assassin slinking through the shadows, now, emerging only to strike with lethal accuracy. Translation: Nothing survives more than a couple seconds after I emerge from stealth. I love it love it love it.

    Drifting slightly OT, I think there’s a human tendency to confuse with “My class is different now!” with “My class is worse now!”

    People get used to playing a certain way. The better they are at their class, the more second-nature all those little tricks and nuances are, and then here comes Big Bad 4.0.1 to flush it all down the drain.

    But that doesn’t necessarily mean a class is worse. It just means that it’s different, and that it once again has tricks to learn instead of being a completely open book. It’s telling that the classes you enjoyed the most were those you had played the least pre-patch.

    I think a good real world example is the case of Microsoft Office 2007. They completely re-did the UI from what users of Office for the past 20 years had gotten used to. Now, my parents and many of my co-workers hate the changes and sometimes even refuse to upgrade to 2007. But my brother (who’s 14) and his friends, who have never known any other version, are using 2007 very easily, to the point where they dislike having to use 2003.

    My interpretation of this situation was that the new version must not be unusable or poorly-designed. It’s just different. When people say “This version sucks,” they mean “This version is harder for me to use,” which might just be a cover for “I don’t know how to use this version yet!”

    Granted, not all changes are good changes, and “different” can sometimes actually be bad. Some people are of the opinion that the simple act of change is a bad idea, in and of itself, regardless of the potential impact for better or worse. I respect their right to that opinion, and in some situations I even agree. I’m just trying to offer my two cents on various ways I’ve observed people handling changes.


  11. It’s funny how it works – learning anew, from the ground up, can sometimes be easier than abruptly changing at level 80.

    @ Dechion: I’m glad that you’re re-thinking your position, because I was saddened when I read your post about quitting hunter-ing the other day. I’m enjoying my hunter a lot – to me, the change to focus makes the hunter feel more like the physical dps class that it largely is, and less like a mage. After a bit of practice, I’ve gotten so that my focus is flowing nicely. The biggest adjustment, aside from focus, may be the loss of volley, but I can still do some nice damage by Arcane Shot-ing mobs in trash pulls with the Rapid Killing and Rapid Recuperation talents.

    No matter how you slice it, hunters and druids are fun to level anyway, imo. I hope that you have good experiences with them if you decide to go that route!


  12. You know, you got me thinking.

    What if I started over? What if I do roll a shiny new Hunter and a shiny new Druid?

    I wonder how it would look if I started from the ground floor and worked my way back.

    I always was planning on making a Worgen and a Goblin to see the new content with. I think maybe, just maybe, I will try to wipe the slate clean and start over. (Still keeping my Pally though, I like my Pally)

    Thanks for getting the gears spinning again, they had kinda siezed up.


  13. I’m liking the changes so far. My hunter’s BM spec gained about 500dps and his spirit beast now dispenses heals. In his MM spec I can now spec into concussive barrage without losing much DPS for INFINITE STUNS! I’m offing rogues that have the drop on me now in BGs. I’m stunlocking ret pallys to death. It rocks!
    Got my Shammy to 80 3 days ago and the talent that converts spirit to hit is great. I was hit capped and pulling good DPS on the first day with no hit trinket, gems, or enchants. Plus that whole infinite mana thing is great (I’m waiting for the nerf on that.) Warrior tanking is about the same. DK tanking I’m not liking much as I was a frost tank before. On the whole I’d say the changes were good to me.


  14. Beastmaster is the One True Hunter. The others are just mages with spells that go ‘bang’. 🙂 I’m really not happy with it… my dps went from 4500 or so in a 5 man to 800. They nerfed my beloved t-rex so badly that I had to check to see if he’d been given rubber teeth. Do not like the change in Monstrous Bite to a halfassed mortal strike. So little stuff self heals that it’s wasted in nearly all situations, making poor Gojira a situational pet rather than the one I always want. Very much like the bigger stable, although I could wish you could switch them out on the fly, and/or that they didn’t lose all their talents when taken out of the main 5. Multiple traps are fun; the traps themselves are free, but the trap launcher costs an arm and a leg, or just an arm and a couple of toes if you use the glyph. Wish they’d done it like the freezing arrow, or at least made it macroable.

    My poor druid tank hasn’t been played since the faction change came out, and hadn’t raid tanked since Gruul’s Lair was a big thing. The guild I was moving to needed a healer, and I refuse to heal on any druid now after years of ‘you’re a druid so you’re a healer’ before BC. Going to move him over when he can be a worgen, and learn tanking all over again.

    Still flailing around on my paladin trying to learn to DPS again, but was never really good at that anyway. Much better healer. But when my shaman hit 80, the paladin got shelved because the guild wanted heroism. So she got Kingslayer before the paladin… and I’m kind of sick of ICC now. Elemental shaman hasn’t changed a lot. “Set it on fire, splat it with lava, then stab it in the face with lightning till it stops being funny”. But again, much better at healing. 😛 Druid was good at DPS, hunter was ok before the big BM crotchshot, but never got very good at it on the paladin or shaman. Always easier to find a group as a healer.

    Going to create a shiny new worgen just to see the starting area, and will probably do a goblin, although I may have most of the sound turned off. HATE the voices on the green gnomes.


  15. I always thought Blizzard should make another secondary profession to do just that…. to make “dyes” or whatever to let you customize the look of your gear, or even a NPC like the reforging dude, maybe even the look completely…. its really easy to do, actually its just another field on the database, just add the field for “color” or even “look” and presto! you can customize the way your gear looks for uber epixness, that probably will make a lot of people really happy.

    You could even make some sort of level restriction for designs, or even item level one…. so you cant have a lvl20 weapon looking like an uber lvl85 one…. but alas, dont think Blizzard is going to listen to me on that.

    Returning to the topic, so far im pretty happy with the changes to be honest, my blood DK tank is really epic, and the changes to the spec are really nice…. the one thing that annoys me is the changes to the rune system, but thats 100% me cause im really used to the old cooldown system, other than that I cant really complain.

    Its kinda obvious that most people will be pissed about changes on their class (especially when the changes are so deep like the DK changes, or the Hunter’s) cause everyone is used to his own chars, and those changes make us have to play with unfamiliar characters for a while, till we get the hang of it.


  16. Overall I’m liking the changes.

    And yeah, I’m back to Fury on my leveling warrior. He rocks with 2-handed weapons.

    Re: Imperial Plate Armor, I have a screenshot of my Blood Elf Paladin with his on, and I’ve kept every piece. Customizing the trim colors would rock.


  17. I have 10 level 80’s, one of each class.. and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the changes so far. There are some classes that still feel incomplete due to some key abilities sitting just out of reach past lvl 80, but overall they have a really solid and enjoyable play. The problem is, there is no new content right now to really flesh out and enjoy. There is still no need to crowd control in current dungeons so tanking in 5’s still revolves around pushing out as much aoe threat as possible. Same can be said for dps, and healing is so powerful right now that in a 5 man I spend more time dpsing than healing. The only place to really push the new specs and talents is in a raid where they were designed, so outside of that at lvl 80 nothing is proportional.

    Thus, most of my playtime as of late has been thrust onto a baby horde paladin who was lvl 15 when the changes went live, and is now 66. I never really played ret on my first paladin and so the change of pace is really refreshing. The changes have completely revamped leveling in such a positive way that I have no remorse abandoning my 80’s till cataclysm.

    Depending on how long it takes to hit 80, or how much fun I have with the pre expansion events, I may do the same thing with another class.


  18. I stopped playing for a little while. I also deleted most low level alts. To me the game is smoother. I still have not really figured out ret pally but I was never really good with the pally. The priest is GREAT it is so much fun and I have no mana issue ever with healing, ( I am waiting for the nerf bat). As for the druid it seems a lot smoother and I have a better rotation now, but that may because I am looking at it fresh.

    I am very excited about the alts. I have NE rogue, Worgen hunter, Goblin mage and Dwarf shaman lined up. I want to run the new questing areas because it sound like more fun then the end game. I really feel like I am starting the game over again. I am excited!!


  19. I really like the hunter changes as well. I play MM, and have really gotten into a groove with it.

    On the druid side, I feel very comfortable with my kitty, but I almost feel like, if I were to tank with it again, it would almost be necessary (for me) to start a new druid and relearn. The few times I’ve tanked multiple mobs (Isle of Conquest, Alterac Valley bosses), the results have been mediocre at best and horrible at worst. I have no confidence whatsoever in my tanking abilities anymore. Fortunately, tanking was never my main focus, but it bothers me that I feel less versatile in that way than I used to… but I’ll get over it… and/or start a new druid. I’ve never been a fast learner anyway! 🙂


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