The BigBearButt

Hey Paladins! Holy Power UI got ya down?


One of the big changes for Paladins, of course, was getting a new little user interface for their ability, Holy Power.

Much like the Death Knights’ Runic Power UI, and the Rogues’ and Kitty Druids’ Combo Points UI, the default Holy Power UI makes you look up at the upper left corner of your screen to see whether you’ve got all three or not.

Now sure, you might have some big custom package UI that already handles this issue, or maybe you use a form of Power Auras or Scrolling Combat Text to tell you when you’re full.

Me, I like going minimalist… but I also hate having to look away from the center part of the screen, where most of the action is. I don’t want to be glancing anywhere but at the targets, and what they might be doing.

So, I went browsing in Curse’s addon section, because I’ve come to learn that if something annoys me, somebody else somewhere has already invented a cure for it.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, “Oh yeah? Well what about traffic congestion, smart-butt?” I have an answer for you; Mr. Horace Smith and his esteemed colleague Mr. Daniel B. Wesson invented my favorite solution to that issue over a hundred years ago, but they went and made using it illegal. Damnit.

Back to the Paladin Holy Power UI, sure enough, a quick perusal of the database, using the incredibly imaginative search terms “Holy Power” came up with an addon called KAHolyPower by Khaalk.

Reading the description, it told me that here was exactly what I had been hoping to find; an addon that let me undock the default Holy Power UI and move it wherever the hell I wanted on the screen, and then lock it back in place much as I already do with one of my other favoritist addons of all time, QBar.

Even better, if you don’t want the special Holy Power UI graphics, if you’d just like to know how many charges you’ve got without all that wiggly line nonsense, you can change it from the normal graphic to three simple squares. Normally invisible, when you get a charge, a box lights up. A solid square of light. Nice, simple, VERY easily recognised and intepreted with peripheral vision when moved down to the bottom left.

It can’t really be that easy, can it?

Yes it is.

So, if this issue has kinda annoyed you as well, go forth assured that keen intellects have already pondered the situation over an ounce of shag, and developed a solution. Isn’t that wonderful?

Oh, and I wasn’t joking about QBar. I consider that to be an essential addon. I wouldn’t like to ever have to play without it. If you hadn’t seen it before, you could do worse things than check it out as well.