More Bearwalls? Yes!

More Bearwalls?

Why yes, of course.

But not here!

No, Rebecca of the MMO Melting Pot asked me if I’d answer a few questions, one thing led to another, and next thing you know I did a (short) interview.

I’ve been told the interview will be posted tonight, so be sure to check it out!

After all, it’s the… same… bear…. you… get… here…   


Okay, well, it’s the same Bear, but in a different den, how’s that?

A change of scenery does a Bear good!

I’ve been told that my answers were NOT the longest that she’s had, so I’m totally bummed. Someone out there is more unnecessarily verbose than I? Nevah!

2 thoughts on “More Bearwalls? Yes!

  1. Just when you think you are the best in something along comes a woman to tell you “nope, you are not” …… this is a sad world we live in


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