Check out Eao’s Excursions, a Feral Druid blog!

In keeping with my desire to make sure you’ve got plenty of Feral Druid content to enjoy, I’d like to suggest you check out Eao’s Excursions, a nicely written blog with plenty of solid Feral Druid musings to keep you warm during the cold winter nights.

His latest post is about Bear Tank gearing for Cataclysm, so be sure to go visit and check it out!

Disclaimer: This has nothing whatsoever to do with Eao’s Excursions, but as I’m getting more requests by blog authors for links, I want to say this now.

The Big Bear Butt wishes it to be known by all and sundry that if you write a blog and you’d like me to mention it here on the website, I’ll check it out and if I like it, I’ll be happy to do so. I really will. But fair warning, the only thing I’m checking out is if I like your writing style, and verifying that you’re not a gold seller or guide selling website. I don’t fact check your posts at all, that would be incredibly rude and presumptive of me. My only determining factor for liking a blog is if I like YOU and your writing style. That’s it.

If you choose to write theorycrafting content or guides and you haven’t had lots of viewers yet, I ain’t gonna be held accountable if you get ripped apart by perfectionist theorycrafters that catch what they feel are mistakes or omissions. Theorycrafters feel that by pointing out errors and encouraging corrections, it makes for a better guide, and I feel they’re right. But as the post author, YOU need to be sure you can handle the suggestions and implied criticisms before asking for lots of eyes on your posts. If you’re going to get upset and defensive, it’s not going to be pretty. I’m just saying.

4 thoughts on “Check out Eao’s Excursions, a Feral Druid blog!

  1. As a perfectionist theorycrafter, I approve of the last paragraph of your disclaimer. 🙂

    If you’re interested, feel free to check out my feral blog, The Fluid Druid, at I focus mainly on Feral Cat topics, but talk a bit of bear from time to time.


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