The female Worgen dance take 2

Okay, now I know I gave Blizzard crap for using Lady GaGa’s dance for the female Worgen dance.

I stand by that post, but I messed up in one big way. I was vague when I gave suggestions as to what could have been used instead. I do try and live by “If you’re gonna complain, have a suggestion to make it better standing by.”

I knew what I wanted to say, but I was writing off the cuff and didn’t have the link handy. Then, I forgot. 🙂

Look, the following video shows what is, in my opinion, a far more appropriate song, by a far more appropriately passionate singer, with a dance all the way towards the end that might be a teeny bit more appropriate. The bits with the beautiful black evening dress on the rooftops. not the rest of it. nothing wrong with the rest of it, just saying the stuff in the black dress is really thrilling and seems like it would be graceful and passionate while still being appropriate for a female Worgen in a video game.

Now, before you actually GET to that dance, there is a whole lot of, what I will generously call, “Not Safe For Work” dancing. 

If you are actually at work, you really might want to forgo playing this video. It’s a music video, not porn, but, well… hot damn.

Oh, and guys… you’re welcome.

33 thoughts on “The female Worgen dance take 2

  1. Ok so how shallow does it make me if I admit to the fact that I turned the music off entirely after about the first 10 seconds..yet watched the video all they to the end >.<


    • Maybe we can create a glyph that changes the dance … a bit like the glyph for the ‘old school’ tree form idea. … now that would be a neat solution … or an addon … okay … so I know that is wishful thinking on both counts.


  2. Hell yes! I totally mentioned this to my wife last weekend. You beat me too it, Bear.

    I’m on team Shakira… I don’t think you can go to that well too many times ;-). (That or give the crazy alien goats Gaga… that’d be appropriate)


  3. Nice idea! LOL. Yea I read about the worgen dance and Lady Gaga, that is hilarious. Not because I think it’s wrong, I just like the way that Blizz incorporates real life people into the game. Corpse Grinder was probably my favorite.


  4. This makes me sad because of how much better it would have been! I love this song. And I hope you used “guys” in the gender neutral sense there, I’m a woman and quite appreciate this video too 🙂


  5. Shakira is one of the Colombian things to be proud of for sure and I never even thought about it but it would have made the perfect dance. She has other videos where she demosntrate she can really move. She also made a song for the world cup that was kind of catchy and has a cool video.


  6. ..Yup, she’s flexible. *winces* xD

    Thanks for the sans-Vevo link Nimizar.

    I think this or either of the Lady Gaga ones would be ok, tbh. Poker Face is my least favourite of the options but my current biggest problem with that being the female worgen dance is, frankly, the female worgen dance doesn’t mimic the original that well.


  7. For anyone else in a country where Vevo is being dumb:
    (Well done Vevo, you “blocked for copyright reasons” a music video that is freely available from Shakira’s official Youtube channel almost anywhere on the planet with ‘net access…)

    Nice suggestion BBB, thanks for sharing 😉

    @Eberron: TMI, but also *chuckle* 🙂


    • The colon bit is hilarious! I shared the same thoughts on the bolted down shoes and the wierd red cave, though. Then again, interpretive dance ain’t something i’ve got any skill at. At all.


  8. *remembers to breathe* … *wipes forehead* … Wow. When you said “teeny,” you sure did mean “teeny.” Does your wife know what you’re doing with your blog these days? 😉

    For serious though, that’s a good one. I like it. As long as alternative suggestions are being offered, let me put forward another Lady Gaga number: Bad Romance. I think the dance in the white faceless masks with the claw-fingers is very Worgen-appropriate, what with the claws and all.


    • She knows I listen to Pandora while playing, and Pandora throws out some… interesting suggestions to my channel seeds at times. I first had that one pop up on my “Within temptation/Pink/Nightwish” channel. And you know what? I find I like it.


      • its the Pink part that’s throwing all these “interesting” suggestions at you. Otherwise, you’d be stuck with Lacuna coil, occasional Evanescence, and some Epica and such.

        I have Pink lumped up with Lords of Acid personally 😛

        That said, didn’t they use Shakira already for Female Troll dance? not this specific video though, cannot remember which song specificaly


      • Both the female troll and female draenei are cribbed from Shakira, and I think I can recall somebody saying Blizzard didn’t want to go to that particular well three times.

        This is obviously a good option anyway, though, and I’m sure they considered it.

        Not a big fan of the final choice, though I’m not about to get worked up over it. One thing I haven’t seen suggested — though maybe I missed it — is the idea that the new dances are bought-and-paid for by record studios.

        The studios surely know the kind of clicks these things get, with thousands of people who might never see a Lady Gaga or Beyonce video suddenly clicking around YouTube for comparisons to the new Worgen/Goblin dances. And it would explain why — after early generations of dances were based on decades-old numbers, jokes or international pop stars (Shakira was a lot less mainstream back then) — the new crop seem so thoroughly patterned on current hitmakers.


      • Actually, I didn’t know that Shakira had already been used as the basis for any of the other dances. Cool, but funny. I guess I can certanly see why they wouldn’t want to go to the same well again and be accused of not being open to new influences, then.

        No matter HOW darn appropriate the song in question might be. 🙂


      • My Pandora channel of choice lately has been built around Vampire Weekend. Might be a little too indy/hipster for you, but if you like the Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie, and Paul Simon circa Graceland, you might want to give it a go. 🙂

        Also, ❤ Shakira – and I think that video was way, way more awesomely inappropriate than "Pokerface."

        I honestly don't get what the deal is with Lady Gaga. The music seems "been there, done that in the 80s/90s."


    • Yeah, Bad Romance has some actual interesting dances in it as well. I’m not opposed to Lady GaGa, just that particular dance. And I figure, if you’re going down that route, hell, doesn’t She-Wolf just kinda scream for being used?


  9. Shit, I can’t imagine why basically any snippet barring the rather more impractical parts involving the lying down and the cages and the like, wasn’t picked just on the grounds of the title of the song alone. Blizz don’t usually prove to be shy at the chance to make a joke of something they aren’t specifically trying to make dramatic.


  10. Now remember… I said “teeny” bit more appropriate, and I said the bit with the black evening dress on the roof. As Terry Pratchett might say, I guess it’s for a given value of “teeny”.


    • Holy Crap! That’s an “evening dress”? I wish that women had evening dresses like that when I was growing up. Maybe I wouldn’t have needed the Sears Catalog. Ahhhhh, memories. . . but, I digress.


      • Eh, I’m a guy. evening dress, little black cocktail dress, I’m not conversant with the terminologies.

        Cassie is all the time telling me to stop calling things sweaters, they’re sweatshirts, and I’m like, “there’s a difference?”


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