The hunt still quickens the blood

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on my Orc Fury Warrior lately.

Cassie and I had been playing our Druid and Mage combo a lot, and then I thought it might be fun to let the rested bar fill up a bit before we moved past Hellfire. We’re at level 64, and we’re going to leapfrog from Hellfire directly to Nagrand. Since we’re on Alliance side, we did the bare minimum three quests in Orebar Harbourage to get on speaking terms with the Kurenai, and then we sat down to chill.

Queue in our individual pursuits.

Cassie resumed her own Draenei Fury Warrior on another server, while I picked back up with my Orc.

My Orc is kinda my “finish all the little stuff I never did in Vanilla” guy.

At this point, I’m really happy with all the stuff I’ve done. My Druid did just about every quest there was Alliance side, and the only thing on that side I always intended to do someday that didn’t get done was getting a Wintersaber kitty to ride. Blizz assures us they’ll still be there, so maybe next year. 🙂

On Horde side, though, there are Venomhide Raptors in Un’goro Crater that you can raise from an egg over the course of twenty days.

My Orcs been doing that, I’m on day 14. I might just make it in time.

I love how, every five days the little guy grows a bit more. As a tiny little baby I thought he was just sooo cute, but on day 6, wow! Adorable! On day 11 he kinda grew up into a mini-raptor pet, so my baby is almost all grownded up. 😦

At least this kid I’m gonna put to work once he’s past his teens!

Besides that, I’ve been fiendishly leveling to hit 69. At 69, I get to finally grab Titan’s Grip… and equip those TWO Bloodied Arcanite Axes that I’ve now got in my inventory. Thanks to the Argent Tournament, of course. 🙂

I don’t really care if I ever get beyond level 69. All I want is to be able to brandish those two massive axes, one in each hand, and roar in a fierce manner on the loading screen. That’s all. After that, as Mater might say, “Okay, I’m good.”

Hey, didja hear that they’re doing a second full release Cars movie? Sweet! I know, right?

So, Orc leveling.

I’m sad to say that I blew through Hellfire and Nagrand in two nights, plus some last minute Netherstorm questing, and my Orc is now level 68 in Borean Tundra.

I’m sad, because what’s the rush? But I really don’t care about those in-between levels! I’m on the hunt for twin two-handers, damnit! AXES! NOW!

In other news, I hadn’t realised they’d changed the Cold Weather Flight training soit wasn’t a Bind on Account book anymore. You can’t buy it for another character, it’s training like any other… but it’s purchasable at level 68 directly now, for 500 gold.

I’m kinda sad, I have more gold on Alliance side, I was hoping my Druid could buy the book and mail it to the Orc, saving me the hassle of Neutral AH gold swapping. Blech.

Now, you might think the title of the blog refers to the hunt for level 69. Nah, that was just synchronicity.

While my Orc was tooling around Netherstorm, flying over towards the undead city in the southeast corner, Cassie stopped me and said, “Hey! What’s that?!?” and pointed into the distance at this tiny flying purple blip.

I fly closer, and find that she’d spotted this beautiful rare purple chimaera named Nuramoc flying in the netherspace between islands.

Hmmm. I browse Mania’s website Petopia ALL THE TIME and I don’t recall seeing a purple chimaera before. Lemme check.

Why look, it’s the only purple one currently in the game! How neat.


You know, I have this Hunter, and she likes shiny pretty pets… even ones with twin mouths full of razor sharp fangs.

Oh, why the heck not.

Off I went, logged out one character and back on my Hunter, and off I went to hunt for the elusive Nuramoc, who is listed as flying pretty damn fast.

I’ll cut this short by saying, yes, I did find and capture Nuramoc for my pet stable, but that sucker led me for one heck of a hunt. I knew he was potentially out there somewhere… and I covered most of the square footage of Netherstorm until I found him!

It’s amazing how, even after all this time, hunting for that super rare spawn can really quicken the blood, isn’t it?

With all the news Mania has been sharing lately about all the wonderful new pets available with a tameable Ghostcrawler being just the tip of the iceberg, Cataclysm is gonna be one wild ride for the pet-loving Hunter, isn’t it?

I can hardly wait!

14 thoughts on “The hunt still quickens the blood

  1. Drew, I actually raid more with my tall strider than any other pet. When you get those big groups of mobs in ICC the Tallstrider’s attack debuff is a big help.


    • I think it’s because we had so many other classes already bringing the debuff that the tall strider wasn’t needed. It was a sad thing. 😦


  2. One of our hunters in my ICC 10 raid (Kingslayers, at last!) still had his original tallstrider from the Barrens. It was super-awesome, but 4.0.1 made using him too detrimental, so he had to be shelved. Our hunter was furious about it, and I’m not sure he’ll be returning to that alt anytime soon.

    I haven’t ever cottoned to hunters all that much. I’m not a fan of pet management, so those classes tend to fall by the wayside for me, as do the pet specs of the mage and DK. (Fire rules, frost drools.) Maybe I’m just looking for the right Horde race to try one out?

    Most of my focus since my raid downed the LK on my paladin (and thus, any reason for gear progression on her or my druid, who is also pretty ICC 10 tooled out has ground to a halt) has been on my engineering fire mage, who coincidentally just blew through Outlands leveling in a two day spree of Hellfire Peninsula and otherwise instances and a couple instance quests shared by people in the instances with me. Scratch that – I did do the quest in Zangarmarsh to get the mote extractor schematic, and I found Thrall in Nagrand for the event quest, but otherwise: only HP for questing and then I’m in Northrend? Craziness.

    BBB, if your mage isn’t specced fire, he *should be*. It is stoopid-gold fun – casting scorch while moving never gets old, and you will have every tank in the instances you run cursing softly while you blow away the meters. Redonkulous.


  3. I love what they’ve done with pets in 4.0.x Great stuff all around! However, I am REALLY ticked at Blizz right now. Patch 4.0.3 went live last night and killed my favorite pet, and my greatest Hunter trophy: my solo-tamed The Beast. Yes, that “The Beast” from Blackrock Spire. I solo tamed him, and he was my favorite pet, hands down. Having that “cool factor” of that skull showing up from him keeping his Boss Tag, and he had an unconfirmed flat damage reduction of 75%, and I smiled every time I opened up The Beast’s pet sheet and saw that “Level -1”. He was a hunter trophy like no other. Not any longer. The Beast has been neutered. No longer does he carry his Boss tag, has a level of “-1” or keep his unofficial damage reduction of 75%. (Obviously between the damage reduction and spell slowing, he was killin’ it in BG’s) The Beast has been reduced to a regular old Core Hound. I am just so mad, there was no word of this coming, and now my greatest trophy has been ripped from my hands.


  4. Aye, the new hunter pets look quite special – the tortoise ones are my favourites so far.

    Thanks for the heads up on the horde side ravasaur! Wonder if I have time…


  5. You know, I *used* to be a hunter, of the extreme soloing variety. I loved running around soloing obscene things, so I never did ascribe much value to the pets that I tamed other than my bear. Swipe FTW. <.<;

    These days, I *am* the bear, instead of taming one. =P


    • I should clarify, because what I said sounds callous and makes me sound like my heart is smaller than The Grinch’s.

      My bear Tiny? First pet I tamed, and my go-to pet for anything. BM Forever!


  6. man..I camped Nuramoc for almost a month..literally, hunter was parked at arear51, gathering rested xp and I’d log him in 2 or 3 times a around looking for Nuramoc then go back to sit in the Inn. After getting that bad boy my hunter was allowed to level again. Uh’Klok (or however ya spell it) the white ape was the same thing, just sat the hunter in the cave and logged in every so often until I got lucky. Gratz on the pet. Cool pets make the hunter class for me.


  7. I only pvp on my hunter and i wanted to get a chimera to try using a slowing pet instead of an immobilizing pet, and Numaroc is pretty much the sweetest chimera you can get. I have yet to find him and i have been looking periodically for a while.


  8. My son (2) LOVES all things Cars. I was excited when I found out they were making a sequel…until I realized that I’ll be deployed when it’s released. Bah.


  9. I know I lost my socks when I was finally able to tame Unk’loc in Un’goro. I know he doesn’t qualify as “Exotic”, but he’s still a damned handsome pet. And I have to continually thank Chawa for helping me get my Ghost Saber.


  10. I’ll try not to envy too much. I wanted Nuramoc so bad before Wrath…used to practically live in Netherstorm, trying to find him. Not sure why, really, since Chimaeras are kinda pitiful as far as “exotics” go, but I am a girl, and that IS purple so….good enough reason, yes? Finally did see it on my hunter a few weeks ago, and ended up just killing it, towards the achievement. Yeah, I know, I’m logical.



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