I’m gonna put the question to you

I’ve got two things I could write. Well, two big things, and probably continue with a bunch of this small crap.

I’m waffling over which of the two big things to commit to. I don’t know why; I don’t like waffles. But I am, and it’s keeping me from writing either one.

So I’m gonna put it to you.

Which would you rather I committed to actually writing next, a Storytime about camping as a kid, or the next installment of Converging Forces?

Sorry, you don’t get a third option. Those are the two that have bubbled to the top of my brain. 

I don’t have writers block, dear God I don’t even understand what that is. I sit down, and the fingers start putting words one after the other across the screen.

A QUALITY block… those, I know well. Oh yes, I most certainly know the name of that daemon and I’m familiar with the feel of his foetid breath hot on the back of my neck.

So – A Storytime, or a Converging Forces turn?

You decide. I need to bust up this damn logjam.


40 thoughts on “I’m gonna put the question to you

  1. I was automatically voting ‘storytime’ but then had to figure out what Converging Forces was. And I had to google PBeM because I was still kinda lost. I haven’t read all of the CF installments yet, but definitely looks intriguing.

    Vote: I’m still sticking with Storytime though. I haven’t caught up on CF yet 🙂


  2. I say story of camping awesomeness.

    As far as waffles go, as Mitch Hedberg said, “waffles are like pancakes with a syrup trap”

    kind of like a bear trap /shudder no wonder they are not a favorite.


  3. One trick to waffles is the topping. Maple Syrup (the real stuff, of course!). Ice cream. Fruit preserves (again, the real stuff). Shakira. Combinations of the aforementioned. And I’m pretty sure someone can probably do something reasonable with unreasonable amounts of bacon.
    If the waffles are too thick, consider slicing them in half, pretending it’s a pancake, or use them as layers between icecream.

    Also, don’t forget that if you throw enough toppings on the waffles, you’ll probably eat a little of the waffle, get filled by everything else, and can still say something to the effect of “I’m full! I can’t possibly have any more!” 🙂 (Caveat: do not do that in case one of the toppings was Shakira)

    But to answer your question: Camping story. I need to have something to show the wife as further reasons why not to camp. In my experience, camping stories never go “Oh, it was nice, not too warm, not too cold, the fish were biting nicely, everything went perfect, and there wasn’t a mosquito in sight!”


  4. Camping as a kid… For me at least, there is nothing greater than reflecting on some of the coolest (or most interesting) parts of growing up.


  5. Would probably be a good creative writing exercise to figure out a way to weave the two together into a single cohesive camping storytime 🙂

    Mmmm sweet chewy bacon encased waffles….


    • And as I said to Chawa and twww, I promise I’ll do Converging Forces soon. Hopefully this weekend. It’s been really swirling in my head lately.


  6. Since I just got back from a Girl Scout camping trip with my little 2nd grader I would love to hear your camping story. THen the Converging Forces 🙂


  7. Storytime! That’s one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed visiting both BRK and your blog, you always manage to show such humor and interesting topics from your regular jobs.


  8. Camping as a kid!

    And what is up with no love for waffles? Come on! They’re waffles! If you don’t like them with syrup, then roll them up and use them to hold your ice cream! The perfect food!

    And just because I wanted one more exclamation point!


  9. I don’t understand. Is there some reason we can’t have both? Were we bad or something?

    If I have to choose then I guess it’s storytime for me.


  10. Storytime please. It’s been a long while and some of my favorite posts from you have been about either your tales as a kid or your more esoteric jobs after the military 😛


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