Old Butt Music Update!

One of the things I mention every now and then is music.

Music is a huge part of my life, just like everyone else. I hate to break it to ya, the power music has doesn’t change just because you get old.

I’m always interested in talking about music. My music, your music, whatcha like to listen to when you raid, when you PvP, when you chill and farm ore or herbs for 3 hours, when you drive in to work, when you’re mowing the lawn, when you’re running at the gym.

One thing, however, is an incontrovertible fact.

I am an old, old, old man.

Not as old as the Mannyac, I may have teethed on a raptor horn, but he was one of the ones that hunted ’em into extinction.

But what does my age mean for you?

This means, and damn I enjoy this, I am now old enough that anything I like listening to automatically becomes uncool.

God, I love that. It’s like a super power.

And now, if you are cool and you like the latest pop hits, I’m about to ruin your day.

Below is the track list for my latest driving CD. I enjoy listening to these songs while driving at high speeds around the turtles that block my forward progress on the interstate.

If you like any of these songs, and I do mean any of these songs…. you are not cool. You must drop them from your playlist before your friends mock you for listening to music the OLD FOLKS like.

I am hereby officially ruining these songs for the cool crowd. Oooh, it gives me shivers.

Just like when all the cool kids found out their parents were on Myspace, so they had to switch to Facebook, now you’re gonna have to switch to something else.

I am tainting these songs. Pray I don’t taint your music any further. 

Alex Parks – Mad World
The Veronicas – Untouched
t. A. T. u. – All the things she said
The Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up
Ke$ha – Take It Off
Shakira – She Wolf
Lady GaGa – Bad Romance
Linkin Park – New Divide
Skillet – Hero
Britney Spears – Circus
P!nk – U + Ur Hand

On the plus side, my super power to destroy the coolness of music only works on pop crap and the latest hits. Anything that is vintage and of enduring quality, such as Pink Floyd or Silly Wizard, remains unmarred by my enjoyment. You may continue to enjoy them freely.

Oh, and for those at all interested;

I like a wide variety of music, different things for different purposes. But two things remain the same.

When I go out to listen to live music, I want to listen to Irish Music. I think if I ever do a “Hang out with the Bear” thing ever again, it’s gonna be at the Half Time Rec Center in Saint Paul while the Tim Malloys play.

When I want to farm ore or herbs endlessly for hours, I put one of Lewis Black’s comedy albums from iTunes on. I have them all. It’s like listening to myself rant and rave, but without getting the sore throat.

16 thoughts on “Old Butt Music Update!

    • No, it certainly doesn’t…

      But there are three rings of the loop. You need to decide which one is you.

      There are those that are IN the loop.

      There are those that are out of the loop.

      And there are those that are clueless that a loop exists.

      I’ve always preferred to be aware of the loop, to identify those within the loop, to form my own counter-loop, and then to mock the original loop unmercifully.


  1. Love it. A couple of my guild mates wonder what era I am from. Last time I checked I made it through the 80s without more than one perm….

    you want oldie irish fun – the clancy brothers. I managed to make a tape of that record before it broke.


  2. Damn, I do miss our evenings of cigars, alcohol and getting the Tim Malloys hammered (and watching the resulting chaos). Big John had the greatest toasts


    • “Here’s to the woman that wears red shoes… smoked all my pot and drank all my booze… she’s older now but you know that’s no sin… she still has the box the cherry came in. Slainche.”

      Yeah, some of Big John’s toasts were quite memorable. 🙂


  3. A friend had an extra ticket for me to go see Vampire Weekend recently in concert. Didn’t know anything about them before, enjoyed the concert, and then made a pandora.com channel based on Vampire Weekend. I really, really, really, really like that band now, bought both their albums (the first is preferable), and have been listening the heck out of them.

    “The devastating backstroke
    all the way from France
    Shiny, shiny cuff links
    the shirt sleeve to enhance
    the pinstriped men of morning
    are coming for to dance
    we’ve got Egyptian cotton
    the kids don’t stand a chance”


  4. Ooo, I’ve been looking for more Celtic music and now I’m listening on to Silly Wizard on Spotify, thank you 😀

    And, er, I kinda like tATu and Shakira 😦


  5. I’m looking at that list and I have to say, some 50% of them don’t even ring a bell.

    Pink Floyd!

    All in all it’s just another bear on the wall!


  6. Silly Wizard!?!?!?! A roommate of mine my freshman year in college gave me one of their cd’s and there are several songs on there I will never be able to get it out of my head. Something about a bird on a ship and his girl . . . *races off to dig through 800 + cd’s*

    I thought I was the only person who knew of them!


  7. Mmmkay. Music. Age.
    Let’s see 🙂
    Alan Parson’s Project. Urah Heep. Deep Purple. Pink Floyd. Emerson Lake & Palmer. Yes, Electric Light Orchestra, too 🙂 Queen. Rush. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones. And many more.

    I wonder if those bands might be an indicator that in comparison, BBB is a ‘cub’ 🙂

    I listen to pretty much anything from Gregorian Chants to (but excluding) Rap, certain types of Metal, and that “Jazz” style where it sounds as if everyone plays different scales at the same time. I don’t listen to music while raiding/instancing, I’m too hooked on audio queues when tanking. And when I farm herbs/ore, it’s frequently to classical music (Bach or Modern composers), or Mike Oldfield.

    Hmmm. I need to go and find my Barclay James Harvest and Jethro Tull albums. Yes. I said ALBUMS! Haven’t converted them to MP3 yet.


  8. Now anytime I read a Bear rant I am going to her Lewis Black’s voice reading them to me. This may be the only way that beat rants could have gotten better.


  9. Haha, The Veronicas!!! And they live on… I enjoy their periodic visits/comments on MTV’s “I Love the 80’s” (etc.).


  10. Way to go Bear! Way to stick it to the youngin’s!

    And yes… Tim Malloy’s would be cool… you should follow up with some group Munchkin Action as well (not at the same time though obviously)


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