23 thoughts on “My new favorite quote

    • I can’t tell you what happened, but I can tell you that Old Blanchy is the horse of a pair of poor, distraught farmers that were the first couple to greet you when new Alliance characters entered Westfall. There was a quest specifically related to Blanchy, and quest rewards that were some of Old Blanchy’s things.

      So it is a very tender moment in the game for long time Human Alliance (or Westfall questing) players.

      A moment of silence, please. He was a horse among horses, but of course encountered forces, and things took their course so now we’ve lost our Mr Blanchy.


      • “He was a horse among horses,
        but of course encountered forces,
        and things took their course
        so now we’ve lost our HORSE.”

        FTFY 😉


      • I appreciate your interest in fixing that for me, but in my opinion it wasn’t broken in the first place. It was a minor riff on my memories of the the Mr. Ed theme show song. I didn’t even bother to look up the original show song, but from my childhood memories it goes;

        A horse is a horse,
        of course, of course,
        unless, of course,
        the horse, of course,
        is the astounding Mr Ed.

        That’s why I ended mine the way I did.


      • I’m not feeling pissy, I just figured you might not have understood why i wrote that the way I did. It wasn’t a eulogy, as much as another example that I’m frakkin’ weird.


  1. I heard that they were doing some sort of CSI thing with Blanchy. As long as I can still get the chicken, I’ll be alright with whatever happens to Old Blanchy. She had a good long life, right?


      • Yeah. I went there with my druid and just watched. In the end I just went “awwwwwww, poor Hogger, the bane of so many new humans gone and arrested.”

        I will never forget my first Hogger fight. He died. I lived with 3 HPs left.


  2. I haven’t run there to do the quests yet. Going off the theory that if I haven’t seen it then it hasn’t happened yet. At least thats what I’m telling my self til i get there.


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