Oooh look, shiny!

You have fun?

I had fun.

Today, what should we talk about?

I’ll tell you what.


You go, read this righteously awesome post by Manalicious, and enjoy.

It’s not just how great the post is in terms of guidance, but honestly… how excited and exuberant Vidyala’s tone is.

That’s how to be an inspiration, right there.


Oh, I’d write something about my adventures as a Troll Druid, or as one of a hundred thousand excited Human Hunters, but honestly… my mind is too wrapped up in the doings of Baron Trendel to be able to spare the brain cells.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful time, and Blizzard has my deepest thanks and appreciation for a successful roll out of the huge change. Once I got in, I played. Period. No issues.

No issues aside from, sigh, people bitching about portals being gone.

Really, go read Manalicious and delight in the fun.

14 thoughts on “Oooh look, shiny!

  1. Loaded my 22 shammy in thunderbluff and ran all the way to Ratchet then flew to Og. Stunning way to explore the new Barrens as we actually had to pay attention and not stride god like through as our 80’s. Had an absolute blast and took our time. I’ve never taken over an hour to do that trip before! So much to see and explore in our new sandpit.


  2. I’m glad they managed to fix some issues this patch – the last one broke half my game after all.
    The shattering on the other hand has been nothing but fun so far (and you really wanna get alll the other pets too btw!). =)


  3. I thought about it long and hard and Clapus will always be a Tauren Druid, broken horn and all. My wife played him for a week while I was at work. She never noticed the broken horn right away. She called me one evening to tell me she broke his horn fighting some monster. I told her she had to get her own account if she was going to break my Taurens.


  4. I fired up a new ten day trial just to see some new starting areas. The Tauren and Troll starting areas are great so far. The Tauren really are having a rough time, and it hits some poignant notes, especially in parallel with their Native American inspiration. I could blather at length about the game design, but what really struck me is the storytelling. Citizen Kane, maybe not, but it’s Blizzard putting a good foot forward.


  5. I opened up my achievements menu and under loremaster I find that each area now has a #of quests to be done. I’m soo happy I got mine done when I did. As for everything else I like what they did, makes the game new again 🙂


    • I might even do it on my big old bear butt, now that I have some way of figuring out where I left off back 5 years ago.


  6. I have to agree – the patch went very well. Everything was super smooth, and the world (from what I’ve seen so far) looks great. I’m excited about checking more things out, and starting on the thousands of new quests.

    I haven’t seen as much as I would like, because I’ve been sort of busy playing entrepreneur on the AH. 😛 But this patch launch gives me higher hopes for the Cataclysm launch: perhaps my computer won’t be choking to death from lag (and I won’t be yelling at it constantly) for the first week of the expansion! 🙂


  7. I really was impressed with the patch roll out. Hats off to Blizzard on this one. After 4.0.1 I was cringing at the thought of playing last night. I didn’t see many of the new areas mostly the major cities but I did not have a single problem last night either. 🙂


  8. Aw, thanks BBB. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I… honestly, doing all of those quests didn’t feel like hoop-jumping, boring “grind to get this, move on to the next thing.” I was crushed to see NPCs I KNEW who had been hurt by these changes. I was elated to see familiar faces alive and well. I may have teared a bit at the end. The last quest is aptly named. I always will remember Auberdine.

    Someone said on Twitter today, “Thanks Blizz, for making me feel the way I did when I logged in for the first time all those years ago.” That’s exactly how it was for me. I can hardly wait to explore the rest of the world, too.


    • I did enjoy the post, very much. Yes, kudos to Blizzard for doing a really nice job in breathing even more vibrant life and emtion into the world, but kudos to you as well for bringing… well, yourself and being inspiring. It’s really nice to read the thoughts of someone so positive and excited. It brings me part of the way up right there beside you. 🙂

      Plus, I didn’t know about Withers… I’ve been running in a spoiler free zone.


      • Thank y’all for the recommendation. Ran Darkshore today and it was excellent.

        I’ll plug the new Azshara–the hubby and I took some troll newbies through it and just about died laughing (one little set of quests particularly, which I will not not not spoil).


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