Beat the Inscription blues!

Why, yes, I DO happen to have a lot of new alts, thank you!

Yes, they are just the cutest batch of bunnies you ever did see. Death bunnies. Hmm, should I make that a new gui… naaah.

And they grow up so fast!

It seems like just last week I started them all, and look, one of them’s already past level 25! They’re ALL almost to 25!

Oooh, it’s a good thing I’ve got that max level Inscriptionist with every Glyph recipe trained, so I can make all those Glyphs for them. At 25 they’ll want a Prime, a Major and a Minor… for EACH spec! And when dual-specs only cost 10g, that there be a lot of Glyphs down the road, ayep, ahuh, I reckon.

I’ll just pop on over to the Inscriptionist…. or Scrivener… or Scriber… or scribbler… or dude that makes Glyphs, or whatever the ridiculous pedantic people insist they be called when we all know what we mean, and just scribble me down a list of mats!

Oh, and my wife has needs too… alt Glyph needs, that is. I’d better get a list from her before I get started!

Okay, mats, mats… wow, that’s a buttload of inks of all level ranges. Damn good thing I have acres and acres of Ink of the Sea to trade to Jessica Sellers, right? I’ll just pass along these Inks of the Sea that I made with extremely valuable high-level herbs from Northrend, and she’ll pass over all those low level Inks that I need for 80 levels worth of varying milled herb stuff.

“Hi Jessica! how’s it going? Pretty quiet now that Dalaran is in isolation, I’ll bet!”

“Hey, I’ve got some Glyphs I need to make, so how’s about you shoot me over about thirty Moonglow Ink, fifteen Lion’s Ink… better make that eighteen, nine Jadefire, three Ink of the Sky, and toss in some Ethereal Ink while you’re at it, maybe twelve or fifteen.”

“What… what the heck do you MEAN my Ink of the Sea ain’t worth taking? Blackfallow Ink? BLACKFALLOW?!?!”

“But Blackfallow ain’t in the damn GAME yet! There ain’t no recipes to learn how to make it!”

“Oh… that’s why you want it. It’s rarity is what makes it so valuable. Gotcha.”

“So… how the hell am I supposed to get all these Inks for the Glyphs? The Glyphs you learn leveling are good for characters of all levels, but I who the heck is level 80 and rolling in ALL the low level Inks? That’s a whole heck of a lot of Ink just on the off chance you need one of those Glyphs, darnit!”

“What do you mean, farm it? Holy crap, do you have any idea how many kinds of herbs there ARE out there? How the hell am I supposed to know which herbs get milled into what kind of Pigment when I only need Moonglow or Etherial? Or what kind of Pigments turn into what kinds of Inks for that matter?”

“Oh, Wowpedia has a great page showing all the herbs, derived pigments and inks?”


“Okay, that’s fine, but what if I don’t want to spend all freaking day flipping back and forth between my guild bank… um, I mean my personal bank where my herbs are, and Wowpedia, checking and cross-referencing?”

“Oh, there’s a simple addon called Millhelp that shows me what an herb turns into when you Mill it when you mouse over it?”


“Well, fine! Be that way!”

Mutter, grumble… How the heck’s a guy supposed to get a good case of the cranky on if you’re gonna go and get rid of the confusion, huh? Answer me that!

Now to just go blast through a few carefully targeted low level zones to score some prime herb, and I’ll be rolling some new Glyphs in record time!

23 thoughts on “Beat the Inscription blues!

  1. Agreed I love altholic I have 6 80s with different professions and big bags and it tells me all I need to know about my toons


  2. Oi.. removing the red transmute is kinda harsh, I would guess that’s the most used one eh? :s
    Sometimes they do make weird choices it seems…

    @ Solitha (and others maybe as well):
    Did you ever try Altoholic?
    It’s a great addon which keeps track of all your alts, including bags, skills, professions, levels, rested xp, xp, etcetcetc.
    Really handy if you wanna check on toon 1 what you need for the tradeskills of toon 2, just browse in Altoholic. Or link the tradeskill from toon 1 into guildchat while playing toon 3. Also, you can search the bags of any toon you have from any character you have 🙂
    And it keeps track of toonglyphs as well, so you can see exactly which glyphs you need to make for each alt, without relogging 🙂

    I really like that one and recommend it to anymore playing on more than 2 or 3 chars 🙂


    • I LOVE Altoholic, but it’s been kinda iffy with updates and “forgetting” what my alts have and can do.

      Besides, my math skills suck.

      I actually wrote out an Excel spreadsheet and manually put in mats for each glyph I need for all toons, then let it calculate total inks -> total pigments -> minimum plants I need.


  3. My Scr.. Insc… INSCRIPTIONISTA! will be very happy to find that millhelp addon! My new lock is an herber and sends stuff over on a regular basis. I know, the glyph crafting pane helps, but when I have a bag full of assorted weed plants, I can see it to be very useful to just hover over what I really need. Especially if it works while the stuff is still in the overflowing mailbox!

    And thanks, BBB, for reminding me that I need to make glyphs 😛 Two new alts that my wife and I are leveling need glyphs. Soon!


  4. What I want: non-class related glyphs. How about a minor glyph for fishing? Glyph of Auto-Reeling would be pretty sweet. Or a glyph that cuts crafting speeds? I suppose that might have consequences for the AH game, but I don’t think that Blizzard would support the notion that “the AH is the game,” so that would be fine. A glyph to cook things in batches? That would be cool. So would milling more than one stack at a time. Many of the classes’ minor glyphs are insufferably lame. Why not expand?


  5. Dunno if you knew… El, of El’s Extreme Anglin’, also has Inscription well covered.

    However, the addon may be worth a look for me. Since my Scribe and Herbalist are not the same toon, I can’t easily see what the Scribe needs when I’m out herbing. However, I do plan to wait till after retail… when my Herbalist can FLY to find the darn things.


  6. ‘I hear you in da market for some herb, mon. W-wait, what? You gonna do what to dem? O-oh. Never mind, den. Y-you never saw me.’

    Of course, I *would* totally roll the troll druid, if I wasn’t insistent on setting myself up for TAUREN AERIAL HERB NINJA! antics.


  7. Hehe, yeah, I like that as well: Scribbler 🙂

    But I was also unhappilly surprised by this one… Although the Inscription interface gives a reasonably insight in which herbs/pigments you need, it is a twostep process which is kinda annoying… I bought some lowlevel herbs off the AH to get those lowlevel inks.

    Now, guess what? In all off Blizzards mightily consistency, they also changed the Jewelcrafting tokens already into Cataclysm tokens, so no way you’ll be getting those last gemcuts if you wanna regem some and detest AH prices. (they did bugfix that Alchemy transmute thingy you wrote about earlier, didnt they?)

    On the bright side: 1 profession trainer for ALL professions upto skilllevel 75 is a beauty for your low level alts ❤


    • They did hotfix in the Alchemy transmutes…..

      and then they removed the Cardinal Ruby transmute quest from the game.


  8. Gathering old herbs for milling is a bonanza right now. When they shattered Azeroth, it’s like a cloud of fertilizer covered the planet – the nodes are numerous, and the frequency doesn’t seem to drop with item level. WPL is insanely rich in herbs.


    • /agree
      You can’t run 5 steps without running into a weed that needs pulled now. Well… in some zones that is… some are still quite empty.


  9. Hm, personally I always felt that the in-game tooltip for the pigments stating which herbs they come from was good enough already. 🙂

    But yeah, making glyphs is a more difficult business these days…


    • And would be fine if you’re starting with pigments, instead of starting with nothing and need to get herbs to mill into pigments. I think? Or is it just me?


  10. Haha that was a big shock for me too. Lucky for me, I already crafted a lot of glyphs before the patch and my new dwarf shaman is a miner-herbalist and he gathers a lot of low level herbs.


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