We Interrupt This Expansion…

We interrupt this expansion with a report from our Bear on the ground, BBB!

Thanks, narrator!

Many of you are enjoying the expansion, and think it is the greatest thing ever to hit WoW.

You may be right.

Unfortunately, I have to hereby announce that starting immediately, I am no longer playing WoW.


It’s simple.

I just realised, completely by accident (ie I found my Schlock t-shirt), that I somehow lost my link to the webcomic Schlock Mercenary by Howard Taylor in my favorites folder.

I lost that link… about two years ago.

I have TWO YEARS of Schlock Mercenary I missed.

Two. Years.

You know, there are few things in this life as precious as that moment when you find something that truly brings you joy in your heart… and there are years worth of back issues to enjoy.


I’m so happy!

Excuse me, gotta go read.

I might get back to the game this weekend. Don’t count on it.

Rule 1, baby. Pillage, THEN burn.

13 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Expansion…

  1. Best comic ever. Even though I’m completely broke, I will buy every book Howard Tayler creates. I’ve probably read the whole long series twice, and some bits more than that.


  2. Hmm well then you might be interested in knowing about a book I started last week. Live free or die by John Ringo is based on the comic during the first contact with aliens days. Hmm did I just ensure no new posts? Damn.


  3. And here I thought you had your act together. Imagine losing Schlock!

    (* Rule 8: Mockery and derision have their place. Usually it’s on the far side of the airlock. *)

    Umm…ok..forget what I just said. Go and enjoy.


  4. I use Google Reader for my Schlock fix along with all my other webcomics. Makes it so easy that they are all in one easy to find spot.


  5. “What Would Schlock Do?”

    “Eat it, kill it, make friends with it or take a bath in it. Those are the points on your moral compass.”


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