Amazingly, I’ve been so busy DOING things, I haven’t really had much of a chance to process anything into a blog post. Sorry about that.

Since I feel bad, I’m going to bundle up the last week into the cheesiest of the cheese; a first impressions post.

Hey, I said I felt bad, I didn’t say I was going to give you a quality post to make up for it!

My first impression of the expansion is that this totally confirms my original suspicions;

Mages, possibly with the connivance of a turncoat Priests’ Mind Control, have gained extraordinary power over the developers.

I’ve warned you of their dark plans before. Many of you doubted me, I know. When I told you of their plans to form a Supreme Mage Hegemony, you laughed.

Some might have even jeered.

But now do you finally begin to see? 

If Kael’thas and Killrog trade chat is anything to go by, the removal of Dalaran and Shattrath portals are throwing the world into a tailspin of confusion.

The bleating of surprised players wondering where the portals went has STILL not ceased, and possibly never will.

We may be logging in next summer to find someone in Trade chat ask, “Where did the portals in Dalaran go?”, to be followed quickly with the reply, “They vanished when the Ice Stone had melted!”

It’s all about selling the Mage ports.

“Mage selling ports, will come to you for an extra fee, pst.”

At least this proves one thing; there are few things a Mage won’t do for money. 

I warned you, and now it’s too late.

Okay, before the Mages start taking me seriously, there is a flip side to this.

My poor level 66 Mage can’t move two steps in a capital city without getting whispers demanding Mage ports somewhere else.

Normally, I don’t mind a whisper here or there. I am a Mage after all.

I do expect a complete stranger that comes to ME begging for a port to offer a tip. I don’t ask for one, and I won’t get snotty without one, but if I don’t know you, and you’re not approaching me to hang out or get to know me but just straight out wanting to use my unadvertised services as “generic portal machine 1 each”,  then I expect the offer of reimbursement for my time and mats.

If you don’t offer anything at all, then I give you the portal and put you on ignore. One shot to be polite, you had it, bye.

I’ll probably refuse the tip when offered… the point ain’t the money, the point is that the person takes the time to show that they appreciate I’m helping them out at their request.

I do have one extra level of crankiness, though.

If the person whispering me literally mispells every single word in the request, then I’ll probably refuse.

I guess that makes me a spelling nazi, and if so, okay. But I’ve gotten whispers that look like “nead u 2 prt me 2 sw pl k”.

I wish I were joking.

If I see that come across my chat, I just add to ignore and move on.

I never did say I was a nice person, but sometimes life is just, ahem, “2 short”.

The whole situation does do exactly what I’d hoped it would. It’s made me appreciate my Mage that much more, and it’s encouraged me to think about how to travel around the world carefully and efficiently to get to where I want to go.  

As for the rest of it… hey, leveling on both Horde and Alliance sides seems wonderful. The smoothness of the transitions between quest areas and even zones is great. I’ve been having lots of fun.

And next week, it all gets turned up to 11!

Isn’t this the best of all worlds? The folks that love to both play on alts AND raid get two weeks to mess around in the new leveling content before the draw to hit the new levels of end game quests opens up. Pretty cool.

I wonder just how many actual hardcore raiding guilds are still out there burning with the desire to blast through to level 85 so they can start pushing for a world first raid clear?

I hope most folks are going to get the chance to take the amount of time they want to level before hitting 85, because that first time through the zones only comes around once… and it’ll be a long time until the next content patch.

Enjoy it while you can!

26 thoughts on “*Crickets*

  1. If I ever had a question about how many people play this game, without really paying attention…this would have answered it. I am amazed at how many are STILL asking “where are the portals???”, when patch notes, articles, WoWHead-Wiki-wherever you fly for info all announced the upcoming change…months ago? Last week? The DAY BEFORE THE PATCH DROPPED? There can’t be that many people (says I) that took a gaming sabbatical and came back to find their worlds inexplicably changed…right? …Right?

    On the other hand, I do have a level 80 mage, and it’s been a little embarrassing to see some in trade chat offering portals for 75g a pop (or more). Most have been good at 10g a piece, and a few have offered free (tips appreciated but not necessary). I haven’t had anyone whisper me out of the blue, rudely or otherwise, but I’ve heard from quite a few who have…and seen quite a few demanding in trade like it is the sworn duty of any mage to transport on demand.



  2. Brb, making fake portals in Dalaran!

    I haven’t really been accosted at all – but then again, I’m not doing much on my mage at this point. I don’t think our server supports “/who mage” commands. Well, either the server or the general population! I did group someone who asked (in Trade) for a port from Dalaran to Orgrimmar, opened the portal, and they walked up and tipped me generously (25G!!!) That more than makes up for the people who are on my JC’s ignore list because they’re too cheap.
    I’m with you, BBB – they have one shot. If the price difference on the AH between a cut (epic) gem and a raw gem is, let’s say, 50g, what makes you think I want to do the cut for 5g? Or 10g (for multiple cuts). For all I know, you’ll just re-post those things 😛 Or the people who ask for a cut, then take 15 minutes to get to me – or tell me that we’ll do it after their BG. NO!!!

    If you want it for “free”, level your own crafter/gatherer/mage/warlock.

    Guildies and friends exempt. Not valid in Southern Barrens, Thousand Needles, or Moonglade. All rights reserved. All wrongs avenged.


  3. Argh I took my banker out of Stormwind for an exploratory visit to Westfall last night and hearthed her expecting her to appear back in town … only to open my eyes staring at the innkeep in Dalaran. I’d forgotten many moons ago that a friendly guildie had ported my banker to Dal on the theory that she could still port back to town for the banking and is now stuck there. Thankfully there is now an AH in Dalaran so I could leave her there but she is a child of Stormwind and just feels out of place in Dal so I can forsee a day where she and I go down into the sewer and drop out off the pipe. I know she will pixellate on landing but figure that the run from there to the harbour will be a fatalistic journey and I just Refuse to pay a mage for a port! That and I suspect that trying to run a level 20 through Northrend will be hysterical.


  4. @Facetank: the closest you can probably get is dungeon levelling through the Outland and Northrend level ranges. This will obviously work better for hybrids that are willing to go tank or healer for those levels than it will for the pure DPS classes.


  5. I wonder how many of the people asking for ports out of Dal have even bothered to check the flightmaster. I did on my level 50 shammy (who has never travelled in Northrend – I got a portal to Dalaran from a friendly neighbourhood guild mage) and what did I find? Direct flight paths to both Valgarde and Valiance Keep, despite the fact that she had never visited either town. I know, I know, taking a *boat*? I must be completely insane 😉

    Add the new flight points in each zone (Elwynn, Westfall and Redridge now have 3 each) and getting from where you are back to trainers/inn/bank/AH has never been easier. LFG means not needing to get back Northrend to do the Northrend 5 mans, so the only real reason to head back there is to get a couple of people to summoning stones to get a raid started. Most raids are going to have a mage, engineer or someone with the Argent Tournament tabard that can get up there to get things moving along.


  6. I was just thinking too… I can’t wait to level some new toons in all of the newly updated areas. I am a little torn about it right now though because I know that it will probably be amazing seeing all of the new areas but it won’t take long before I will need to go through that dark portal again. I almost wish you could level from 1-85 exclusively in the new old world so you can always be surrounded by all the shinies 🙂 Or can you somehow do it?


  7. Another way to deal with rude people is to make them a portal and then have your mage go through it first. I did this accidentally to my friend and he said he wasn’t able to enter the portal even though we were grouped *grin*

    And messing with people in the portal room is just pure brilliance ….bravo!


  8. Oh, and definitely taking my time getting to 85, cause I most definitely agree: there is only one first time to 85 🙂


  9. Hehe, I also do the occasional Exodar (in this case) port for rude ppl 🙂 But I must say that on my server (EU Stormrage) I have hardly met any bad requests for portals, I really can’t remember any serious offenses to be honest.

    What I definitely do like is the idea of the portal roulette hehe. Specially after a dungeon or a raid 🙂 Guildies are always fun to mess about with (but they know the Exodar trick by now, so they actually watch, which makes the roulette a great idea!) 😀


  10. That’s so epic… and mean… but epic.

    and yes^94869085906849056

    “If you say plz because it’s shorter than please, I’m going to say no because it’s shorter than yes.”


  11. If I had a mage, I’d be creating portals at their old spots in the former portal rooms and finding someplace to watch people try to use them.


  12. (laughs at Fangtastic) Used to know someone who played portal roulette. He’d pile all the portals in the same place (by casting them all without moving) so you never knew where you were going to end up. They kind of flickered as they rotated and the tooltip would flip through all of them.

    I don’t offer money up front, or at least not a specific amount. I’ll ask a mage if they’d like to sell a port. I usually give 5g, although that was before the portals went away, and I always took ‘sorry, I’m busy’ as meaning ‘I’m busy’ rather than ‘you’re cheap’. 😛 I used to add a stack of the portal runes until someone told me it was actually kind of inconvienent if they didn’t have bag space. Now, if my guild mage (yeah, we only have one. 😛 ) isn’t handy, I’ll ask what they think a good tip is and give them that. If I think it’s too much (and 10g is high-ish, but not totally out of line. 10g is only a few minutes work, for most people) then I just won’t ask them again.

    On my mage, if someone asks politely (in English), I’ll usually port them without asking for anything. I’ve been given 2g (lower level character, so not too bad) to 20. It evens out. But if someone says ‘u prt me 2 sw pl0x’ (WTF is a ‘pl0x’, anyway?) I’m going to suddenly go deaf.

    “If you say plz because it’s shorter than please, I’m going to say no because it’s shorter than yes.”


  13. No self respecting Priest would ever take part in such an endeavor. It is bad enough they are two button pushing DPS whores but to launch such a plot!
    If any Priest were to aid in such an evil plot they would be exterminated with extreme prejudice! I applaud you sir and continue to fight the good fight.


  14. Stonard swindle port for the win.

    Nothing says “not trustworthy” like people who don’t make an effort to spell words in phrases correctly. As soon as someone starts chatting that way in an instance, I’ve found it’s almost certain that he will behave in some way that will either warrant getting kicked, or the group will meltdown and quit from the ensuing shenanigans. When people “speak” that way, it says that they don’t have any respect for you and potentially others in your group.

    I am in no rush to level to 85. There will be plenty of time to ramp up to the first tier of raiding, and if not, the automatic upgrade of what our Justice Points will purchase when the next tier is made available will allow me to go back and enjoy the prior tier. Naxx didn’t become completely not worthwhile until ToC was released, after all. And if the old world is otherwise less populated owing to folks leveling their mains in the new zones, that’s fine with me.


  15. I logged into my mage in Dalaran the other day to disenchant some items and in 5 minutes I literally got 17 different whispers asking for a port. Some people didn’t even ask. They just said “port me to stormwind”. bleh

    It’s funny because the alliance side mages seem to be fixated on charging 10g per port (at least every mage I have seen while I was on other toons offers ports for 10g each on my server) so of course I try and follow suit. After all, it seems as though mages are making small fortunes right now. When I tell people that I will stop what I am doing and port them for 10g they bleat all manner of complaints at me telling me that I should port them for free. Amazing… here I am on my alt trying to get something done in the limited time I have to play and they try and treat me like I am some permanent part of the game generating ports to faraway locales for their convenience.

    I found it amazing how many people say they want the port first and then they will “pay”. Or they say they will pay half before and half after. Do people really think mages are stupid? We obviously are not considering how well our bribes to blizzard worked 🙂


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