What is your FIRST goal in Cataclysm?

The actual expansion is almost here, and I’m really curious as to what YOU, the folks that come to visit, are actually planning on doing FIRST.

You’re going to install and/or activate the expansion and then log in. Then there might be some minor shuffling around, addon updates, that kind of thing.

But with the new content and options available, what are you planning on digging into first?

Are you going to make and play a new Worgen or Goblin?

Are you going to learn and delve into the newest Profession, Archeaology, and search the world for something cool to dig up?

Are you planning on tearing straight into the new leveling/questing content on one of your level 80 characters?

Are you going to race change one of your existing high level characters to Worgen or Goblin right out of the gate?

Are you going to train Azeroth flight and go for a spin to see things for the first time when NOT on a flight route?

Are you maybe planning on training a new Profession level, and being the first to hit max on a crafting Profession?

Are you going to train a gather Profession and be the first to corner the herb, skin or ore market?

What, exactly, are you really planning on doing the first time you get into Cataclysm?

Me, I honestly don’t know. I feel the allure of leveling Professions. I might train old world flying, upgrade Professions, and then go do some Mining or Herbing.

It’s so close, you can almost squeee!

55 thoughts on “What is your FIRST goal in Cataclysm?

  1. Like everyone above: I’m excited.
    I plan on flying about and then fishing some in a new zone. I’m going to go pretty slow and look around.
    I have a bunch of heirloom gear for my soon-to-be awesome worgen rogue but now I don’t want the extra XP. I took my lvl 61 hunter to northrend and downed some the lvl 70 deer because none of the quests besides hellfire penn are open in outland. The extra XP zooms you up and you are powerful already and I wished I’d tinkered about more in Un’goro and some other of my favorite zones.

    I’m going to conquer Peaseblossom vs Ghouls, dang it!

    I saved a TON of mats for Fish Feast thinking I could get some quick leveling points but suddenly see no need to race to get there. For me, it seems that Raiding Endgame can wait a while. So much work was done on the content, I want to see it new and fresh.


    • You know, it’s funny but I took my Druid to that farm and did the first several parts of that Flower vs Ghoul minigame, and got stuck on one of them. I only did it twice before I had to go do something in the real world, and the next time I logged in, I had to go herb on my Druid and couldn’t stay in the zone.

      I can’t believe I still haven’t finished that quest to get my flower power! What a shame.


  2. I’m still torn. I *think* I’ll do this:
    – Old Weather Flying for all
    – Scroll of “Enchant: Gatherer” for the gathering 80s
    – Go mining on my JC/Miner ’til max mining
    – Go herbing on my Druid (still Tauren) ’til max herbing.
    – Hop on my main and see if I can go tank an instance or quest a li’l without incurring a huge repair bill!

    But yes, between my BS/Ench. tanking main and the JC, I’d need a metric shit-tonne of ore. Herbs for the Alchy – and skins for my LW Boomkin wife might be interesting as well. I have 6 80s and a 65, I WANNA DO ALL THINGS ON ALL TOONS! I am gainfully employed, so I can’t do everything on every toon :/

    Dang, I forgot. Step 0.5: Slap a spec, any spec, on my Druid. Something Feral again, because I already have gear for those 🙂


  3. Everyone else seems to be going to Hyjal…am I the only one who wants to go to Vashj’ir? The idea of an underwater zone just tweaks my curiosity…not to mention my “I-Don’t-Need-Underwater-Breathing” druid heart. So, the plan is…

    1. Create Worgen (still not sure if going druid or mage, here…probably druid…I love my druids)
    2. Grab main (lvl 80 balance druid) and hit the ground running in Vashj’ir.
    3. Level professions on the way (tailoring and enchanting)
    4. Get to 85.
    5. Breathe.
    6. Get breakfast.
    7. Switch to alt level 80 char, change “Vashj’ir” to “Hyjal”, return to #2.

    Rinse, repeat…I have 4 80s. During rest periods where my eyes are burning sand dunes, I’ll relax and return to leveling my new baby mage. The new Darkshore just freaking rocked. 🙂


  4. I’ll probably start with leveling a character to 85, although I’m undecided if it’s going to be a priest or rogue, just yet. If it’s a priest, it’ll be a dwarf unless I can finish leveling my shiny new gnome to 80 before Cata goes live (she’s sitting on 65 currently, so chances are maybe 50-50). If it’s a rogue, it’ll either be my dwarf, or my other dwarf – I like simple choices.

    After 85 I’ll likely roll up a worgen druid (finally, the chance to try out an alli druid without having to endure those awful nelf character models), will definitely roll up a dwarf shaman, and will have to give a goblin a try (if only for the chance to see Kezan). And I’ve some other alts to get to 85 and start leveling tradeskills with. But (aside from the initial 85 rush) I’m trying to keep things in perspective. And I don’t know if I’ll have the focus needed for raiding, this time round (especially after getting burnt out in Wrath).

    I’m a member in a progression guild (although not a raider myself), so I’m trying to come up with ways to help give the initial raiding members a headstart with the new content (probably through harvesting and crafted gear). All in all, it’s going to be interesting to see how raiding v4 goes.


  5. The very first thing I’ll probably do is take my main to Mount Hyjal and at least get his leveling started.

    I’ll also continue to level my sunwalker – turns out I love the class mechanics, just never wanted to play a blood elf paladin.

    Then in a month or two, when the rush to start new characters dies down a tad, I’ll start my goblin warrior. She will be a blacksmith and an engineer, two professions I haven’t done yet. She will have pigtails if at all possible. And she will kill the hell out of everything that gets in her way.


  6. I’m probably going to level my 80 DK first, then get some heirlooms and work on alts. We’ll see, i’m oddly not all that excited over it. Kinda the same old thing.


    • My advice to you is to not bother with Heirlooms except for weapons. The xp gain isn’t necessary, and really feels like overkill compared to the speed fo current questing. Jus a thought.


  7. First is kind of a tossup. Either:

    I’m gonna make my Nelf rogue, Savvy, into a Worgen and try to embrace not being a tank or a healer for once.

    Level my newly race-changed troll druid, Savvage, up to 85 and do heroics until he’s geared enough to tank the first raid and then realize how annoying raiding is.

    Buy the new BOA cape and helm for my undead hunter Painbow and her pet monkey named Evade.

    Invent an automated trade troll trap that engages trolls in preset whisper conversations in a window I can’t actually see thereby keeping them busy and off the public airwaves. “Hi, I’m conducting a research paper on the phenomenon of internet trolls and I think you are a really great candidate for an interview. May I ask you a few questions? What would you say was a bigger reason that you ended up trolling a) Your horrible complexion b) Your slight endowment c) being the only one the priest wouldn’t molest?”


  8. In theory, level my shadow/holy priest up to 85 (after buying old world flying and go exploring!). BTW .. I was really disappointed that the “surveying the damage” achievement, or whatever it’s called – the new explorer achievement for after the shattering – gets awarded automatically. It would have been nice to have something to show how far I have re-explored the world 😦

    Anyway, after that it would be my bear tank. Then I’d have all raid/instance bases covered.

    In practice .. I’ll try to go where the crowds are not. It may be levelling an 80 to 85, it may be archaeology, it may be a new worgen/goblin – or I might just stick on a mid-level alt until the crowds have died down 🙂


  9. I just want to level with my main little dwarf again, after being to main tank at raiding, i love to be just a pali dwarf leveling again. A working-class dwarf together with my guildies working hard to complete quests and dungeons. Have a lot of alfa but only one smallbeard 🙂
    I Hope everyone enjoys the ride.


  10. Flying. Then, off to Hyjal to level my druid. I want her ready to raid around Christmas! The other 80s – priest, mage, and paladin – can wait, I’ll level them any whatever my baby worgen ends up being in sequence. I want to hit the ground running on raiding this time around!


  11. For me, the Shattering *was* my Cataclysm. As such, I’ve rolled up a new Tauren Paladin and Gnome Priest (among others) and I’m just having fun playing and taking in the sights.

    If I do get the actual Cataclysm box, it will be on sale, and who knows when that will be. The first thing I’d do is get a flying mount and just go explore the world. That’s the biggest draw of CAT for me. I made do with the modelviewer for a while, but it doesn’t render alpha channels correctly and some environmental effects.

    Oh, and I’ll find a nice parapet or cave somewhere and make it my “home” in Azeroth. Now, if only I could bind my hearthstone to any world location, I’d be a happy camper.


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      Did you piss in somebodys Wheaties lately, Tesh, you naughty lad?


      • Well, Pete of Dragonchasers was a wee bit grumpy with me this morning. I have a curious knack at pissing off the establishment, and if I can annoy Pete, I’m sure some of the more.. strident bloggers are even more grumpy with me.

        That said, I had some legitimate comments get stuck in the spam filter over at my place today, too. Maybe they updated something on the back end?

        …or maybe I just comment too often here, and it thought I was a spammer. 😉


  12. My first goal will be to get the flying… mind you that would require 4k… of which I have only 1k. *sigh* I dont spen enough time on professions. I think I will max out my alchy and tailoring and then start levelling.
    I haven’t finished the quests in northrend so i could even get a little exp while doing these.

    I have deleted one toon just so I could create one of the new races… which… who knows.
    My play time is limited so I figure I will be the last one in my guild to reach 85. including the ones that will start their worgen on release date!


  13. I will probably be all sensible and settle into levelling my resto shaman to 85 and getting her ready to raid fairly quickly.

    But first….Ironforge Airport! I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time.


  14. I… am getting Cata for Christmas. My first child is due on Monday, and assuming she arrives then or maybe even sometime this weekend(!), I figure I wouldn’t have time to play much anyway. Also, most of my time is spent on a pvp realm (for my friends, not so much for pvp), and I have to imagine the new zones will be intolerable for that reason for a while.

    So, assuming I am able to play, I will probably continue to level new characters through the refreshed content in the old world, which is available to me without the expansion anyway. 🙂 Heck, that represents at least half the effort they put into the expansion, and for free, to boot! I’ve actually even stopped using heirlooms altogether on my new toons, since they really aren’t necessary for full, rich enjoyment.


  15. buy flying license.

    explore all the new lands, partly to ease my leveling afterwards ( and to find all instance entrances)

    commence with pre-planned leveling route, that was created based on reputation rewards required for high end raiding.

    now that I’m 85, level professions and group with guildies for instances, Tol Barad dailies, first raids.

    Play LOTRO and Metro 2033 otherwise


  16. I’ll be power leveling my warrior tank thru instances and just getting him to 85 so he can begin gearing for the raids. After that, I’ll be leveling my other 80s most casually via questing and checking out the coolness of the new content AFTER the mad rush is over. I’m figuring to wait at least a week before starting that. After about 2 weeks is over is when I’ll be making my new goblin and questing him up with a friend of mine.

    I learned long ago not to try to quest level with the mad rush because it’s just frustrating and you really don’t get to experience the new content well. This method worked very well for me when Wrath came out, but I had to do some questing when groups weren’t handy as the LFG tool wasn’t there. Now that it is, I’ll tank, my friend will heal and DPS are a dime penny a dozen.


  17. Since the Xpac launches at 2am for me. I’m just going to log in hit the trainers and then make some bandages, fish feasts, fly around SW, and then go to bed.
    Eventually I’ll get to Hyjal and start questing though.


  18. Questing on my Paladin. I’ve gotten a taste for the revamped starter zones with a new lowbie mage, I’m looking forward to seeing the magic Blizz works at the upper end. I’ll probably pick up Archaeology and ‘Old Weather Flying’ right away, but I figure on jumping right into the new quests right away.

    I figure my 80 Warlock and the new Mage are going to be gathering some dust for a while. Worgen/Goblin can wait.


  19. I am for sure going to level two of my three 80s straight up to 85. My bear might get a gifted race change to worgen for christmas. Then I can’t decide to level a rogue or a warrior. I like the idea of having three tanks though, so we will see. I have not touched ANY of the classic areas since 4.0.3 so I am really anxious to get maxed out and start another toon! 😀


  20. Well I have my main(hunter), who I will be leveling with my wife, but through some weird planning I ended up being off all next week, and she is not. SO, My plan is to level one of my other 80s, who have skinning or mining to feed to my main who has LW/ENG. Then when she is home play our mains. I have already respeced both of my 80 hunters into a leveling spec, and I just speced my pally into ret as I had not redone that since 4.0. I also Have my dk.

    first for my main though is to get flying and archeaology as I figure I can have fun with THOSE and not level while my wife is not there 🙂
    I will be changing my main to worgen as that +1% crit is a nice racial.


  21. Female Worgen Priest first. I am going to level with some friends. Other todo’s: Flying in Old World, Archeology and Leveling my main, Raising all my professions to max, and making a goblin to see the starting area.


  22. Level my Hunter to 85. (DPS)
    Level my Priest to 85. (Healer)
    Level my Druid to 85. (Tank)

    This will also give me a chance to level Alchemy(Hunter), Jewel Crafting(Druid) and Enchanting(Priest) to max so I will have everything I need to raid self supplied.

    I figure this should take no more then 1 week total for everything. The week after I will be looking for people to knock out the first tier of raiding.


  23. FLYYYYYINGGGGGGG. Then my rogue is getting a race change to goblin. I hope it won’t take too long to go through! But my druid is 80 as well so he will head off into the new content if my rogue is tied up, hehe.

    I’m making a Worgen and an additional goblin as well (Worgen to see all the new Alliance content, maybe yet another druid). The second goblin will be a warlock, I think. Maybe a warrior, though. But I don’t expect to get much farther past making them, since the pull to 85 will be strong.

    I really want to try out this archeology thing though. 85 might be delayed while I fly all over the damn place and excavate 😀


  24. Hmm, train flying & professions then go on a jaunt, check out all those areas that you can see from the flight paths but could never get to on foot. Like the dwarven farms between Loch Modan & Wetlands, the little caves between the Barrens and everywhere. 🙂 Probably try out archaeology too.


  25. I was excited in an abstract “that sounds cool” way, but not really feeling motivated about Cata up until yesterday. I had thought about rolling a Worgen but I had already played my favorite classes to 80, leaving me with the ones that had stalled at 40.

    I had quit raiding about a year ago, and so there wasn’t incentive to level my 80s either.

    What to do …

    Then the spousal unit told me what he was going to call his Worgen. He didn’t know what class yet, but something just clicked with me and, after a flurry of excited brainstorming, a Character Concept ™ formed. Thusly was the Worgen hunter and warrior leveling duo, Grimmsby, Woulfe & Hounde – , conceived.


  26. I plan to level a female Goblin Warlock to 70 then I’ll swap her off to level my hunter from 80-85 first followed by my priest, mage and druid.


  27. Old world flying, then off to either Hyjal or Vashjir with my bear/tree durid to hit 85 as early as possible. Then I’ll split my time between instances and bringing other toons up.

    For now. I could always change my mind at any time. 🙂


  28. I only came to the druid late in the WOTLK era. I hit 80 with a death knight, a paladin, a warrior and a hunter before raceshifting my extremely boring druid into a tauren.

    Turns out, he wasn’t boring. I just really held a grudge against night elves. I zoomed past Outland by healing dungeons for the first time ever, and tanked my way through Northrend. I loved the tanking style of the bear pre-4.0.1. Five or six buttons to keep an eye on, macro maul to everything, and spend the rest of the time working on situational awareness and when to pop cooldowns. Paladin tanking never felt as natural.

    When Cataclysm comes, I’m starting a Worgen druid and making him my first main. Although I’ve hit 80 on several characters, I can’t say they’re my main because I’ve never felt completely comfortable on any of them. Which has also hindered me in working on more time-consuming achievements.

    But I’m expecting to fall madly in love with my worgen tank/resto druid and to never look back.


  29. First thing, learn Azeroth flying, then train cooking, fishing, herb and alch, then fly to Hyjal and start leveling while herbing – my poor inscriptionist needs the new mats!

    I’m sure I’m gonna be fighting the rest of the server – I’m hoping people will crash out to sleep after getting over the ‘wow!’ factor of the new zone, so I can powerlevel in peace 😉

    After I hit 85 though… idk – so many alts to play… probably roll my gobo rogue and SEE everything – lol.


  30. I’m taking my druid straight to Hyjal, because I’m a lore nerd. I was touring it just last night by chaining Eagle Eye on my hunter. It looks awesome!

    I’ve heard Vashj’ir has a better quest experience, but is not as lore-rich as Hyjal. I’ll take my second 80 through there. Whether that’s my paladin or my hunter is still a toss-up. The paladin is my healer, but I need to keep the hunter’s Leatherworking up to make stuff for my main.


  31. It’s going to go like this.

    Train professions (mining/herb) and arch and flying on my druid then hit the new zones for a while.

    Then switch over to my rogue, train skinning, tailoring, arch, and flying, and hit the new zones for a while.

    Then switch over to my hunter, train LW, engineering, arch, and flying, and hit the new zones for a while.

    Then bring on all my lower toons one by one to train their professions and park them somewhere close to mailboxes and their profession trainers.


  32. I just can’t decide! Probably…. train old world flying on my most-played level 80s and fly around a bit. Then it’s a toss up between leveling one of my 80s up in the new zones, rolling my Worgen hunter and delving back into one of my low-ish level alts to continue exploring and questing in ‘New’ Azeroth… I think it’ll depend on how busy and frustrating the brand new zones are!


    • I was not wanting to roll a Worgen at all… intill I saw the female Priest Worgen at the Alliance quest hub at the western edge of Duskwood/Darkshire/whateverthehell that place below Redridge is called. With that Priest helm equipped, she looks very, very cool.

      Now, I dunno… I have a Priest, but I’m torn. I’d love a female Worgen Shadow Priest. Somehow, that sounds frikkin awesome all of a sudden.


  33. I’ve already done a server change, Sunday, or Monday, I have a faction change in the works (so I can play with family/friends). Unfortunately, I’m switching to the alliance. But, thank God, I don’t have to play a NE! 😉 Worgen here I come. I’ll, then, start leveling him from 80 (in Naxx gear) to 85.

    What I have yet to figure out, is which starting zone? Hyjal seems to be the most popular choice, but that means it will be very crowded. And from what little I’ve read, the water zone(s) will need to be done anyway so you have access to the instances(?). And after a couple of starter quests, they aren’t all that annoying.

    Next, I need to figure out factions to focus on first. This is purely from a Feral/Feral gear perspective. Enchants and dailies I can deal with later.

    After that? Who knows…


      • That does sound kind of cool. Imagining things in shadow form has been sufficient to make me roll new priests and level to 40. “I wanna see a Shadowphant.”Ok… I wanna see a shadow raptor!” I was thinking a shadow gnome would rock but a shadow worgen don’t sound bad at all.


  34. I’m planning on having me some fun!

    Seriously… aside from learning flying an archaeology, I have absolutely no idea. There’s a whole new world out there, and I plan on exploring an experiencing every corner of it. I’ll get my flying, learn how to dig up artifacts, look around and then take off after whatever goal happens to look the shiniest at the moment.

    And when I get bored, it’ll be time to roll a Worgen rogue and do it all over again 🙂


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