I am a sick, twisted puppy


I’m playing my female Worgen Priest. The starting zone, without Heirlooms and as a caster, require, get this – skill. I actually died once getting swarmed early on, because I wasn’t checking my six and somebody else drug a ton of mobs to me before inconveniently dying.

Anyway, not the point.

Female Worgen are very cool… but once you go furry, I think they give you hideous ideas.

It suddenly occured to me, what with the whole werewolf thing, and the storyline and where I was…

And what with that handsome Prince Greymane so overjoyed to see me…

I’d love to see some new shirts in my store.

A nice werewolf claw graphic with a portrait or some kind of tribute to Prince Greymane, with the words “Team Greymane” scrolled across it, like all those Twilight “Team Jacob” shirts you used to see so many of.

No, I make no apologies… I’m simply a sick puppy. And now, off to Gilneas again!

13 thoughts on “I am a sick, twisted puppy

  1. Ha! I died on my warrior in the starter zone as well. Primarily because I utterly SUCKED with my aim in the quest where you ride shotgun on the horse. So I had to run back -BAD IDEA- got swarmed, died, respawned and finished it.

    I had a few more close calls, and I ran away, a lot. But I loved every second of it. Worgen mage is an option now lol.


  2. I was a proud Tauren druid before the Cataclysm. My wife had been a Tauren druid too, but changed sides to be a Night Elf instead… traitor! But then she finally convinced me that the Horde was going in the wrong direction under poor leadership, and that I should try raiding with her. That, and she ran off with my wallet and Droid authenticator and visited Battle.net while I was asleep… :/

    So last night, I changed my race… and faction… and gender too. O.o I just couldn’t enjoy seeing myself as the hulking Wargen male. Meh… anyway, I really do like the form, even if it is lacking a much needed tail. And my rusty red Wargen coat gives me a wonderful blue hue to my kitty form! Brilliant! Huzzah for female Worgen! ^.^


  3. Dude, gotta admit it… you are my man crush and I’ll explain why, you’ve been in warzones, prolly seen many people die, you were a truck driver and you are 30 something or 40. Given that profile NOONE would ever imagine you talking about “team jacob” or doing the silly jokes you do… and for that, you are my man crush.

    There, I’ve said it.


  4. If I weren’t allergic to Twilight, I might have to sketch up a few things on this one. Even satire of the thing makes me shudder.

    …but it’s still funny. šŸ™‚


    • So I changed my mind. I just refuse to accept that there are still female worgen dances in the game. They took them out. lalala you can’t convince me otherwise.

      This is also known as “yes, that’s true, but I reserve the right to be wrong AND an idiot, sometimes both at once.”


  5. I’m actually finding myself scrolling through websites after searching for ‘Twilight Team Jacob” to get some ideas for simple shirt designs for Team Greymane. I think I’d actually like to make this happen.


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