No really, Team Greymane!

I mean, look at that charismatic little goatee! And those pecs!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop being silly.


13 thoughts on “No really, Team Greymane!

  1. You know this isn’t making it any easier for those of us dreading the impending Edward Cullen Twilight Dragonflight reference, right?


    • I know! But today is the only day such jokes will be timely… then the statute of limitations runs out. I have to strike fast and then fade away into the night.


      • That’s fine. I’ll always be a fan of your blog ❤
        Your guides have really helped me turn into the awesome bear tank that I am.

        Of course now that my expansion's arrived I have to inform you that there's a trading card that comes with the Collector's Edition of a Worgen hero character named Jacob Blackcrest 😛


  2. woof woof 😛 Female Worgen it is then … 😛 (not that there was much doubt .. most of my toons are female … only problem is, certain lady bumps make tabards look weird).


    • And here I thought that certain tabards made the Lady bumps look weird, whereas a tabard can only get better 😉


  3. Augh, the eyes, the eyes! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to roll one.

    I’d totally buy the shirt though. I’d love getting blank stares from all the twitards.


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