You had me at “Thrall”

I got the Cataclysm as a digital download… and went to sleep at my normal time.

However, I took the day off from work!

No, not to play. I’ve got an appointment this afternoon. It is pure coincidence that this ALSO just happened to let me log in this morning!

No, really. It’s coincidence.

So, I logged in and created my new Goblin Warlock, “Fryingbacon”. The starter zone looks kinda cluttered and mechanized, and I wasn’t really feeling it. I’m sure that I’ll get into it if I have some time to come back to it, but after a night long session of listening to Loreena McKennitt, I wasn’t up for mechanized. I’m up for pretty flowers and romantic highwaymen and ladies from shallott.

That means… time for a Worgen!

I hadn’t even intended to create a Worgen, but at the last minute I really started liking the idea of a Priest. So, female Worgen Priest “Supervixen” was born.

I like Gilneas much more. It certainly fit the mood. Very cool. And a lot more crowded with new Worgen than the Goblin starter area!

But ah, the allure of the shiny… can’t you fly in Azeroth now? What’s that like?

Off to Bigbearbutt, to learn how to fly easier than Pink Floyd ever dreamed.

The view over Stormwind City from on high is incredible. Even more so when you realize that a lot of it is still unchanged from the original design, which you never really got to enjoy from the air before. The Mage Quarter, in particular, when seen from the air is gorgeously landscaped.

Logging into my level 80 Druid, however, brought one unexpected bonus.

A popup appeared offering me a quest to go visit the Earthen Ring in Stormwind.

“Ahh”, I think, “Here is where you get offered new quests.”

I go check it out, and they want me to use a scrying pool to see something in a far off distant land.

I use it… and… cinematic?

omigod… THRALL!

There is some hooyah about saving the world from this, or fighting off Deathwing, or some such, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

You had me at Thrall.

Damnit, I guess I’m going to have to go quest now.

For those of you that cannot get into the game just yet, I promise you it will still be here later. In the meantime, just rest easy knowing that it’s live, it’s working, and it just might be almost as cool as all the hype made it out to be.

16 thoughts on “You had me at “Thrall”

  1. I had the exact opposite experience with Worgen/Goblin creation. I created a Worgen first (after flying about Azeroth on Mama Druid for a short while). I suppose it doesn’t help that I hadn’t really planned on what class my Worgen will be… but as soon as the intro ended all I saw were a bunch of Humans. I logged off and went to create my Planned(TM) Goblin Warlock, Madelyne, named after the Goblin Queen. As soon as the intro ended, all I saw were a bunch of Goblins. And I laughed. They are funny little creatures and I’m going to need more than one!

    I know you’ll get around to it BBB, if you haven’t already, but definitely play through about level 8 on your Goblin. There’s some awesomeness you’ll want to experience first-hand.


    • I will, that’s why my first thing in the expansion was to nail down Fryingbacon the warlock goblin. I reserved the name a while ago, and I wanted to make sure i got it started.

      Maybe if I get grinding to some Korn I’ll be better prepared for Goblinhood.


  2. Agree with the Thrall love in this thread. I can understand why Blizzard wants hotheaded jerks in charge of the Horde and the Alliance to drive the conflict, but I thought Thrall brought a kind of gravitas to the role of Warchief that you wouldn’t normally expect.

    Now I’m *definitely* leveling my Dwarf Shaman in Vashjir. I was already going to, just because throwing lightning bolts around underwater amuses the heck out of me, but this seals it.


  3. I don’t know if it’s the same for Alliance, but the dialog with Thrall when I was about to enter Deepholme really made me feel like a hero.


  4. I was already questing – I went to Hyjal for a little while, and then I went over to Vashj’ir. It was after I got back from Vashj’ir that I did the “Farseer” quest, and when the cutscene began, I was all “Who is that voice? I know that voice…”

    And then it dawned on me as I saw the little shaman out there, growing larger and larger on my screen as the camera approached. And it was awesome, indeed!

    Anything with Thrall in it has my undivided attention. And I play Alliance. He is absolutely one of my favorite characters in the game, and deservedly so.


  5. *bwahahahahaahahaaaaa* I wanna play 😦 Damn Amazon .. damn them to hell for eternity with no ice-cream (or better still – melted ice-cream and a fork).


  6. I just happened to wake up at 4am on my own this morning and when I logged in, walked up to the flight trainer with about 300 people standing around, it took me a bit to target the npc.

    I then flew over to where the quests started, and there were maybe 20-30 people on red drakes covering the NPc, so turning in was slow because they seem to stay for ever. So I thought I would fly to Vashyr, I would like to mention from SW, you will not be able fly directly, its just outside of the Fatigue range! (I found out the hard way)

    I figured, ok, so I am near the island, I should be good spirit rez and move on. so I come back to life, and my breathing bar starts!! wow, spirit dude is under water! so In a panic I start swimming up and I am running out of air, think Shit I am going to die.

    Then I remember, I am a druid!!

    Decided to reset , hearth and head over to mt hyjal.

    WOW, there were hundreds of peeps, so I logged out in the inn, and started a Goblin I have to say, I was impressed, there were maybe 4 people? I think the expansion is going to be bumpy, loads of server crashes as people get home and play.

    I will say this, I am not as excited about the expansion as I was in previous years. who knows! this might be my last one!


  7. I really, really want to fly in Azeroth. As terrible as it might sound, I’d pony up for that silly blingy celestial steed thing if it would let me fly at level 1 with no expensive training cost nonsense.


    • It’s really very cool, Tesh, I can’t say it enough, the world looks wonderful when viewed from the back of your own mount, and under your control.


      • That’s the very first thing I did! I trained 310% speed on Mama Druid in Stormwind, so she’d be ready to buy the license to fly in Azeroth and then do exactly that… fly in Azeroth. I took in the gorgeous view of Stormwind… wow. Then immediately flew to that place above the human starting zone that I could never get to. It’s really quite lovely up there. There are two empty tents, which you would see when flying enroute to Stormwind, or via Stormwind. There’s also a solitary gnome in a house up high on a hill. I can’t remember his name, but I greeted him and marveled at all the sheep wandering about outside his house. I don’t know if he’s always been there or was recently added for players like me. =D

        I also paid a visit to the Expedition dwarves who are always fighting a dragon in Burning Steppes. Again, this scene would be visible when flying enroute to Stormwind, or via Stormwind. I have tried to reach them on my land mount, but never could. I’m so glad such things were not removed!


      • I’ve heard many people talk about wanting to visit the dwarven airfield above Ironforge, but you’re the first to remind me that i always wanted to visit that pleasant looking pasturage north of Stormwind. And now I can! woot!

        I actually still haven’t quested yet on my main. I didn’t want to spoil my service to Thrall by rushing it with everyone else.

        I have done NOTHING for level 80+ content. All my time has been on worgen, first my Priest, and then I rerolled a Worgen Fury Warrior. I didn’t have endless time to play, but I managed to enjoy at my own pace the entire worgen starting zone all the way through to the end, and then moved on and even did a little of Duskwood for the first time. Fast skinning speed racial is, actually, VERY nice.

        I’m sure that Thrall won’t mind if I give it a month for the horde to blow through the high end content before I offer him my service.


    • So long as you can fly in some form or other (i.e. have at least Expert Riding), you can get the Flight Master’s License. Total cost is 554 gold before faction discount (4g for Apprentice Riding, 50g for Journeyman, 250g for Expert Riding, 250g for Flight Master’s License).

      Artisan (280%) and Master (310%) flying are definitely nice to have, but the combined 10000g cost is likely to be a bit steep for most people (completing Long Strange Trip does save you that money, but it’s arguable whether that is actually easier than just making the 1000g in the first place).


  8. Grats on your coincidence!

    Months ago I had hoped to take a day or two off this week, just so I could really take it all in, rather than the cluster of people that it will be later this afternoon and evening. Alas, it’s here, I’m at work with overtime scheduled all this week and probably most of this month.


  9. I went and levelled Archaeology for a while to let the level 81 zones settle down a bit before heading in, which also gave me a chance to fly around Eastern Kingdoms and have a look at the zone changes. Definitely worth doing if you’ve been playing the game for a while and have a rough idea of how zones *used* to look 🙂

    Archaeology was quite fun, although somewhat frustrating that it won’t let you choose which “branch” you want to research at a given point in time. I suspect it would also qualify as more than a little annoying without a flying mount.

    Then off to Vash’Jir and some questing – very, very cool. (The zone intro cinematic bugged out for me the first time, so I hearthed back to SW and tried again – it worked the second time, and I was happy I had done that rather than just swimming to the surface to get the quest credit)


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