The Unveiling of the Awesome!

Tesh took the idea of a Team Greymane design and ran with it, as only he can.

Now, if it was me, I’d be showing you some half-assed thing that was in the early stages of being designed.

Tesh, on the other hand, came up with…

… well, I’ll just have to show you.

Check this out.

I honestly think that he captured the very essence of what it means to be a Worgen.

What do you think?

*Edited – replaced original picture with one provided with more detailed Moon in background.

30 thoughts on “The Unveiling of the Awesome!

  1. You know, my worgen got his top hat and I LOVE it so much I plan on keeping it forever despite the fact that he’s a warrior. I need to get him a monocle now so he can run around cities in his off-time looking like a debonair wolf that will happily eat your face.

    So when I saw this, I immediately went “TOP HAT!!”



  2. I race changed my druid to Worgen. I just LOVE the bear and cat form. Don’t have a top hat, because I never got into that area, but I will get one.

    My warrior, on the other hand, has it already. TOP HAT!!!!!!

    And hell yeah, love the design.


    • Again, this presupposes a familiarity with the source. This hews really closely to the source, which is one of the ways satire works. It’s sort of like looking at a spoof of Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Manson technicolor piece and asking why it’s in funky colors because that’s *obviously* wrong.

      Blame the original. In this case, blame it for many, many terrible things. (BBB, maybe post a link to that original? I don’t know where you found it. Sure, it will underline how derivative this piece of mine is, but again, that’s sort of the point, and I have an original piece in the works anyway. Oh, and another version of this that might read better.)


      • On my part, the thing I love about the whole plan is that, while I may not personally be into Twilight, it’s not because I don’t like werewolves or vampires. It’s simply because of the oversaturation of the media with the targeted merchandise capitalizing on the movie.

        I’ve got nothing whatsoever against vampires or werewolves, although I’m more feral than bloodsucker at heart. Go figure. The Underworld and Blade movie series are quite near and dear to my heart. Err, a bit to the left with that stake, there. In fact, the techno music from the first Blade movie, from the first scene where the Vampires start eating the rave guests and then Blade tears into them in the industrial style shower used to be featured on my driving CD.

        What this is, is coming up with a way to show my love for the Gilneas werewolf starting area and race design at the SAME TIME as satirizing the overproliferation of Twilight merchandise.

        I’ll buy and wear one of these shirts, depending on the final design, because I’m really digging my Worgen, because I love the idea of making Twilight fans stop and say, “Wha..?”, and because I think the wolf in a top hat is a symbol that will be INSTANTLY recognizeable to anyone that’s played through the Worgen starting area.

        In fact, I think making buttons that just show a wolf wearing a top hat, no words at all, will be a very fun little thing to wear on my coat.

        I read a lot of the Anne Rice


      • I could certainly do that. In a very UNFUNNY side note, after all the research I endured on scouring the web for Team Jacob shirt designs looking for the perfect one to satirize with love, I clearly gave every tracking cookie in the world the digital equivalent of chocolates and red red roses.

        Now, half the websites I visit with “targeted” banner ads is showing me Twilight merchandise and shirts.

        That’s just mean. It’s justice, but it’s mean.


  3. I updated the post with a slightly different picture… the one that was originally posted had a plain orange moon, this version (which I was given at the same time) actually has a more detailed Moon that Tesh did, that is actually Azeroth if you look closer. Sorry, I posted the wrong one originally.


  4. You know BBB, when i told my friends i was re-rolling from Tauren to Worgen, they all accused me of being a Jacob fanboi, and darn it, but this ain’t helping.


    I do like the Icon though 😀


  5. *chuckle*
    It does presuppose a familiarity with the designs being parodied… which is sort of the point of a parody. Don’t worry, the more time consuming version I have in mind should make it *very* clear we’re dealing with a werewolf in a stylish top hat rather than something this simple and purely… “wolfy”. If luck holds, I’ll have it for Christmas. 😉

    This was fun for the joke. The different idea I have in mind will be a portfolio piece and with luck, approximately 3.14 times more awesome. Thanks for another prompt to artistic whimsy, BBB!


    • Personally, I don’t think that you will be able to squeeze anything more than 1.67 times more awesome out of this or something akin to dividing by zero may result. In other words, for those that aren’t mathematically inclined, this is almost pure awesome.


      • Nonono. Leave it at 3.1415926535… times more awesome. Anything multiplied by pi(e) is epic! Don’t half the pi(e)!


  6. When I first looked at it, I saw a big-beaked something or other looking back over it’s right shoulder.

    Even now that I can “see” the worgen, I find it hard not to see the other image, wrong though I know it is.

    Maybe make the top hat truly black, instead of shadowed?


  7. It looks quite awesome… Unfortunately, after spending time leveling up a worgen in the post-launch crush, all I can think of now when i see Worgen is a mass snuffle-snuffle-snuffle-snuffle (which tends to make me grit my teeth, depending on how caffeine I’ve consumed).


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