Lost in Wonderland

This is a request for a bit of guidance.

There are Vash’jir “flight points” internal to the zone.

What I don’t have is an understanding… how do you link Vash’jir to Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms? How do you move into and out of the zone itself?

Whether through flight paths, boats or portals, I’m just still a little in the dark on this one.

Can someone help me out on the repeatable methods you can use at level 80/81 to get into and out of Vash’jir when you want to?

Thank you in advance for your insight.

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  1. I leave my hearth at my current quest hub in Vash, and leave by using a Kirin Tor ring. I return to Orgrimmar via the Caverns of Time and catching a flightpath from Gadgetzon. While not the most efficient route, the time saved from being able to hearth directly into those underground caves instead of paddling around outside looking of the entrance more than makes up for it.


  2. I can’t confirm for Horde but for Alliance players you can get a quest about halfway thru the zone that you have to take a searhorse to the surface. There is a few Alliance boats nearby and one of them has a regular Flight Point on them. All the rest of the “Swim Points” are via underwater mount. The portal in Stormwind goes to Smuggler’s Scar where there is also a Flight Point.


  3. For people looking for the entrance to Throne of Tides, yes you can just fly out to the water, dismount, and head downwards until you get picked up by the whirlpool. However, if you’d rather not worry about whether you might drown, the first couple quests for that zone will give you a buff (I think it’s called Sea Legs) that lets you breathe underwater in that zone and also increases your underwater unmounted moving speed. Very handy!!!

    And as others have posted, once you get your 2nd flight point in the zone as you got through the quest lines (both the flight points are in underwater caves), if you look on the map when talking to a flightmaster there’ll be a third flight point called “Sandy Beach” or something like that. Once you go to Sandy Beach, there are regular faction (air) flight points there. For Alliance it’s a relatively short hop to Ironforge, not sure what’s closest for Horde.

    However!!! That 2nd underwater cave flight point is something like 30-40 quests into the zone, and a lot of the early quests are time-consuming fetch quests. So it might be a couple hours of playing until you can get to the 2nd underwater cave flight point and the above-water Sandy Beach flight point.


  4. I haven’t started questing out there yet, I only wanted to discover the dungeon. With fast flying I was able to fly from the SW docks to Vash’jir. I started getting pinged from fatigue but by that time I was in the zone and my fatigue went away. Just an FYI. I will probably pick up the quest chain eventually. 😛


  5. In response to what MadWolf mentioned about jumping out of the water and using flight form, as of patch 4.0.1 or 4.0.3 you can use any regular flying mount at the surface of any body of water, no need to find land or time those jumps just right.


  6. As I’m sure has already been mentioned, to originally get to Vash’jir you have to get on the northernmost boat in SW harbor (this is from alliance viewpoint obviously) and do the event. I never had a problem getting back to SW as I had my hearth set there. In stormwind, under the “STORMWIND” text on the SW city map is a small island in one of the new areas of SW. Once you do the initial opening event quests that take you to new zones, the island will get populated with portals that will take you back to that zone. It seems the portals remember the last “hub” you were acquiring quests from and will place you there. So for me at level 82 I have portals to Vash’jir and Deepholme on the island currently.

    In Vash’jir the flight paths only go to other fligh paths of vash’jir, with the exception of the flight path on the sandy beach, which allowed me to fly back to stormwind. At some point in the VJ quests you encounter a boat in the middle of the ocean that has a FP but I did not see if you could connect to mainland FP’s from there.

    To make life easy just set your hearth at your major city of choice.


  7. As a druid you can get back to the Eastern Kingdoms from any point in the zone.

    My Taurin was able to surface, jump out of the water, change to FF and fly directly to IF. I had to bounce out of the water a few times to get FF to actually happen but it did. The exhuastion timer went from 60 to 43 before I crossed the straight (with master flying) but that should leave ample time for it.

    On a side note, I love that Aquatic form goes the same speed as swift FF there, on a pvp server and with the surge of players in the zone, the fact you can go aquatic in combat has saved me from a few ambushes as I explorered into alliance quest hubs.


  8. I can confirm you can fly on your own mount from SW to the Sandy Beach then use the sea horse paths to wherever you want in Vash’Jir

    Or can fly from IF to Sandy Beach.

    Not sure about any portals.

    Also, if you want, at each point while questing in Vash’Jir – you have access to the various caves that act as quest hubs, your hearthstone can be set as well


  9. The second flight point (forget its name) you get to connects to “Sandy Beach”, which is your ticket back to the surface. From there it’s a short walk to a faction-specific flight point back to either Undercity or Stormwind(?).

    There’s also apparently a portal to get back underwater but I’m only going by secondhand reports on that.


  10. Aside from the FP’s that Rasputin mentioned, you can also just fly out there yourself. You’ll use a little more than half of your fatigue bar.


  11. Yup, if you swim to the surface there is a flight point on a beach, it’s just southwest of Kelp’thar Forest. It connects to Ironforge. As you progress through the zone you’ll unlock another as well.


  12. 2 Options:

    1) You hearth back to Orgrimmar (or Stormwind). Org has a portal back to Vashj’ir, once you’ve been there once, I assume SW has the same.

    2) (Again, I play Horde, so I’m assuming the alliance have the same options) There is a flight point on a small sand back on the surface, that connects with the main EK flight network. There is a sea horse in the water next to it.


  13. OK, this gave me fits forever, as well. At least it did until last night I finally decided that I would take a risk and travel to one of the sea horse “flight points” that I had never been to before (I think that it’s called Sandy something-or-other). To my great joy, the sea horse tossed me up on a beach right in front of a flightmaster (a regular one this time) with a flight path directly to the Undercity. Not perfect, since I keep my hearth set in Orgrimmar right now, but at least I no longer felt like I was trapped in Vash’jir until I finished the entire zone.

    For the Alliance, I noticed an Alliance flightmaster at the other end of that sandy bit of nothing floating above Vash’jir, so the same thing should apply. Except that you’re probably luck and have a direct flight to Stormwind.


  14. There are flight paths on the islands on the surface of Vash’jir. For getting out, you can either use the flight path, fly to the eastern kingdoms (if you have artisan flying or higher), or port. To get back to Vash’jir (or any of the new zones you’ve been to), there are portals in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.


  15. There’s a portal in Stormwind on that little island to the west where the earthen ring dude is. That will take you to the smuggler’s cave.

    And there’s a flight point on a sandy beach that is actually two. One connects you underwater to the smuggler’s cave. The other a little bit aways up on the beach that connects to Ironforge.

    And that is the extent of my knowledge about vashjir.

    Oh wait, the instance is SW until you’re in the middle of the big black whirlpool on the map then down. Then down some more. And finally, down a bit more. And then a few more downs and you’re there.


  16. OMG, YES, I am wondering the same. Using Google this morning, I have discovered that in stormwind, there is a portal INTO Vash’jir once you have discovered Vash on your own via tentacled beasties (if my info is correct, the portal is on that new island outside the keep) but (1) that might have been for beta only (2) where IN vash’jir does it take you? and (3) how the hell do you leave without a portal/hearth?



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