It’s a Druid’s Life

Early on in Vash’jir, if you happen to be on your Druid, there’s something I’d like for you to try if you haven’t already.

If you’re out there, I’m sure you already went into your Swimming form and found out you’re a torpedo-fast manatee of death and destruction.

All the wonders of being able to harvest Herbs in the instant-cast Flight form carry over in our being able to blast through the zone doing gathering in our instant-cast Swimming form.

It continues to be a grand thing, being a Druid.

But there is one thing you might not have done while focusing on questing that I’d really like for you to take a moment to try.

Head down to the sandy ocean floor, switch to Bear form, and then do the equivalent of running along the bottom.

Your Bear still ‘bear paddles’ while swimming through the water, but when you get down to the bottom, instead of the normal “I’m running on land” waddle animation, we bound… we bound in glee, clouds of sand rising behind us as we propel ourselves like graceful, furry astronauts of win.

It’s glorious, it sings, it’s my new most awesomest small touch in the game.

It’s these little things that mean so much to me.

I am, at heart, a hopper when I’m in Bear form and travel from place to place. I don’t just run in a straight line EVER, I bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, first a bounce to the left, then a bounce to the right, sometimes even bounces in place or a 360° spin, just because I can. It’s the Tigger in me. Now, instead of the same old bounce, I get a bound to add to it!

The wonderful thing about Druids,
is Druids are wonderful things.
Our butts are made out of awesome
and our pounce is full of pure win!
And it’s bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy,
fun fun fun fun FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Druids is,
that I’m not the only one.
I’mmmmm NOOOOOT… the only one!
Woo hoo hoo hoo!

23 thoughts on “It’s a Druid’s Life

  1. Swimming form… Ah, memories. I had my first druid PvP kill with it. There was this undead warrior, 3 or 4 levels higher than me, standing on the Auberdine docks. He was flagged. I couldn’t resist.

    Then he made the mistake and tried to flee in the water.

    Swim form to chase, caster form to nuke him. Rinse and repeat. Eventually he stopped running and turned to fight. He popped all his potions, so did I… and went bear on him.

    He was dead after that.

    Moral of the story: don’t fuck with the bear.


  2. Finding this post brought joy to my heart; not long before I had read it, I was joyfully bounding along the ocean floor of Vashj’ir.


  3. I love the new water zone, and the epic swim form is sweet. Has anyone else noticed that the travel form and kitty forms seem like they cant get out of the water fast enough when they swim? It’s a zone of pure druid win.


    • Well, the bounding along the bottom in bear form should be all levels that HAVE bear. Try going into any lake and walking along the bottom. You probably won’t have the same feeling of graceful bounding nimbleness, because the Vash’jir zone includes a water breathing AND increased movement speed buff, but the animation, while slow, should be the same.

      Much like Kitty form just feels WRONG until you get two points in Swiftness in the Feral tree. Once you’ve got those two points, Kitty form looks and feels like it flows properly, otherwise your kitty looks like he’s running in molasses.


    • It’s not that far to Thousand Needles, where questing gets you a similar water breathing and swim speed increase buff (for a few quests before you get your own boat for the zone). I was taking a new tauren paladin through at the time, and it was hilarious the way he bounded along the ground.

      Side question: anyone else ever feel like they were playing Wind Waker while there?


      • Ha! I never thought about it like that, but that’s so true. Now I won’t be able to summon my little boat again without feeling like Link.


  4. I can’t wait to try it- I especially want to see if my Moonkin enjoys skipping.

    But I can’t, as for some reason it’s taking unreasonably long for my collector’s edition to ship…. It’s been a state away for like 2 days for some reason.


  5. I discovered the wonders of such the other night while killing crabs in Cat form. The leaping looked far merrier than my poor brain could interpret. Then I switched to Bear. Glee!

    This expansion, and Vashj’ir in particular, seem to be designed with Druids in mind. About the only thing my Druid can’t do is make me go to bed at a reasonable hour.


      • No worries, I took care of it. I DID used to make videos here back in the day, you know.

        Of course, that day was a long, long time ago. And they weren’t all that good.

        Lol, I just had gotten lazy, I guess. It’s good for me to get pushed once in a while!


      • Of course, the last video I did was… FOURTEEN months ago.

        On the one hand, it’s nice that my tiddly little blog has kept going so long. On the other paw… that’s ancient fricken’ history, dude. I need to step up my game to the next level.

        Oh wait… I was supposed to be backing away from blogging so much, darnit! I keep messing that up.


  6. I love the pounce the cat makes on the sand… didn’t think to try the bear /cry!

    I don’t particularly like the 3d environment (never did well in space battles, or games like EVE either), but the scenery is gorgeous and it is fun to be a torpedo! (especially for herbing!)


  7. I love it, my bear seems so carefree and lighthearted, cats are normally bouncy so it’s not quite the same and I (noobish player that I’ll always be) seem to aggro more than I want to as a cat in the expansion. I’m finding my bear quite fun, her playful personality is coming out while in Vash’jir.


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