Video – Bear Bounding Underwater

By reader request in the comments of the last post, here is a short video of the Big Bear Butt bounding underwater in Vash’jir. No sound, just as a visual.

Or, as the saying goes, “Don’t tell them, SHOW them.”

17 thoughts on “Video – Bear Bounding Underwater

  1. Congratulations BBB you have officially slowed my leveling in Vash’jir by 150% because I’ll just be entertained watching my burr but bouncing around happy as can be. This is worse then when I realized how animated troll cat-form ears are (they are all over the place).


  2. Wish Stampeding Roar would use this animation, even if stampeding roar is a bit short lasting in my book. Still trying to figure a worthy use for it, anway Great Video Mr.Bear, I accidently passed up vash’ir for leveling, but my first plan on hitting 85 is to come back and do the quests anyway, I spent a hour just zooming around in aquatic form.

    Aquatic form+glyph+sea legs buff = epic speed! The scenery is amazing, I love the section that reminds me of HP Lovecraft, and watch out for kraken, bugger actually snuck up on me.


  3. Hah, I got the post before the video in my email but i didn’t get the video. I came to the site to ask you to make a video of it but you had already done it ROFL. Great job.


  4. What would make a perfect soundtrack to this clip: that one song from Bedknobs & Broomsticks. o/~ Bobbing along, bobbing along beneath the beautiful briny sea…

    Can’t take credit for the suggestion, a guildmate said I reminded her of it when I discussed the animations just now.


  5. I discovered this while doing the 1000 needles quests on my tauren pally. Then when I got to vashjir I found myself not using the seahorse but running the longway around bounding in cat and bear (and travel form I think – Ill have to check that out as i only did enough quests for the seahorse then I went exploring) and if I need to trave long distance its swim form. Druids are awesome!


    • Yes. Druid questing in Vashj’ir is awesome. Aquatic form kicks butt in that zone.

      On a slightly unrelated note… it takes awhile to kill a mob as a cat/bear when you leave your resto gear on…


  6. In other news, I’d forgotten how easy it was to make videos after I’d done all that setup work last year. Maybe I should make more videos. It’s been a long time, there’s probably little interest in it.


    • Well i get home all ready to make a video and look who decided to ruin my fun.

      But i had the audio and the video already so i just put it together anyway so here it is if you want to take a look.

      I took it a bit farther than you did though.


    • Bear,

      Are you releasing any gear reccommendations for Cata. I seem to have found some really bad errors that have occurred in instances. I noticed tell tale signs of something wrong with the Bear Tanking builds. Rather maybe a developer flaw. Certain instances with the same level mobs I tend to hit harder in one instance versus another have there been modifiers added to the mobs. Because if some higher level instances I get good threat but in others I hit like a lame duck.


      • Kyle, thank you for your interest. I do appreciate it.

        At this time, I have no plans to create a gear recommendation or guide for Cataclysm. I posted a few weeks ago that I am no longer actively writing formal guides. It’s not because I don’t want to help you or other players, it’s simply that there are MANY other Feral Druid bloggers, and most of them write guides to gear. With so many choices, any guide I’d do would be superfluous at best, narcissistic at worst.

        I’m not personally engaged in a competition… I don’t need to be “the” definitive druid tank dude. So, with the presence of so many other sources of solid information, including brilliant writing on WoW Insider by the Druid bloggers there (I used to call out Allison by name, but frankly all the writers they have talking about all aspects of the Druid are great), I just decided my voice on gear guides was no longer a positive to the conversation .


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