The one that got away

Today, I wrote you a post on tanking techniques.

On styles. Indeed, on the very philosophy behind what makes for a good group and solid tanking.

I included simple things you could do to tweak your own performance to make your groups far better from the tanking side of the game, and some simple reminders for DPS players when joining an unknown tank on how to have a great run.

I talked about communication, and teamwork, and the two main styles of tanking group pulls in detail.

I wrote the “Ultimate Tanking Manifeasto”™, a veritable smorgasbord of words that you could devour whole and yet remain feeling hungry… hungry for more tanking goodness.

This was my War and Peace, my Ender’s Game. My Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I rewrote the project a dozen times over, slaving away, adjusting whole sentences here, striking poorly phrased paragraphs there, crafting the perfect document of tanking deliciousness.

Sadly, you’ll never get to see these words that I describe.

For as I sat back and felt the warm, pleasant glow of having completed the perfect post, I pressed the “Publish” button, and watched as all of my work vanished. Vanished without a trace into the random dashes and dots that make up the modern digital sewer we call the computer.

There, in it’s simplistic maliciousness, like a malign demon of half-assed evil, was displayed before me the WordPress login screen.

I entered in my name and password, and re-entered my domain, there to find that while IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES OF WRITING my sublime article of exuberance, WordPress had logged me out. Or lost my cookie. Or decided I wasn’t really there.

But instead of actually SAYING so, instead of informing me with perhaps a popup or warning, it simply chose to stop backing up my draft automatically, but let me type uninterrupted in perfect ignorance for the next three hours.

Three hours worth of blood, sweat and sky that disappeared in the press of a single, simple button.

Gone before, gone forever, gone ahead into digital oblivion.

Those are words that can never return. Not in the way they were. Not in the form as I imagined them.

No matter what we poor souls may desire, nothing we do can ever capture that perfect magic again. The magificent perfection that was the ultimate tanking manifeasto.

Perhaps in some library of the lost, at the outer boundary between what never was, what is and what might have been it yet resides, saved to a CD-ROM that shines with a golden glow.


It’s really too bad.

It was great. You would have loved it.

I feel kinda bad for you, that post would have changed your life forever.

You would have momentarily achieved a state approaching nirvana, approaching and yet unable to be sustained, because the intensity of joy would have just been too much for one soul to withstand.


You get this.

And thus, the circle is now complete, and the malicious evil that was visited upon me, I have passed on to you.

55 thoughts on “The one that got away

  1. There are always a lot of tanking guides out there and they all have about 97% overlap with eachother. They only ever distinguish themselves by production quality. The stuff I get from you is great because it has the kind of human factor of common sense that the other ones miss while they try to out-math each other. For example, one of the most useful things I got from here was the idea that trash pulls in 5 man dungeons should be done consistently for the mele DPS to know which side they need to be on and not mix it up all the time causing them to hesitate looking for an opening.

    Ever sense, I’ve pulled groups with a quarter turn so that they are facing their shoulder to the healer. It gives me an L shaped pull with me and the healer as the ends and the mobs as the elbow. I prefer this because it lets the healers outrange mob spells without getting too far away from me the way a straight line pull with the mobs in the middle does. Cheers and I look forward to the day you give it another go. Wait till the juice comes back, don’t force it : )

    P.S. Wesley Snipes: Demolition man, if only for Bullock in a cop uniform that incorporates skin tight happy pants but don’t forget that nod to the virtual sex scene from Barbarella.


    • You’ve got a very good point, not about any value to a contribution I may make, but that it is of value in general to get differing points of view on a topic to see where various people tend to agree and disagree, and to help you gain a clearer idea of what the key issues may be.

      I’ll have to think about that.


  2. It’s ok:) The program I use is Windows Live Writer. I’ve used it for years now and won’t blog without it. You write on your desktop, it autosaves, saves drafts for you, you can schedule posts, add categories and tags on the fly, and most importantly never deal with the WP dashboard to post again.


    • You know, I think you recommended that to me one time before, and i didn’t try it because i write from so many different computers. Now, I only mainly use two (well, three, sigh) but I have rights to install software on each.

      I think it’s time to try it. Beyond just the safety aspect, from what the website you linked to says, it’s a WYSIWYG editor, and I’d dearly love a way to get better looking posts. WordPress, the version I’m using, just does NOT have a robust style editing feature. It’s miles better than the html I used to code by hand in blogspot, but it’s still not right.


  3. Cassie messes up again!

    Ugh, I try to pop into the blog a few times a day from my admin account and help empty the spam folder (BBB gets a lot of comments that the spam filter automatically marks – although it’s cut way down since we set it so only posts from the last few weeks can be commented on – (thanks to Pike for that idea!). Well this afternoon there were 4 comments sitting there in the folder and I very, super quickly scanned the body of the comments and they were the usual “check out this product” or “I agree completely” text (which is always from a sales/spammy website/email address).

    So I hit the delete spam (which permanently deletes the comments forever) and as it was deleting (and I couldn’t stop it), I realized the first one was actually by Lady Jess’ email address/blog recommending a program/software that she uses for blog posting to not lose posts like this. But it had already hit the empty spam folder button when my eye caught the name. I told BBB what I had done by phone and he was mighty annoyed with me because it would look like he was spamming and deleting comments from actual readers. He was going to post a sorry comment when he gets home, but I’m beating him to it since it was totally my fault.

    So if Lady Jess notices that her comment isn’t there, it was not BBB’s fault and please repost. Sorry!



    • Uh huh. Sure. You just took preemptive action because you know that the way I’D tell the story would be a lot less gentle and a LOT more sarcastic.

      Seriously though, we used to get over two hundred spams a day… since going to a locked older post comment system, overall I only get about 75 spam a day, that we clean out pretty regularly.

      After a while, it does get hard to notice when there is a real comment in the midst, though.

      And as Dechion said earlier on his blog, seriously, do you really need to use your bot to troll spam all along the internet, being the biggest asshole in the world? Does this REALLY net you the benefits?

      I like to think that spam on blogs is part of hell’s plan, in keeping with the Neil Gaimen/Terry Pratchett book Good Omens. You know, just one of those projects, like telephone customer service menus, freeway cloverleafs and construction, and sales calls at dinner time that are designed to make you just a little more miserable, so that you are in a bad mood, and tend to be just a little more meaner to other people, ending up with a new grumpiness quotient that tilts the balance of power to the side of evil.

      Which is an incredibly insidious concept, when you think about it.


      • “more meaner”? Did I really type that?


        Okay, mayb I need to go back to school, because that one actually wasn’t an intentional grammar messup like I usually do. I didn’t catch that til it went live. Just wow.


      • Did you just throw freeway cloverleafs in there? Those things have saved my (in)sanity more than once!
        When they’re true cloverleafs (not the crippled leaf that leaves you stranded), the’ve helped me more than once to get back on the right track! Oh, took the wrong exit – just keep circling about until I hit the right one! There we go, nothing happened, wife still snoozing in the passenger seat, another “why did you not…” avoided 🙂
        Now, “roundabouts” can get trickier…


      • Depends on if said cloverleafs are in LA.

        And actually, I threw them in as a reference to aforesaid book Good Omens, where a specific one is used as an example of mid-range evil planning. A particular good example, at that.

        Wheels within wheels, my friend.

        For another example, I also threw it in as an homage to the Blue Oyster Cult song, Shadow of California, on the Revolution By Night album.


  4. I just double checked. After I posted the above comment. I hit the back button and sure enough, everything I had just typed into this comment was still there.



      When the system had LOGGED ME OUT AND I HAD TO RELOG IN, when I hit the back button the text WAS NOT THERE.

      Exactly as I told a previous commenter who suggested that might have worked.

      Thank you.


  5. Usually you can hit the back button and your browser will have saved what you typed in to the last form. This has saved me on many occasions. As soon as you get the login screen next time, hit the back button.


  6. THAT is exactly the reason why I write longer text (be it blogs or thread) in a normal text editor, save same and than copy it over to the browser.
    Failed once, this will never ever happen again! 😀

    [Btw. couldn’t you just use the go back button on your browser?]


  7. I’m really sorry that happened BBB, but the post you put in its place made me LOL 😀 So it’s all good.

    If you did appreciate the absurd then you’d have no sense of humor at all (like that guy who had an owl fly through his truck window. Yeah I’d have been scared, but I’d be laughing about it now!).


  8. While this has happened to many of us and sucks in most cases, have you tried to use the ‘back’ button after an incident like that? 9 times out of 10 I find my work still there that I might copy it, log in, then paste it where it belonged.

    Just a thought.


  9. D:

    This is why I always do/did my editing for any form of blog in another text editor and save a local backup of all my posts and just copypasta over to the blog when done.


    • Eh, I got over it easy enough… by turning it into a fun post to write.

      You see, there is something soothing to my soul in the act of writing a 500 word post about how there is no post.


  10. So, what was that one – “if you don’t remember anything else, remember this” item in your ultimate tanking manifesto? That one thing that you would have hoped that we would take away from it.
    I’ll be satiated with just that if you could pass it on ’cause, let’s face it, a lot of DPS’ers still suck in Cata as badly as they did at the end of Wrath. When they focus-fire on the “X” while you (and everyone else) is focusing on the “Skull” then it’s the fail tank’s fault that they died ’cause he couldn’t hold aggro and then it’s the “fail healer is fail” when the tank doesn’t feed the troll.

    Of course, i’ve noticed that this is mostly after 3:30pm or so in the afternoon on the east coast. It’s like there is a mystical place that keeps all the asshats locked up away from WoW during the week day that seems to let them all roam free at around the same time. This same place appears to be closed on the weekends and most holidays (and during bad weather) ’cause then it’s all day long it seems. /sarcasm


  11. Next time you visit your library, take a bunch of bananas with you. If you’re extremely blessed you might glimpse a furry orange Librarian wandering the stacks. Offer him the bananas if he helps you by retrieving your lost Ultimate Tanking Manifeasto from the mysterious stacks of the L-Space. With luck he’ll say yes. If he says no, give him the bananas just the same. He might just rip your arms out if you don’t 😉


  12. COME ON!!!! A tank gets squished by a pitiful ridiculous bug? Don’t you know WHEN TO USE COOLDOWNS? 🙂

    “Data Preservation”, instant cast, 3 min CD: during the next 20 seconds any data you created is immune to all nefarious effects.

    Do you have it on your Firefox bar? If not, shame on you! 🙂


  13. Ugh… don’t use WordPress editor, it simply blows. Use external editor, such as Windows Live Writer (free), that can also post the article to the blog – and allows easy insert (and uploading) of images, embedding tables etc etc etc. With plugins you can extend Live Writer to do even more.


  14. ^ the above was written sarcastically about the sarcasm that was written sarcastically previously beforehand as aforementioned sarcastically repeated! 😛


  15. OR…….(shimmer shimmer,shimmer)… the “real” world BBB did not actually create any kind of post and wants us all to BELIEVE that he had created the utmost of perfectory treatises on Tanking… the world has EVER seen….and yet, had failed miserably at it, and therefore could not let the world see the true bear behind the curtain. He then presents us with the old ” Well I had my homework, I really did!!! But the dog ate it!” line of BS in this obligatory post lamenting his lost work of the ages!!! Who are WE to fall for this excremental whooey!! ………(shimmer,shimmer,shimmer)….. As alaways BBB love the posts!!!


  16. I’m truly depressed that I can’t read that magnificent guide. Which is actually depressing in itself. Oh, and BBB, thankyou for putting in all the time you do writing this blog (even when we don’t actually get to see what you wrote). I check your blog every day as it’s my last connection to WoW (damn college) and it brings me and many others alot of laughs.


    • You are, as always, welcome. If you get a chuckle out of anything I write, ever, than that’s all it takes to make this damn thing worthwhile.


  17. /cry — I too am sad at the thought of that magnificent post — and its guidance for me — lost forever. (I don’t have a bear tank, but I do have a pally tank and I’ve found a lot of worth in BBB’s other writings on tanking.)

    I also do greatly sympathize, as I’ve lost documents when the computer decided to hiccup (and sometimes I pressed the wrong key too). However, it’s not just WordPress — Blogger did that a lot more frequently back in the years when I used Blogger and indeed I’ve probably had it happen at least once on every document, forum and e-mail program I’ve used going back to WordPerfect 6.1. 🙂


    • Obviously, it’s my fault, in that if I’d looked at the autosave line before hitting publish, I’d have seen it hadn’t updated in three hours, and known something was up… I’ve copied text into Notepad on those kinds of occasions before.

      Just really wasn’t thinking about it, not a paranoid thought in my head. Poof!

      I am working on a kinda ‘core’ group tanking post, one that has the most streamlined points I was going for. Sadly, it will lack the elegance, the natural unstrained flow of the original. Imitations are never as good as the original. But at least it will get the idea in my head, what remains of it, back down. I do think the subject will be helpful to talk about, and think about when tanking your own runs.


  18. The official WoW forums were the culprits when it came to training me to use the CtrlA/CtrlC trick. Doesn’t mean I always remember to do it, and it is still annoying as hell when I forget and Firefox also manages to lose the pre-Submit copy of the form 😛

    Ah well, maybe we can all just go back and read some of your older tanking philosophy posts, BBB? Mechanics questions aside, I suspect a lot of that philosophy is going to be highly relevant in a Cata world 🙂


    • True, but this was an origina piece of work… it was, not to be too modest, brilliant.

      Ah well, I’ll just have to throw some crap together and push it out the door and call it a post.

      I’m not sure how that’s different from my usual writing, but what the heck.


  19. I’ve had this happen to me too. I was able to hit the ‘back’ button, however, and recover my text before it was gone. It won’t work though if you close the browser. You’d have to hit back a few pages to before you signed back in though.


  20. I came here to comment with CtrlA CtrlC, but Aggrazel beat me to it!

    It’s happened far too often in the past, so I always copy before I hit publish.


      • Agree here with Tesh, Notepad++ is the most noble of the “things to write on” programs, cause it adapts to whatever format you would want/need.

        And yes, this is a sad day indeed… the world will never recover from this loss


    • Microsoft Word actually adds in a lot of hidden markers that when copy/pasted screw up the html code.

      I used to write in notepad and then copy/paste… but the new WordPress version I use has an “autosave” feature. As in, it autosaves.

      Which is nice, since I have multiple computers I work from, and if I added carrying around a flashdrive with a file on it from place to place or emailing new updated copies all the time, then I would write nothing.


  21. Gotta hate when that happens. Its happened to me more than once, I’ve gotten in the habbit of hitting Control-A Control-C before posting anything lengthy anymore.


  22. I love these taunting not-there posts, BBB. I really do.
    Particularly because I’ve had the same damn thing happen to me once, with my own wordpress blog.
    /grumbles and laughs


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