Thank you for the post texts!

I have received a veritible flood of emails from you sending me copies of my lost post. Thank you all so, so very much.

Thanks to you, that post is back up and live again, and can now be ignored in the archives with all 1300 of the rest of them. Or is it 1400? I keep forgetting.

Thank you all.

I know I say that a lot, but what that means to me is that you, each of you, keeps giving me a reason to remember how awesome you are.

It’s impossible for me to think of the game as being filled with asshats, when I keep meeting so many great people daily through the blog that also play WoW. Maybe that’s part of why I never despair of the people I see in trade chat or in bad pugs or racing to grab that one mob you needed now that you cleared all the rest for him.

It’s because those idiots aren’t the public face of the players of the game to me. You are.

And you all rock.

In other news, I’ve been letting everything stir around in my head about Terin’s next story turn in the Converging Forces tale, because something just wasn’t quite clicking. This morning, as I lay dozing, the last piece of the puzzle to make the next section flow right finally clicked into place in my mind. Finally, I’ll be able to write it and not have it feel like crap to me. Man, I was stuck.

2 thoughts on “Thank you for the post texts!

  1. Glad things are back to normal BBB. I would have hated the idea of not being able to read your blog anymore.

    You know, though I’m a cynic and pessimist, both rolled into one, I like to think that people are generally good but the few rotten apples spoil it for everyone and they have more bad influence on decent people than they should.


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