Epic Loot!

I hope that all of you out there, no matter whether you observe Christmas as a holiday or not, got some presents today.
Any day is the right day to give and receive presents, in my opinion.

I figure, if Lewis Black can celebrate Christmas with his friends, there is no excuse for the rest of us. Plus, I just like to give people stuffs.

What does Cassie give the Bear who, while not having everything, DOES have access to a credit card and poor impulse control?

The Bear received the following awesome gifts, which probably say more about the state of my mental health and maturity at the age of forty-something than I’d really like.

John Ringo’s novel A Deeper Blue.

Damned Nation, a novel by Nick Pollotta, author of the Bureau 13 novels Mannyac and I both loved. This one is kinda a prequel to the original Bureau 13 books, set in the Civil War. Hmm, considering my cosmopolitan audience, let me specify the American Civil War. Or, as I’m increasingly coming to call it, the FIRST American Civil War.

Girl Genius book 7, which I didn’t have yet, and Girl Genius book 1 by Phil and Kaja Foglio. Yes, I already had book 1… but mine was in black and white, this one is in color! Yes, I put that on my list. Sad, I know. Oh, and if you go to buy book 1, which I heartily recommend… try and make sure yours is in color. Some resellers out there don’t mention there is a difference. When in doubt, buy direct!

The Order of the Stick book 4: Don’t Split the Party! Not much more than I can say about that, Girl Genius and Order of the Stick are perhaps the two greatest webcomics/stories/artistic endeavors I have ever had the priviledge of reading.

Ultimate Spider-Man, the Ultimate Collections books 1, 2 and 3. I’m a junkie for Brian Michael Bendis’ reboot of the Spider-Man comics, and Cassie kinda noticed that when we go to the library, I’d end up bringing SOMETHING from the Ultimate Spider-Man series home to reread. Either that, or my continual whining finally got on her nerves. Perhaps it’s goofy, but there is something very real about the personalities Bendis brought to the series. And now, I’ve got thousands of pages to read and reread while… strategizing. Yes, that’s it. Three years, 39 issues worth of the series, all in one go. I’ve never owned any of the Ultimate Spider-Man books before, so this is really pretty exciting for me.

Yes, yes my life is that chock full of excitement.

Finally, last but not least, and truly hilarious to find beneath the tree, The BIG Book of Top Gear 2010, imported from across the pond!

So, on the one hand all my presents are books, which would normally be quite erudite… but the vast majority have pictures in them, which kinda has to detract from the ‘mature’ angle.

Last year, I got the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo and Battle Cry of Freedom, plus Last Words by George Carlin and a biography of General James Longstreet. Oh, and lost of Lewis Black stuffs.

I think I’ve regressed in the last year. Count of Monte Cristo against Big Book of Top Gear… hmmm.

Which one has the Stig in it again? That’s the good ‘un!

Ah well, as I slide down into my second childhood, I hope you’ll ride along with me, the food is more fun down here.

Speaking of food, time to go cook some bacon and eggs for the family.

Also, time to go see who’s winning, Empire or Rebel Scum. Alex’s Christmas was mainly Star Wars: The Clone Wars themed, with lots of action figures, and the crowning centerpiece, the monstrous AT AT Walker. Cassie found it on a really, really good deal online about three months ago. Ah, the look in his eyes when he saw THAT box unwrapped. I can hear the foot stomping sound effects from down here in the Bearcave right now.

He was even more overjoyed to find the rolling ball Destroyer Droid action figure, though.

Damnit! I just realized I forgot to buy him a lightsaber! Shit! NOW what’s he gonna chase the kitties with?


I hope that the gifts that you gave were all well received, and that on this day of days you each have your heart’s desire… no matter what it might be. Unless it involves committing a felony.  And even then… here’s hoping that it’s a victimless crime, and you don’t get caught!

Merry Christmas!

14 thoughts on “Epic Loot!

  1. For a lightsaber, go out and get a pool noodle (preferably green, red or blue) and cut off a 2′ length, then wrap one end in a 3″ swath of silver duct tape, then wrap the edges of that in black electrical tape to make the “handle”. You will end up with a “lightsaber” that is fun to fight with, but Alex won’t be able to really hurt anyone, even if he hits as hard as he can, and you can make as many as you want for under $10.

    Red = the people who live (since Vader kills everyone else in the original 3 movies)
    Green/Blue = the good guys


  2. This happened to pop up on my homepage..I think it’s very appropriate to most of us. I know it is for me and BBB

    Books to the ceiling,
    Books to the sky,
    My pile of books is a mile high.
    How I love them! How I need them!
    I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.
    – Arnold Lobel


  3. Over the years, I’ve used Christmas to introduce my young daughter to my idea of the classics: Tolkein, Douglas Adams, Bronte…a varied menu, but an interesting journey in lives and imaginings. She, now 17, has begun the tradition in reverse…I got a Stephen King, my favorite author, and two Sookie Stackhouse books (her idea of classics…lol). I must admit…I’m actually having a load of fun with Sookie Stackhouse. Of course, I space them out between my jinx feedings of Longstreet and Lee, Scottish historical, Warcraft lore and King.

    Readers rock.

    Merry Christmas.


  4. merry x-mas bbb 🙂
    Seem like nice presents 🙂 nothing beats the new-book-smell if you ask me, so im kinda jealous 🙂
    btw do those ultimate spiderman books exist outside the us of a? I lost my collection several years ago due to a fire and lost track of the spidy universe, but this might be a way to pick up again 🙂 thanks for the tip.

    greets, J


    • Well, I think that there’s a UK version of Amazon, you might check there. Sof ar they’ve only released three of the “Ultimate” collections, one year per book, and then one hardcover that holds all three at once. Cassie tells me she found the three books for less all together than the one hardcover, so shopping around might help.

      See, Christmas between Cassie and I is kind of a competition she always wins. We come up with lists, we each have exactly $100 for a budget, and we can’t go over buying for the other person.

      So…. the more careful and frugal a shopper, the better the savings a person can get, the more value for the money… so the more presents that person can give.

      This year, like so many others, the pile of what I came up with for a $100 was less than what Cassie came up with, so once again she has bragging rights in the real world to go along with her Auction House voodoo skills.

      It’s funny… I grew up dirt poor, so spending $100 on a person for Christmas seems insane, even though we can afford it by saving up. At the same time, how far $100 goes in presents now compared to when I was growing up is ridiculous. It’s like, “Hey, here are a couple new video games, Merry Christmas.” A $100 bucks just isn’t as impressive as it feels like it ought to be. Especially when I think about how far that money would go on careful spending for food and clothing.


  5. In other news, Alex is now having epic star wars battles… and I’m finding that after years of blogging about Druids, every time I try to write “battle droid”, it comes out “battle druid” or ‘destroyer druid”.

    Which actually sounds kind of interesting. Destroyer druid. Hmmm.


    • Destroyer Druid… the new hero class in WoW? One that can transform into large mechanical devices of pure destruction?


      • Destroyer Druids… part man, part animal, part machine.

        You know, at some point you gotta ask yourself, how many parts do ya gotta go with? Why not an Elemental Druid? Part night elf, part living elemental. You got your Fire form for melee combat, your earth form for tanking, your water form for healing, your air form for ranged/flying….


      • I’m looking back at what i just wrote and totally using that in my game world, I swear to god. Like, writing it in right now.

        Elemental Druid… I’m freaking crazy, but I like it.


      • That’s more a shaman’s gig really… but still a damn cool idea for an epic class.

        I always view the shamans having power over the elements and Druids have the power over life and primal nature.


      • Yeah, it would be a Shaman, but the idea of doing the shape shifting thing with elements sounded really fun all of a sudden, like a natural fit.


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