Amusing Synchronicity

And for my last post of the day, no really I swear, catching up on the webcomics I enjoy, I opened NPC Comic, and it’s a nicely done comic that makes you think about appearances and how we feel about ourselves, and how we imagine others see us, and how we even view our own hobbies in relation to whether it’s ‘grown up’ or not. And even more, the joy of finding dtrangers that share the same interests you do, and how it can make you feel more ‘accepted’. Lots of nice layers to the comic.

What made me lol was that the comic was the inverse of what my last two days were.

At home, in private, where nobody could see or judge me… I read Animal Farm by Orwell yesterday. Magnificent rendition in the short form of the history of Soviet Russia.

At work today, in public, I took my hardcover copy of World of Warcraft: The Shattering.

Of course, if I hadn’t been done with Animal Farm, I would have taken that, so it’s not like I’m choosing my reading material based on some idea of impressing other people one way or the other… although I know there are folks who do that. I remember reading somewhere that there are folks who, when faced with decorate their dens or libraries, call a local bookstore and order nicely bound hardcovers… by the square foot.

It’s the ‘by the square foot’ bit that kills me.

I also know of a few folks I grew up with that would intentionally take books about their interests out in public in the hopes of using them as conversation pieces and finding kindred spirits, so it works both ways.

The fact that Animal Farm was one of the, well, ‘adult’ books that was being read in the comic, coupled with my having just read it yesterday made me lol.

NPC Comic is usually very good, but today’s was sublime. Oh hey, and she’s got a blog now too!

6 thoughts on “Amusing Synchronicity

  1. NPC Comic?!?!

    Yeah. Thanks. My productivity just plummeted into an abyss of unspeakable proportions! Back to work – right after I catch up with “” 🙂


  2. Wasn’t there a passage in “The Great Gatsby” commenting on the fact that the pages of the books in Gatsby’s library hadn’t been cut?

    As a person who deplores clutter, the thought of deliberately lining one’s walls with things that not only aren’t being used but also may have to have effort spent on them to move them some day is maddening.

    I think it was Emerson who said: “Things are in the saddle, and ride mankind.” It’s also unfortunately the case that we let them define us sometimes.

    This all said, I try to be at least a little discrete when I bring the “nerdier” things I like to read sometimes to work. There’s integrity, and then there’s career-practical.


    • While I *did* read the Great Gatsby, there are people playing WoW right now who weren’t alive when I did read it. So I’m going to pass on trying to remember any specifics, Drew.

      On the other hand, funny way my mind works, but whenever I think of the Great Gatsby, I also always am reminded of the feel of the visits in the Watchmen comic series, where the new Nite Owl visits the retired Nite Owl, and they enjoy reminiscing about old times. And vice versa. I’ve never explored why that may be, but there is something about the both of those scenes that reminds me of the other, and I dearly hope it’s not just the shared elements of a mechanics’ garage.


  3. Man I wish I have the spelling prowess to blog because I much as I would love to do one for SV hunters one spelling mistake especially in an early budding blog and no one would take me serious

    Keep up the great work man you almost have me sold on playing a druid 😛

    Also love the “By the square foot” comment, I’ve heard of such things but always wished it wasn’t true.


    • Having re-read this post today… I wish that *I* had the spelling prowess to blog, too.

      What I’m thinking, and what I think I’m writing, and what actually goes on the blog ain’t always the same thing. This post is a great case in point. Too much talking about me, too little talking about what a great webcomic “NPC Comic” is. The storyline where the wonderful main character, who raids on a rogue, gets kicked out of her guild for her behavior is such an excellent spin on the subject, and makes you re-examine the stereotypes behind it, that it really captured my heart.


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