Okay, so this one time, in Blog camp…

As usual, I followed links left by commenters on my last post, I like reading new stuffs. I find some great writing that way. And it’s only being polite, right?

I saw a nicely thought out comment from someone named Kaleesh, and went to go check out the blog they linked to, Starfallen.

Hmm, musings of a Balance Druid altaholic, awesome, altaholic to me usually means “I’ll write about a bunch of stuff”, which I like. 

Interesting, mentions enjoying painting, provides a link to a Deviantart picture, let’s go check it… HOLY SHIT!

Okay, that’s some incredible talent.

Do yourself a favor, check Starfallen out, provide some encouragement, give them a boost. Talent that amazing needs to be nurtured and grown.

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