I have a New Years resolution. It’s a very simple one.

I’m going to maintain my faith that nice people still play WoW, despite what sometimes seems to be a landslide of in-game evidence to the contrary.

This was going to be a pretty cranky post. And I HATE cranky posts. If I’m in a bad mood, why dump that all over you?

Amusingly enough, things came up that changed the nature of this post mid-stream, so it’s not nearly as cranky as it could have been. Which is nice, considering it’s the first post of the new year.

Inside the game, most of the people I encounter are just… blech.

It often feels as if, so long as there is nothing there that someone wants for themselves, people act all right. Not great, but arright. It’s only the occasional person going out of their way to annoy someone else.

Sure, there is always that 10%, somebody that thinks the best use of their game time is to find some out of the way low level quest hub, and kill everything there for as long as they can get away with it until a higher level opposing faction player comes along, and then they run away and hide like a gutless coward.

And on that topic, how gutless must you be in real life that you’re afraid of getting into a virtual fight with your digital avatar? Really? Dear lord, if you’re going to start shit, find some intestinal fortitude and stand and fight when the big guns come to call.

People like that, the ones that go looking to be a asshat, are thankfully few and far between.

But you put an Herb, Ore node, quest mob or valuable drop into the equation, and suddenly far more people get vicious, and right fast. It’s me first, and screw you buddy. 

It’s sad, and you see it most when there is new content. Once stuff has been out for a while, people don’t act like that as much… because they already got what they wanted. If they act nice later, it’s not because they’re nice… it’s because they don’t care about whatever it is anymore, and so it’s easier to act nice and do nothing than it is to rush forward to gank.

They’re still that same person that waited until you attacked the mob right next to the Ore Node before they swooped in and mined it, they haven’t changed over time. 

Amusingly enough, it gives me hope. 🙂 People that act rude as hell generally ease off the longer the content is out, and stop irritating the rest of us. It gets better.

What annoys me at times is knowing they’re still in the game. They only pretend they’re nice, they’re still an asshat at heart. And they’re still out there, asshats in disguise.

But that’s why we prefer to play with friends we know, right? So we don’t have to put up with that kind of thing.

It’s more like a clique thing, though. You may choose to hang with and chat with and play with your friends, but you’re not playing in a bubble. If you venture out into the World of Warcraft, you encounter a world where other people can and will affect your experience by how they act.

I suppose it must be how people in High School feel when they hang with their own friends… but they can’t exactly avoid running into the idiots that want to throw somebody in a locker or give them a wedgie or something when they travel from class to class.

I know I’m only speaking for myself here… but sometimes there is something really depressing about playing a massively multiplayer game, when it feels like the massively means “massive numbers of shitheads in game, the behavior you encounter may vary depending on whether you actually wanted to quest or do an instance today or not”.

Before Cataclysm came out, I announced on da blog I wasn’t going to be tanking groups in PUGs anymore. I meant it. I don’t need to run instances over and over, there is no raid gear level I’m trying to reach. I don’t have a frantic need to gear up.  

That hasn’t stopped me from joining groups as a DPS player, to see what the new content looks like. To apply what I’ve read about the instances to first hand observations.

It’s a part of the game, and I’d like to see it. I’d also like to be that player that helps the tank instead of being just another idiot.

If I’m going to be honest, I also wanted to be in a position to really see how other people are acting in groups, and reacting to the new dungeons, without being responsible for anything more than being the best DPS player I can be.

If I assume the responsibility of being the tank or healer, if things fall apart due to some asshat, I feel personally responsible for not taking up the slack. I know me. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘fair’ or not, if I’m the tank or healer and someone dies or I lose aggro, I take that as a failure on my part.

If I’m a DPS player, then my job is to not go over aggro, stay out of goo, trap or CC who I’m told, and try to use initiative in applying my skills to the fight in a helpful way, without annoying the tank by usurping his intended control of the fight. 

Oh yeah, and try and do some solid DPS. I can handle that.

Along the way of running instances, I’ve seen some truly amazing behavior out of people.

There have been good groups, and there have been bad groups.

I have some favorite trends.

One of them is the number of tanks that, after seeing people die including themselves, blame the healer almost as a reflex. Amusingly enough, I had just that in Vortex Pinnacle, a tank that really was horrible at maintaining awareness of where mobs were, didn’t actually aggro all of them ever, the healer would get stuff on top of him, and people would die. After blaming the healer, the tank left… to be replaced by a tank that held everything fine, and we continued the run smooth as silk. Oops.

Another is the trend of healers to not heal anyone other than the tank. There are lots of situations where there is AoE. Lots of AoE. Also, lots of loose mobs. If there are loose mobs that the tank isn’t grabbing, letting the DPS all die isn’t actually helping the team win. Especially if the ‘healer’ is DPSing.

And then there are the DPS players. Ahh, the DPS.

My favorite example of just ‘oh wtf is wrong with you’ doesn’t even come from my own playing.

Cassie took her Rogue into a heroic. The first new heroic either of us ever saw.

I haven’t taken any of my characters into heroics yet, because I simply don’t care if I do any. Maybe after I’ve had lots of fun in normal runs. I’d like a couple of Chaos Orbs on my Hunter someday so I can craft my bow and goggles, but meh. They’ll still be there in a year or so.

But Cassie actually has very good gear, as far as normal instances are concerned, and she decided to see what the heroics were like.

I watched over her shoulder a bit, until the sympathetic pain got to be too much to bear. 

I had thought, considering the 35 minute plus wait time for DPS to get a group, that DPS players who actually got a group would try to help make it work. At the very least, I figured they’d try and help the tank, since the tank is the only one with a fast queue time who suffers little by leaving except a short deserter debuff. There will always be another fast instance for a tank.

I thought wrong.

Cassie got Shadowfang Keep. Cool! I wanted to see that place now that it’s revamped.

Of the 5 person group, only two of them, a Mage and the healer, a Priest, were from the same server and guild.

The tank was a Druid tank. From what I saw, they did an admirable job. Moved fast, knew his (or her) abilities, Growled from range, etc, worked hard to grab mobs and hold aggro and all that.

The tanks’ reward for trying so hard to do a great job of tanking was to have a run with three malicious asshats along to make him (or her) completely miserable.

The Mage, in my opinion, takes the prize. I’d normally save the worst for last, but he set the tone. The Mage had “Go Go Go Go Pull Now Pull Now” macroed so he could spam it… which he did, after every single group death. Sometimes scrolling nine plus lines or more deep.

The Mage also spent more time telling other people how crappy their DPS was than he did actually causing DPS, which wasn’t that great, btw. A classic case of “maybe if you shut up and played, your DPS wouldn’t suck so much”, something I should have saved as a macro myself.

I don’t want you to get the idea from the spamming of “Go Go Go” that the Mage was waiting for the tank to pull the next mobs, either. Far from it. The Mage actually waited about .2 milliseconds after spamming chat to then pull the next group for the tank, regardless of what the tank might be doing. Usually while the tank was healing himself. 

Oh yes, the Mage loved pulling… and the tank would dutifully pull the mobs off him to support the run.

But wait, why was the Druid tank healing himself?

Why, because the Mage’s co-guildie, the group healer, a Priest, spent almost all of HIS time in Shadow Form, casting damage spells. And spent zero time healing anyone other than the tank, and even then only rarely.

The Priest even did some pulling of the next groups for the tank as well.

No, the Priest’s healing skills did not justify this behavior.

And then there is the third member… a Retribution Paladin that, apparently since he couldn’t pull the next group himself, because the MAGE was doing that, decided to start running into the next rooms to body pull the next group before the current fight was even done.

That’s right… three players all competing with each other to see who could win as the head asshat of Cassie’s first heroic.

The tank, amazingly enough, lasted for almost half of the run before just giving up and leaving in disgust. And who could blame him?

Right before leaving the group, the tank told the Mage that if he wanted to tank so bad, go for it. The Mage promptly pulled the next group for the tank, the tank didn’t try and pull off the Mage, the Mage Ice Blocked… and the healer only healed the Mage, not the tank.

So the tank left, followed closely thereafter by Cassie.

I know I would have left after the second room was pulled for me after I asked them to stop it. I sure as heck wouldn’t have continued tanking for idiots like that.

But then again, it’s being treated like that by strangers in a game meant for pleasure in my down time that’s the prime reason I will never tank for a pug again. There are no rewards worth having that would compensate for the aggravation.

With tanks willing to join PUGs as rare as they already are, what would possess people to act like this? Do they think they are, perhaps, the only ones acting like immature slugs, and the runs they ruin and the tanks they piss off don’t matter, because there is a never-ending, infinite supply of tanks just waiting around the next corner that they haven’t gotten to piss off yet?

It doesn’t matter. Motivations don’t matter. Reasons don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter WHY, what matters is WHAT. And in this case, the what is players that don’t deserve to be in a group environment. Players that not only don’t appreciate the opportunity to play in a group, but are openly contemptuous of tanks and the rest of the players in the party.

These are people who seem to get off at the idea that someone else is having a bad day. And who REALLY get off at thinking that they were the cause.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Every time I start thinking about the asshats of WoW, something also happens to remind me that it’s not all that bad. All players you meet really AREN’T like that.

Even if it seems most are only pretending to be nice to get something they want at the moment.

In the middle of writing this post, I took a break to go herbing in my favorite location in Vashj’ir. I know that the herbs to be found there, being lower level, don’t have as high a drop rate of the mats for Inferno Ink. That’s okay by me, because it’s usually empty of players, and you can turn in Blackfallow Ink in Dalaran to get your Inferno Ink. So all herbs is good herbs, mon.

I haven’t really been farming much since hitting 525 Inscription, but I’ve been playing my Shaman a little, and realised that I had a crap Relic. Well, I can fix that easy enough, just apply herbs to taste.

There I am, swimming in circles in Vashj’ir, farming for herbs. Usually I listen to Lewis Black when I’m going to be herbing for a while… one of his audiobooks, or a CD. I almost had all the mats already, though, so I figured I was only 15 minutes of herbing out before being done. Not really enough time for old Lew to get cooking.

As I swoop in to grab an herb, I aggro one of those cute squid-headed Giblins, and have to fight it first.

Just as I get fighting, what should swim up but another manatee of doom.

My fellow Druid swam up, paused next to the herb, and my thoughts at the moment were, “Well, that figures. Herb it while I’m fighting the mob. Whatever.”

It’s what I’ve come to expect, and why I love mining on my Hunter. The pet handles the mobs, so I can mine the node, which really pisses off the countless people that have swooped in on me in the past hoping to gank while I was distracted.

Instead of herbing this time, the Druid asks, “Hey, are you herbing?”

Previous to this, I thought I was one of the only ones that ever stopped to ask first.

I take the time to reply that I was, and he says, “Oh, okay, I wasn’t going to jack it” and swims off.

Well, holy crow. Really? A polite Druid? How nice! I feel kinda proud to be a Druid too!

I whisper to him quickly, to thank him for being so nice. I really appreciated it.

He says no problem, and, since it was clear to me that the level 85 Druid was there just to farm herbs himself, I figured I’d set his mind at ease. I tell him that I’m just herbing until I have enough to make a Shaman Relic, and as soon as I was done, I’d be out of there, leaving it all to him.

He replies back that he was in for the long haul. He’s trying to make Volcano cards to get his Mage a trinket before the weekend. Ouch.

Then he links to the Runed Dragonscale relic, and asks me if that’s the one I’m working towards. I say it is, and he asks me, “Do you want one? I made some leveling Inscription.”

Didn’t ask to trade, just asks if I want one. Nobody is that nice.

I reply back that I’ll be happy to trade him all the mats I’d harvested so far in exchange for hit, he says sure, and off we go. I didn’t quite have enough herbs yet to make the 8 Inferno Ink one of those takes, so I’m definitely getting the better part of the deal. It makes me feel bad, that’s the time when I would love to reward someone’s being unexpectedly awesome by giving them more than they imagined.

As I swim away from the trade, he asks, “Could you use one of these? I’ve made some of them too” and links the strength relic that is good for Ret Pallies.

I tell him no, and thank him very strongly for his kindness and generosity, and wish him happy herbing.

It gives you pause, you know? I see the people in these PUGs, start writing a cranky old post, and in the middle of the post meet somebody like Mithrandirls of Cheat Death on Kael’thas-US, and just wonder in amazement about what a nice person they were, just out of the blue.

I’d like to think I’m a nice person in game, but how often have I really gone out of my way to be nice like that?

I might not gank other people’s herbs or act the fool spouting drivel in instances, but how often do I go out of my way to do something nice for strangers?

I think the only time that comes to mind in the last week was when somebody in Uldum was asking in general chat if there were any mailboxes around, because their bags were completely full. Some folks replied that there weren’t any, some gave out bad info, some gave the person crap (as usual), and I said that I could come drop a mailbox if they needed one.

They said “Ah, ok, thx”, and I thought they meant to me, so I invited them to group to see where they were. I was halfway to them when they asked me what the group was for.

I told them I offered to drop a Mailbox, and I thought they’d said ok.

The person was genuinely astounded that someone would do that for them. They also didn’t know people could do that. I guess they’d never tried Engineering as a profession before.

I found them, demonstrated the Engineering powers of Moll-E, wished them good luck and flew off.

I felt embarrassed. She just seemed so surprised anyone would bother to be helpful, it really did make me feel like I was the one out of place for doing something to help someone else. Plus, it only took a second, it’s not like I did anything amazing at all.

That contributed to the crankiness of my original post. There is something wrong when people expect you to be an asshat, and are surprised when you do something nice instead.

I don’t want to be the person that is assumed to be an asshat just because I play WoW.

I’m going to end my first post of the new year just right… with a cliche.

The game is what it is, not what we wish it were. If we don’t take the time to be nice ourselves, if we don’t do what we can to have that seem like the normal way of doing things, how will anything ever change?

For the players out there like Mithrandirls, thank you. You may seem outnumbered at times, but I like to think that you are the true ambassadors of WoW. You serve as an inspiration to me, and I wish you and yours a very happy new year.

30 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I try to be a good person in game. I play on an RPVPP server, but very rarely engage in world PVP. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever started a fight; I’m more likely to defend myself (i.e. dying in a hilarious and embarrassingly quick way) than to pick one. Except when I see high level characters of the opposing faction griefing lowbies. Yes, it’s a PVP server, but griefing is never an acceptable activity. If I see lowbies getting terrorized, I make my presence known. The funny thing is I’m awful at PVP. Seriously bad at it. But often just by showing up the griefer takes off. The reason they’re targeting weaker characters is usually because they have no fear about getting killed themselves. As soon as an opponent their own size shows up, they usually leave. Some people think it’s funny that I do the same thing to people of my own faction. I see Horde griefing lowbie Allies? I usually whisper to them to let them know their behaviour is distasteful to some people. They either curse at me, or sheepishly take off having gotten their fingers slapped a little.

    I’m a druid, so I toss out Mark of the Wild to nearly every Hordie I pass in my travels. I throw HoTs on people caught up in battling mobs. I nuke things that are following fleeing lowbies. I’ve also given away free gear when I was leveling my leatherworking and the prices on the AH were low. Why sell it for 10silver to the vendor when someone might get use of it for a level or so. I’m a soft touch when it comes to people asking for a handful of silver to train skills at low levels, I usually give them a handful of gold instead.

    Why do I do all this? First of all, to balance out the jerks. And secondly, because other people have done the same thing for me. Whether it be friends or strangers, I’ve come across many helpful and awesome people. I’ve had passing Hordies resurrect my lifeless cow body, I’ve gotten free gear enchants from people trying to skill up, I’ve received gold just for offering information.

    Sure I’ve run across more than enough jerks and idiots, but there are still plenty of nice people in game. If more of us try to do a good deed, it will eventually come back right when you need it.


  2. Great post.

    My friends and I got lucky finding some really cool people too.
    Three of us qued DPS and got into Heroic Deadmines for the first time. We qued DPS because none of us wanted to put up with the the jack-asses you’re talking about. We ended up with a healer/tank team from the same guild, and it turned into a fantastic run. They were level-headed and willing to learn and work through unknown fights. We were thrilled to find people so easy going and obviously in it for the fun of the experience. And they were happy to work with three DPS that knew what they were doing and weren’t interested in competing with each other. After the first one we got into a common Vent together and ran some more. If those two hadn’t been from a cross-server que, we’d have invited them to our guild and made runs like that more common. We made some friends that night even if they are cross-server.

    All in all, it renewed my faith that are really ARE cool people out there playing. It very often feels like they are few and very far between, but every once in a while, just when you think it’s totally not worth it, you come across someone that is just a pleasure to work with.


  3. I spent a lot of time on boats when I was leveling my shammy jc. I always kept copper wire and malachite in my bags. When I was waiting with a lowbie caster, I would inspect them and make them the malachite pendant if they didn’t have a neck piece. Amazed me how many of them were surprised that I just wanted to help them out.


  4. Update.

    Yesterday, in trade a paladin was asking for Truegold transmute. I hadn’t used mine yet, so we grouped up – she traded me the mats, I pressed ‘create’ and poof! Truegold x2!

    She typed (and I read with a forlorn voice) “I guess I don’t get the extra one, huh?”

    I happily traded both to her, and went on my way to do dailies. She whispered “THANK YOU!!!” as I headed out of Org.

    I was later telling my guildies of this post, and how I’d been so kind to the pally. Their thoughts: “Wait, she didn’t tip you?!? And you didn’t ask for any money!?! – Cooldowns are expensive, yo”

    Yeah, but it’s my cooldown to do with as I please. If it makes a poor paladin happy, that makes me happy.

    (Although I secretly hope Pay It Forward is true karmic power…. otherwise I’m just a chump 😉 )


  5. I offered someone in WoW (on a chat channel) 50g for a quick answer to a question. A guy stepped up and refused the money and answered my question. So there may be good people left in WoW.


  6. haha i had a priest pulling of the same crap, voted him out before pulling the last boss after a straining run full of nearly-dieing and self-healing. 700 dps wtf do they think they are doing.


  7. The other day, I was in Tol Barad and had to do a daily quest to collect cannonballs from the ground. The area is packed with ghosts and hit pretty hard. I went to the area and found that it was mainly cleared, apparently by a DK who was killing off 2 last mobs, next to a pile of cannonballs. Now, there is another quest for the area to kill the ghosts, and I wondered whether the DK was doing the cannonball quest or the ghost quest. I whispered him “are you on the cannonball quest?”

    I saw him pause while fighting the ghosts. He replied “OMFG someone asked instead of just ninjaing the cannonballs. I don’t believe it! BTW I’m not on that quest, help yourself.” I got my cannonballs and was on my way.


  8. Whenever I hear any swearing going on around the computers, it usually means my significant other is in a Pug. This, combined with the fact that all the Cata dungeons are new and unknown to me, have kept me away from the LFD, even at the normal level.

    So glad that this random kindness happened to you. Wonderful way to start off the new year!

    However, I am sorry to Cassie for a horrible start to the new year in that heroic. I hope she runs into some random kindness to offset it soon!


  9. /signed

    Being kind to people shouldn’t be out of place. It doesn’t have to be expected or even a regular thing, but it should never be a huge surprise that people that give a shit exists.
    Unfortunately, that is quite often the case.


  10. I think its time to write a macro:

    /cast catform
    /cast prowl

    also a whisper to the healer to apologize for watching everyone die terribly


  11. Was Cassie’s first Herioc sometime early last week, by chance? I SWEAR I think that I was that tank. I had a very similar run last week but don’t remember a Pally being in the group. You don’t remember that tanks name or server do you?

    The upside to that run was that I won the need roll for the Boots of the Predator that Baron Ashbury drops. The rogue also needed on them so tell Cassie that I’m sorry if I was, indeed, the tank in that run but the boots fit very well. :0)


  12. A shout out from me to the last uber act of kindness giver I ran into… Eirdohl of Korialstrasz.

    I’d seen that in Deepholm the quest was up that can give you a shot at Jadefang, the rare spider that drops the Tiny Shale Spider companion pet. I went back later, popped up there… and saw Eirdohl already camping.

    No issue. He beat me fair and square. I stayed, backed up a bit, and both of us just sat. I had no intention to ninja the rare, but only to see if I could outlast him to the spawn. If he logged, that beastie was MINE.

    He didn’t log. We both waited for a good long while. Then the magic happened… Jadefang spawned. And Eirdohl had an AFK tag, and wasn’t moving.

    The last thing I wanted was for someone else to suddenly show up and ninja when we’d both waited so long. I edged forward, had a crisis of conscience, and did a /say asking if he was there. No response, so I tried /tell. That worked, it got his attention back to the game.

    And he bowed out in my favor. Because he wasn’t paying attention when Jadefang spawned, he passed for me. We argued it back and forth, but I finally took it and got the pet (yay!). My surprise and delight still know no bounds.

    On griefing via killing in low-level quest hubs… I don’t understand it and never will. I even have someone that enjoys it in the same guild. His reasoning is “they do it to us!” which makes my head asplode.

    I’ve found, however, that in many cases, all I have to do is hop onto an opposite-faction alt, and… like, talk to the person doing the griefing. Not cuss them out or act belligerent, but just ask why, and explain that I’m just trying to enjoy the game. If I don’t feel like actually conversing about it, I’ll only send a tell asking why they are getting enjoyment out of making other people miserable when we’re all trying to have fun in the game, and log off.

    So far, I can’t recall a time I’ve done this that it didn’t work. I think perhaps the cross-factional griefers have an easier time with an “us vs them” mindset that lets them believe the other side isn’t also a living, breathing, feeling player behind the toon, a classic hate/war tactic – dehumanizing the enemy. Getting confronted straight out with knowledge that this isn’t true seems to put them off. So says the armchair psychologist in me.

    As for same-faction asshats… well, I see enough of them IRL that it never really surprises me in-game. Hmm. That gives me an idea… think I’m off to the Blizz forums to post a suggestion that I bet will draw some interesting responses.


  13. Same as Drache here I guess… If it’s a Hordie, the node is all mine. Got ganked too often on a PvP server to ever forget it. I’m living happily ever after on a PvE server now, but if I see Horde…. Grrr 🙂

    Was wondering about that though. What do others do with that? If it’s alliance, I pass by, if it’s Horde I go for it. What do you do BBB?

    As for the argument “they did it first to me”… I don’t buy it. If everyone keeps doing that, then the world will end in misery. You can break the cycle, act nice and others might pick that up, just as they picked up node-stealing then.

    Pugs? Not for me no more. I heal or tank, so no more pugs for me… Guildies are for dungeons 🙂


  14. Random acts of kindness are an aspect of the game that give me faith in people so do not feel anything other than having done a good turn for the mail box drop :). One of my guildies went through 7 guilds and a realm change before he joined us. His experiences in game make me remember to keep a watchful eye on the chat and trade channels and lend a hand when I can.


  15. I started reading this and I thought about the Heroic I did last night. It was painful… very painful. We had a bit of an asshat of a healer. We wiped on the first trash pull. We sorted that out and then we wiped on the the first boss. None of us had been there for it before. We wipe again and we lose the healer. We get another who is constant swapping costumes after each wipe (believe me, there were a lot of wipes). He stuck with us for the next 2 and a half hours. We downed the first boss, learned how to do him. The we wipe a heap of times on those red crystal guys in stone core. Someone looks on the web after a couple more wipes and we figure it out.

    2nd boss, couple more wipes to the point where we figure out what we’re doing. We end up downing the boss with 3 people up from about 65% if not more. We got into a rythym and we got it.

    3rd boss, we wipe wipe wipe. After consensus we decided to call it for the night. Long attempt with a mandate to do another heroic (maybe easier one) next time.

    Sometimes, I come across a group like this (4/5 were from my server and we knew each other and were on the oceanic side of the universe and the 5th he was cool!) and sometimes I come across a group of asshats. The asshats groups are a hell of a lot more common. The good groups where everyone gets into a type of synergy and we pull it off completely.

    Regarding nodes, I will be honest, I will quite happily ninja a node from an alliance player. They are evil, well most of them. Druid alliance… theyre ok. I don’t ninja nodes from a horde person fighting off a mob for one, or Ill ask. Sometimes Ill be flying about and swoop in buff and help kill a mob then swoosh out, alliance and mostly horde. Ill ninja invite people for group dailies, those who are waiting or arriving as Im about to attack.

    I try to be nice. My philosophy, cheesey as all hell and honestly Im not sure it works is based from a movie. Pay it Forward. Do good now and maybe down the track someone will do good to you. (Honestly I sometimes dont think it works as I help out here and there, and I still get shafted… really makes you doubt… but I persevere). I randomly once while roaming near tarren mill stopped, gave a level 13 a hand, then a ride in my bike then a run through shadowfang and then I outfitted him with frostweave bags… lol, he thought I was the best thing since sliced bread… that made me smile, but then again I have plenty of time for new people to the game.


  16. I’ve actually ran into a lot of good people in the game. A few asshats here and there, but I’ve seen signs of good life out there. I was leveling through Uldum and an Alli Balance druid (For The Horde!) was in trouble so I helped him out. Next day I login and he’s jumped on one of his Horde toons and sent me 100G for helping him out. There have been other instances, but I always seem to have good luck with other druids. I think it’s the class…and why I’m leveling another one…Alliance side this time!


  17. Reminds me of when I had group quests in Nagrand and couldn’t find a group…it was just after WotLK had come out. I saw a draenei -can’t recall the class, a pally or DK -trying to solo one of the elite quest mobs. So I helped her kill it…and then she hung around and helped me with him after he respawned. We did a lot of /bowing to each other, and off we went.

    I’ve also learned that you can tell a lot about a group by how they react when you say it’s your first time in a given dungeon. The good ones will stop before boss fights to tell you the strategy, so-so ones will tell you a few things when prompted but not in detail, and bad ones…will completely ignore you asking and just head on in. Good ones tend to have more chatter, too. Thankfully, my first Cata dungeon was with an EXCELLENT group, whose names I have unfortunately forgotten…but they were wonderful, cracking jokes and offering tips, it was great. Plus, I got to use polymorph for the first time ever, and it went without a hitch.


  18. Yeah, it’s funny how just as you’re getting bitter and lose hope, there’s all of a sudden someone who makes your day!

    With nodes, I’m weird, I guess. If I see someone else is already near it, especially if they’re fighting mobs off, I check their health bar real quick. If they’re fine, I carry on. If they’re low, I might help hit something. As long as they’re from my faction. I have to admit, if it’s the opposing faction, then it’s MY node. I leveled too many toons on a PvP server, got ganked too many times over a node, and all that. I’m on a PvE server now, but that part in me still goes “HA!”

    As to heroics and new instances – I’m trying to stack the deck, running with a guild healer, in vent, and at least one guild DPS. So far that has worked pretty well 🙂 And I noticed that there are more pugged DPS or heals out there that don’t mind if the instance takes a little longer due to being careful, checking strats for a minute, or even making sure people have a full mana bar. I guess they’d rather spend 10 more minutes in an instance than another 45-60 in the queue 🙂

    It’s always good to hear that there are nice and decent people out there!


    • Reminds me of the time I popped out of a Deadmines wipe into then-foreign Westfall with my Forsaken Warrior. I looked down the hill and saw someone in trouble, so I figured I’d go help. Only after saving them from getting bumrushed by a half dozen critters did I notice he was a Gnome. I waved to the poor confused fellow then ambled away.

      Thing is, I’d have helped even if I’d noticed beforehand. Someone in trouble? Go help. It’s as simple as that. *shrug*


  19. The WoW population is composed primarily of raging teenage boys, so… It’s to be expected. Not to be stereotypical or anything, but it’s true. It’s worse in some realms than others, though. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Mug’thol Horde. I pretty much abandoned my warlock that server is so bad. Perenolde Alliance however is quite a nice bunch of folks.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I usually deal with more asshats in low level dungeons. Look, I know it’s harder to die here, but PLEASE, it’s a pain in the arse to have to pull the entire instance off of you, alright?


  20. Curious that the jerks would be in group content and the hero of the post was just a random passer-by doing his own thing and happy to let others do theirs. I’m not sure that’s always going to be the case, but I do believe that’s a likely trend.

    Just a thought.


    • Yup. I won’t do a heroic outside of a full guild run right now. And I’m DPS / occasional healer. (I would heal more, but we have a paly who really wants to heal, and I’m pretty good at DPS.)


  21. Asshats are all too common.

    I feel a twinge of guilt whenever I read in trade people selling items I can make and give away. I’m probably out 100k in gold from items I could have sold, but opted not to (or used the AH as a clearing house, spring cleaning my bank selling everything at deep deep discounts). But I’m just not like that – I refuse tips, I give my truegold transmute away (usually to guildies, but if no one needs it that day, I’ll offer it up in trade)…

    Sure, I’m missing out on thousands of gold pieces of profit… but in the end, what did it really cost me other than a bit of flying and herbing? I’m glad I don’t use Chaos Orbs… Not having to do Heroics makes it much easier to justify doing them… sounds backwards, but that’s how my brain works. /shrug.


  22. I guess the possibility of running into bad people in pugs is why even though I’m spec’d as a Prot Paladin at lvl 85 I haven’t done any dungeons yet. Before Cataclysm came out I’d resolved that I’d switch back to the spec I first leveled with and liked, protection, and if I did dungeons it would be as a tank yet I find myself completely uninterested in trying LFD and tanking for a pug though I am capable of doing so. So I just work on achievements and do PVP (it turns out a prot pally is pretty sturdy with appropriate PVP gear).

    BTW, when I’m out mining I won’t even ninja a node away from a Horde character as long as they haven’t been messing with me or others in the zone. Recently, I bypassed a Horde warrior who I’d killed 30 minutes before in revenge for his assisting another Horde player in killing me. He must have been surprised that I didn’t fight him for the node because he showed up while I was doing a quest a few minutes later and helped me with it.


  23. My first heroic was also SFK. I queued with a guildie and we waited almost an hour while I did dailies and he worked on finishing a quest series. When the group popped we both got in and were excited.

    This group turned out to be the absolute best group I have ever been a part of as long as I have played this game. It turned out that 3 of us were there for our first heroic ever and the tank immediately said “WHAT?” and I thought to myself “There goes that tank” but no, a pep talk and some advice and good luck wishes started happening. The tank had never run SFK before and was alt-tabbing to youtube and another site to get strats and watch videos of how to do stuff. She was also wide open to advice and suggestions, even when in hindsight they came from my half a Huntard ass who knows not a lot about mechanics and such.

    We started and got to rolling. It was nice, we were all talking and laughing and killing stuff left and right and then we got to the first boss. Holy FUCKING hell that was a buzzsaw. I dont know if it was us or if he is really that hard to deal with but we tried three or four different strategies and wiped six or seven times. I cant remember now, it seems like my mind blocked it out as too graphic for recall. It was brutal. There were more bones on the floor of that room then in the average middle sized graveyard. Still, the tank went out of her way to keep us all upbeat and laughing and eventually we beat the boss and there was much cheering and laughing.

    After that, I cant explain it. It was like the group had gone through a baptism of fire. We were bonded sort of. My guildie and I were /w’ing back and forth about how amazing this group was and telling the rest of the guild about it. We rolled through the rest of that place and rocked it. Wiped a few times but came right back up swinging, me literally once when my staff broke and I ran down and meleed my ass off laying trap after trap and did a little towards beating a boss.

    In short, my guildie and I had the best group we have ever been a part of, I won a green hat and a chaos orb (!) and I now have a good attitude towards heroics. Even though the very next day I encountered a group of totally elitist assholes who booted me after I asked the tank if there was anything that I needed to know about a boss. The second boss, for the record, so I did at least get 70JP out of those bags of douche.

    Oh, and the tank in the first group? The one that made me totally want to server transfer and offer my hand in WoW marriage? A Druid. I would have, and in a few cases did, walk right into Hell itself and tell the Devil to get fucked for her. 🙂


  24. so true….

    thanks to “try Cata for 10 days free” I had been playing these days leveling a Worgen druid. Ended up in wailing caverns as tank, with a Huntard who needed on everything (even shields – don’t ask me why this is possible), pulling, damaging CCd mobs…. even though I tried to educate him. In the end he caused the group to break up, then he could not find the entrance after a wipe, resurrected at the graveyard and had resurrection sickness when 3 new people joined. At that point he was already AFK and mminutes later offline…… Fortunately the 3 people joining nice, friendly and competent and we finished the dungeon. In Ashenvale I had to read in /3 “I’m bored after one hour ganking lowbies….”

    But then again I run a Blackfanthom with 4 people so nice, friendly and having fun together. I met someone who was happy I could fabricate some linen bags for him (my own tailoring is a fail, but obviously no one else had answered his pleas). Another player was overly thankfull when I could help him level cooking from 285 to 300. Another player relogged to an alt to craft me a golden rod, and refused to take payment.

    Bottom line: even in a world full of DBs, the world is what you make of it. If you give in to anger and frustration, then don’t blame the world for becoming worse.

    Though I blame Blizz to encourage such behaviour: ganking without consequences, the language/game barrier between horde and Alliance, removal of server wide /lfg, the LFD tool, and the general attitude “being an asshat gives you advantages”

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  25. You know, when I started reading your post and especially the Heroics instance, I thought “this is why I don’t play the game anymore other than my alts.” But as always, I read on. I feel better and it made me think of all the times in the past I’ve dropped what I was doing for others, regardless of faction or things like that. I remember those far more than I remember the blur of assholes that seem to fill life. It occurred to me that often, I don’t remember bad things. It might leave an impression and I have an aversive reaction later but I don’t remember particulars. I DO remember particulars of good things people do. I remember spending hours helping a random forsaken mage kill ogres in Vanilla for a quest drop back when they were hard to come by. I learned a lot about him and we had some good laughs. I remember when I was about to die killing a quest mob in Burning Crusade and a random alliance person dropped down, healed me, killed the mob and flew off. To this day, I don’t know the druid’s name or why they did what they did but it was incredibly nice. I could go on but my point is I like to think that some people are genuinely good and when I look at my small guild and my RL friends, I’m glad that I’m surrounded by good people and there is always a chance of being surprised by random acts of kindness in game and in life. It’s sad that there is a chance for good rather than it being the norm but that is the way of things in real life too. No reason to stop being kind towards our fellows. Besides, if everyone was a good person, then no one could be called such. People like you and my guildmates make the game and life worth the time.


  26. A good portion of the ones rushing to ninja nodes are decent folks who didn’t start doing that. They started doing it after 1, 5, 10 nodes were ninjaed from them. At that point, everyone is defecting in the prisoner’s dilemma, and the only choices are “go all out for all nodes and eff everyone else” or “don’t get any nodes.”

    As for the group, I would have been out, even as DPS, as soon as teh healer took shadowform. He’s a DPS who selected healer to get a faster queue, and even drug another DPSer (mage) with him. I would have tried to votekick them both first, and if that didn’t work, I would have sit down until they kicked me. (I’m also done taking deserter debuffs for asshats.)


    • That is the wrong way to see it. I hate it when people ninja nodes from me. If I start doing it myself, just because others I dislike are doing it, what does that make me? Besides, it’s not an all-or-nothing situation as you put it (getting herbs vs getting zero herbs), since a lot of nodes don’t have any mobs linked to them these days.


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