Ride it like ya stole it!

I almost didn’t post this. But you know… blogger. If a tree falls in the forest near a blogger, it doesn’t matter if it made a sound or not, the blogger will spin a 1500 word post out of it called “Even the trees suffer the loss of our form.”

Tonight, I rode it like I stole it.

A while back, I’d set aside some cash for when Cataclysm came out. I intended to make my Tauren Druid a Worgen on launch.

In preparation, and to cut down on post launch delays caused by a blitz of last minute faction changes, I did the faction transfer in advance, returning my Druid to her Night Elf roots.

This time, older and a little wiser, I was more careful about her appearance. This time… she didn’t look like a valley girl with her picture taken two minutes after snorting the nose candy. For years my Druid had this vapid, “wha?” expression on her face that drove me into perpetual Bearform.

No longer. Now, I’m actually happy with her appearance. She’s like the Druid I always loved… only better!

Yeah, so… I never went Worgen.

The Worgen I made, I made on another server. I found that I really, really loved my Fury Warrior Worgen… but being in a two person guild, seeing our guild level never advance contributed to feeling as if, if I’m going to play, time spent on non-guild alts was somehow wasted.

Isn’t that wierd? It’s all time spent having fun…. if you’re having fun, it’s not time wasted. But there’s just something about knowing that you could be contributing to the guild level, but you’re not.

Back to the point… loving the Worgen, but I didn’t want to play outside our guild. Loving the Night Elf Druid, didn’t want to race change to Worgen.

But there was an opportunity there….

I leveled my Orc Warrior to 70 before Cataclysm came out. Rocked the Warrior, good times.

But…. I finally stopped loving the Orc. I’m not sure why, but I just lost interest in being a fierce champion of Orgrimmar.

I think part of it was the Garrosh storyline from the Shattering. Suddenly, I was a little ashamed to be an Orc. Orgrimmar just wasn’t the home Thrall made for our people anymore. It was… well, it was some 16 year old’s id run amok with power fantasies. It wasn’t a refutation of all the Alliance accused our people of, it was an affirmation that yes, we are that brutal and hungry for honor through bloodshed to prove to everyone how mighty and brave we are.

It wasn’t for me.

So I chose to defect from the Orc race, and my Warrior became a Worgen instead. Not coincidentally, this will let me join our Alliance guild and yes… once again contribute to guild leveling. Sad, I know.

I made the transfer tonight, and I logged in eager to see how she looked. The rush of excitement was remarkable; I have been playing this game for years, right? How the heck am I still feeling some surge of wonder out of it?

I appeared in Darnassus, and the first thing I did after getting my addons straightened out was go looking for those buttons I’d never achieved through leveling a Worgen… the mount buttons.

I’d seen Worgen running around on all fours, and from the outside I thought it looked stupid. I wanted a taste of that firsthand.

I found the button, dragged it down to where my old mount button was on my bars as an Orc, and stopped dead.

I had a Tiger head as my new mount button after the faction change.


I was in Darnassus, and Worgen don’t get a racial mount. It hadn’t occured to me that they might transfer the racial mount of an Orc into the Night Elf one, based on the faction city.

I mouse over the Tiger mount button… and it tells me the legend…

Winterspring Frostsaber.

WHAT THE F(&^)&?!?!?!

Okay. Lets just hold the heck on, here. Clearly, this is a bug. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

Well, let’s see how buggy it is. Fire that puppy up!

Poof! I’m a Worgen riding a Winterspring Frostsaber, the mount I always wanted, the most beautiful ground mount in the game, in my opinion, aside from my land chicken from Sethekk Halls.

No telling how long this’ll last, screenshots ho!

I check my Reputations… nope, no Winterspring Frostsaber rep. So, bug.

I check my Mount tab… yep, I’ve got a Winterspring Frostsaber there. Along with… are those Mechanostriders? wtf? I was an orc, shouldn’t I, like, get horses or something? So am I to understand that Orcs are comparable to.. Gnomes?

I’m not sure who would feel more insulted by that, actually.

Man, something is seriously bugged, here.

Now, do I say something on the blog, or do I run with it and hope to slide on by.

Okay, it’s safe to talk about it on the blog… nobody at Blizzard reads my drivel. So, cool. This is so NUTS!

Wait, what if I relog or /reload ui, and it’s gone forever? NOOO!!!!!!

Simple solution… never log out again. Honey, call work for me, I’m calling in dead.

Moar screenshots!

Finally, I tire of riding around Darnassus on my illicit, totally unearned Frostsaber. Waving goodbye with a final screenshot, knowing in my heart that I shall never see her again, I log out to go watch Top Chef.

As I share this story of mine with Cassie, she looks at me as if I’m the stupidest person on the planet.

“Didn’t your Orc have the Un’goro Raptor reputation mount you did a month worth of daily quests for?”

Well, yeah but…. wait. What?

No freaking way!

Holy shit, he did! But there is no way a Winterspring Frostsaber is a fair trade for a Venomhide Ravasaur mount! All I had to do was plug away on a daily each day, and watch the little guy grow. I didn’t do a single mindless grinding farming nightmare!

How is that possibly fair!?!


I just realized, I don’t care if it’s fair…. I’ve got a Winterspring Frostsaber! HOT DIGGITY DAMN!

Apparently, my integrity can be bought… all it took was a free pretty purple kitty mount.

The saddest thing is, I now dimly recall, way back a long time ago, reading that this would happen with faction changes, and it just didn’t register. It got lost in information overload. But maybe that’s a good thing, because it sure was a shock!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off. If you need me, just look for the level 70 Worgen Warrior doing doughnuts in Darnassus on her jacked and pimped out ride.

Oh yeah… screenie!

18 thoughts on “Ride it like ya stole it!

  1. A couple of random thoughts:

    Being primarily an Alliance player, I mourn the Horde’s loss of Thrall, because Garrosh is ‘cruising for a bruising’ whether it’s from the outside forces (Alliance) or the inside ones (everyone else). I *ALMOST* feel sorry for him, because he’s pretty much managed to piss off everyone who isn’t a ‘good ol days’ orc. All problems with “the Shattering” aside (I’ll spare you that particular rant) it grudgingly made me hate him less than I had when it was first announced he would be taking over for Thrall (a lot of my IRL friends are Horde, and they swore up and down Blizzard would never let Garrosh replace Thrall… heh).

    Oh and have you noticed that Worgen’s mount effect looks suspiciously like a zergling running across the ground? I saw three or four lower level worgen scurrying across Darkshore and I immediately started thinking I needed a firebat or two to ward em off… 😀


    • I had noticed that about the Worgen movement….

      What I figure is, while I personally may really REALLY dislike the worgen “running like a mount as a mount” animation, and while I personally would have loved the originally announced tusked boar like mount for Worgen, in the end I am sure that there are lots of players who are delighted in something so new and different as being their own mount.

      In the end, there is absolutely no reason why I can’t ride another of the dozens of land mounts happily, while celebrating the way those who enjoy it get something so new and different as being their own mount. Everyone wins.


  2. I feel a bit ripped off that you got the most wonderful mount in the game without the cost. Oh well, after grinding for almost two months, because of course I had to have this wonderful sabre in my favorite color for all three of my toons I fully appreciate the pleasure of mounting up on my beautiful purple kitty. I proudly admit that I will ride this mount until her claws are nubs. Congratz on entering the very privileged club of those who pimped their kitty rides.


  3. grand theft winterspring?

    congrats on the kitty. the one i always wanted, and will probably never see is the spectral saber that you could only get from the trading card.


  4. Congrats, bear! I farmed and grinded for that mount for a month straight of doing nothing but the same stupid meat quest over and over. I got to know all the south park episodes by heart when I was done (thank God for double monitors!). Enjoy it; she’s still one of the few land mounts I’ll ride.


  5. Congrats on the Winterspring Frostsaber – my favorite ride in the game, but I had to get it the hard way as Alliance – and on two toons!
    A daily quest like the one for the Horde mount would be a welcome change.
    Enjoy your cat – it looks fantastic with your Worgen!


  6. Congrats on a nice surprise. When I saw that you had the Winterspring Mount and couldn’t figure out how, my first thought was “he forgot he had a Venomhide Raptor.”. 😀 (it happened to me last year)

    Actually, I hope that Blizzard re-does (re-do???) the winterspring cat’s quest to that same way. And if I remember right – it was only about 2 weeks of doing dailies. My worgen is 39, and so far only have 4 horses (SW exalted). I’m not that far from getting my tiger and ram mounts though. 🙂 It’s great though that all mounts will scale up with the riding ability. I so love the black horse.

    But what is funny, you are feeling the same as I am about the Horde! I really do feel like we have betrayed our own kind and that the alliance is right. Enough on that.

    It would be nice that as time goes on the next year, WOW changes. Those corpses of dead people and animals all over the world disintergrate into skeletons or dust. Mud dries up (Loch Modan anybody), the tops of Storm Wind stop glowing so red, cities rebuild, new outposts added or outposts removed (territories) etc, etc, etc. That would be the signs of a living world.


    • @cayro
      That’s one level of gameplay that i don’t forsee wow ever gaining. the closest they have come that I got to experience was the phasing in BC (unlocking the sunwell island) and wotlk, the various questlines that caused a personal view change over icecrown were rather cool, but.. made it difficult for people to help you as they were usually on a different phase and thus invisible to you. I don’t know if cataclysm has any of this.

      i do enjoy watching the shifting of power over in eve. and hope to have a hand in some of the upcoming shifts in the future sometime. There is something to be said for being able to leave your mark on the landscape.. (all kitty druid / worgen jokes aside.. /cough)
      as it says in the Wolf Credo

      Respect the elders
      Teach the young
      Cooperate with the pack
      Play when you can
      Hunt when you must
      Rest in between
      Share you affections
      Voice your feelings
      Leave your mark.


  7. I know exactly how you feel about getting the mount. Yesterday i was bored waiting for my raid, so i went to go fish out of the fishing pools to work towards the mountain that is the guild fishing achievement. Lo and behold on my third fishing pool i fished up the Sea Turtle mount. Needless to say i spent the entire raid rubbing it in to the guy in our guild who has over 100 mounts but not the sea turtle. Im still pretty excited and even though i had to log out pretty quick right after my raid, I decided i had enough time to walk around Org for a little bit.


  8. I’m excited for you!! I’m Horde all the way too, and totally feel you on the Orc thing feeling just… weird… now. Luckily, I’m a Tauren, so I’m feel quite proud of serving under Baine . The Grimtotems on the other hand…

    I have to say – that nightsaber mount is *almost* worth faction changing for. I’d definitely kill a ton of gnomes for it. Maybe Blizz will make that an option in the future 🙂

    Have fun on your new mounts! Your story is a prime example of why I love this game so much – the little things in it that can still get you excited and happy.


  9. !!!!!

    You lucky bear you. I’ve been farming the Saber forever, but I just don’t have the motivation to farm for hours anymore, not with the new content.

    ….Not that that’s stopping me from leveling Archaeology nonstop to get the raptor mount…. What? It’s the closest thing I can get to the ZG raptor.


  10. I’m horde for now, but I do want to level some of my old alliance toons just to experience the new area’s. And that saber looks gorgeous with your worgen! Better then running wild imo 😉


  11. *jealous* I’m horde all the way … don’t have time to level Alliance alts as well (perhaps a year into this expansion? 😛 ) – but this is what I’d do it for. Those cat mounts are gorgeous.


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