Introducing… Imperial Worgen!

While leveling my new Worgen’s Mining and Blacksmithing the rest of the way to 450 each (which, at level 70, isn’t bad in my opinion, thank you to farming mats with nothing to do with them except bank it while bored before Cata) I discovered something else in my bank that made me laugh.

Once upon a time, I worked my poor Orc half to death earning and learning and making the entire set of Imperial Plate Armor.

It was just something I wanted to do.

I lamented at the time thatΒ I really wished the Orc version came in Orgrimmar Red.

Well, my Worgen was already wearing the Stormwind Tabard, I think it looks very pretty, and I just had to see what she looked like dressed to kill. Oh, who am I kidding, I just think Worgen look awesome.

I think this is my new ‘Worgen about town’ attire. It’s what all the sophisticated worgen will be wearing this season, don’tcha know.

And now mounted!

10 thoughts on “Introducing… Imperial Worgen!

  1. My rogue (now 84) went from Night Elf to Worgen and I’ve been contemplating the change for my druid… I’m torn though lol maybe I’ll just have to help my daughter level her lil druid.


  2. I want to make a female worgen… druid though but they look very feral in cat and bear form… dont turn your back on them for fear theyll try and gouge you… I know Im horde but still if I was alliance I wouldnt trust them…

    Your worgen looks good though. I might have to try it out from step one though… Im not rich enough to do faction changes πŸ˜€


      • I totally agree, and sometimes I really have to control my inner urge to rip and claw my husband’s human warrior when he pulls more than he should when we are questing. We, feral druids, are the last of those who depend more on survival instincts than holy light.


  3. One more argument for appearance tabs in WoW. “Attire around town” indeed, you could set up tabs so you could “wear” this in town and still go to town on baddies outside of town.

    …too much “town”?


    Yeah, those are some great screenshots. πŸ™‚


    • Actually, that is already in game, tesh.

      If you set the option to using the equipment manager, those saved equipment set buttons can be dragged to your button bar, allowing you to instantly change your equipped gear (while out of combat) with a press of a button.

      Since weapons can be swapped while IN combat, it also provides for the ability to have multiple weapon configurations if you like to have different weapon sets or sword and board or weapons with weapon chains JUST for fights against foes that disarm, etc.

      But nobody says you can’t use it for fun sets. my Rogue has a “DPS” button and a “town” button, to proudly display her full set of dungeon level 2 rogue loot. Now my worgen has a DPS button and an “Imp” button on the bar. The DPS button has to be resaved every time I change/upgrade my gear, but hey… it’s no problem.

      Even better, if you mouse over a button for a set on your bar, it displays all the gear in the set, and any pieces you may not have in your bags show as red, so you can see which ones are out of whack.


  4. Yes, Worgen are awesome looking. This makes me sad. Why? I play horde, and most of my friends play horde.
    Its all I can do not to go looking for an alliance guild somewhere looking for a Druid tank…


  5. trying to join the SW guards? πŸ™‚ Dont take me for a weirdo, i am one but dont take me like that, but she looks hot!
    I always was a sucker for outfits on my toons aswell πŸ™‚ But since my new main is my rogue i’ll have to start filling the dressing again πŸ™‚ Thank god i have a tailor!


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