Various forms of navel gazing

I just wanted to let you know I added something to the website, just for fun.

I’ve got an addon enabled now that let’s me update and track the various books I’m reading.

I’m fairly certain none of you have any interest from day to day in finding out what I’m reading, but the addon is pretty neat in that it lets me track by currently reading, intending to read and finished reading categories. It also keeps all of my entries, with start and finished dates, in a virtual library that anyone can search by visiting the blog.

I could even update the books when I’m done with ratings and mini-reviews, if I were really happy (or pissed at) a certain book.

If I use this diligently, then over time it’ll be pretty fun… for me.

For you, probably not so much. Although in a year from now, I’m sure searching through my reading habits, so long as I keep myself dead honest, should be worth a laugh or two.

For the WordPress bloggers who may agree with me that this sounds really neat, the one I’m using is Now Reading Reloaded

I’m not an Amazon Affiliate, so clicking through any of those books in the sidebar will NOT make me any money whatsoever. But I’m thinking that this might be one thing I wouldn’t mind going ahead and setting up as a paid affiliate… Cassie has clients that use the Affiliate program on their websites, and she assures me that if someone were to click through to Amazon from a book I listed, AND were to buy it, I might see a penny or two.

I think I can live with that kind of income and keep my street cred. Maybe.

I’ll think about it.

6 thoughts on “Various forms of navel gazing

  1. If you have not yet… I would recommend picking up Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. If you like it, its series (Malazan Book of the Dead) is up to #9 out of 10, with various side novellas. #10 should be out this spring.

    You might like Malazan; we seem to have a lot of tastes in common, even down to the Hibben knives 😀


  2. I think you should go ahead with the Amazon affiliates thing. It doesn’t cost your readers anything and it’s a little bit of extra cash on the side. For all the good content you put out there, you deserve it.

    One word of warning though: Amazon is cutting off their affiliates service to certain states that want to charge sales tax on affiliates’ earnings. Hopefully your state doesn’t introduce that stupid law.


    • Well, I decided to say to hell with it, and set up an Affiliate account and tied it in. One option was to get a $10 gift certificate to Amazon as payment… so, if it ever got to that point, moar books, which is always a good thing.

      We’ll see. I remain utterly unconvinced that anyone would buy something after clicking through it from a link on my site… but I have to contrast that with the fact that, when it came time for me to buy ventrilo hosting for my guild years back, I intentionally went to World of Matticus’ site because I had seen he had a link to one that would give him a kickback. Or whatever you call it.

      So, I dunno. Maybe if someone was already intending to buy a book and saw I had a link to it, they might decide to click it through the BBB. that would seem reasonable.

      I am just so not a pimp, lol.

      Oh shit! That reminds me, Maxim emailed me with an awesome prize to offer on the website to a reader, I need to work out the details. Whoops!


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